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  1. Absolutely correct, give that man a gold star, so what else is new?
  2. So Glad that was written in ALL CAPS, Otherwise I might have believed it!
  3. It is romoured that 316,999,999 of those countries will be sold on e-bay, next Tuesday, after the RV WHICH AS WE HAVE ALL BEEN RELIABLY INFORMED, BY OKIE OILMAN, the master guru WILL HAPPEN ON Monday AT 10.28am PRECISELY AND OF COURSE YOUR LOCAL BANK WILL HAVE THE RED CARPET ROLLED OUT FOR YOU AT EXACTLY 10.29am
  4. I was thinking it was all over and considered cashing in only to find it's not so easy to do, the banks stopped accepting dinar in January. By chance I happend to meet another investor who didn't have any direct intel as such but is very up to date on what is going on, and we went over possible scenarios and how the global picture looks from various perspectives. In light of what we discussed I'm happy to keep sitting on them as I believe much of what he had deduced to be very logical and reasonable and at some point the dinar must revalue. While it remains pegged to the dollar, their is no in
  5. Not so, that's not the problem. The BRICS, Brazil, Russia, India and China are "Joining the IMF, A new unit, SDR'S will then become the global reserve unit of measure and the BRICS will have also have representatives sitting on the board of the FED, This appointment to the board has to passed by the US Senate and as you can understand when that happens the dollar will effectively decline in importance and no longer be the worlds reserve currency and domestic US dollar devaluation will follow, the US will be Just another Country. They are seemingly reluctant to pass this necessary legislation.
  6. Iraq’s currency, the Dinar, will be revalued, of that there is no doubt. But not anywhere near the exchange rate that many are predicting. Like my brother and I delivering newspapers, we could not get paid until the papers were distributed and payments collected. The dinar will not be revalued at a rate that cannot be supported by the actual production of the oil. Both Iraq and Iran are looking forward to 2020 to even come close to the barrels per day production that Saudi Arabia has now. addition, I would suspect that a regional dinar currency will be developed to support the economic zon
  7. Great, Only 2 things wrong with this post 1) ITS IN CAPS and we all no that's secret code for BS 2) DELTA Posted it. Filed in trash.
  8. There is No Law Requiring You to Pay Income Tax
  9. 1 I'm not, I just love all this utter BS, puts a smile on my face that some idiot took the time to make these funnies up 2 I am every time they tell me its about to RV, I run out as fast as I can and spend everything I've got on dinar, even then dog food money. 3 TerryK, is Gods Gift to Dinar investers, TerrK has been BSing for a very long time now and has earned a permanent place as a top BS merchant, they can't shut a great BSer like that up, can they? 4 Jesus loves the BS Artist spinning this dinar crap, Now we all think they are B"%*!&ds but Jesus will make it happen for them tomorr
  10. Yada yada yada what else is new bud? keep taking the tabs.
  11. Oh no don't ask for an explanation, they've got a million theories to justify their BS
  12. Bet wasn't as much fun as this one! Awesome
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