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  1. You would have had more credibility if you left out the "one world government" part.
  2. That reminded me of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Time for your meds gentlemen.
  3. Maybe it has something to do with the intel they found when they got bin Laden.
  4. Nice job on the transcription. Thanks!
  5. The USA is not perfect. Having said that, we've done more good in the world than probably all other nations combined. Only a whack job like Ahmadinejad would want to start WWIII. And if there is a WWIII, I don't think an RV is going to help you prepare.
  6. We should have hung his burnt corpse from the Brooklyn Bridge.
  7. Cygnus

    MTT Call

    I love this forum!
  8. Cygnus

    MTT Call

    For entertainment purposes only. Thought it was interesting until I got to the part about an "interim government". Cheers! --- I'm sending this email to several of you. I was on a great MTT call last night. I wanted to call everyone and wake you up to get on. A gentlemen came on the "midnight think tank" around midnight with great knowledge of what's going on with the "rv". He said he was not in a position to identify himself by name, but that he is in the know about what has been going on, and has been the one advising Okie, Blaino and many others about how the revalue will work. He sa
  9. I was really getting exciting thinking this was it. Then I heard Frank was having a cc on his new site. So I'm listening (torturing myself) and it hits me - all of the buzz this afternoon has been whipped up as a prelude to his site launch.
  10. So now I'm thinking that all of the rumors buzzing around this afternoon were just to get us to go to Frank's new site and listen to his cc. Now I know I'll wake up tomorrow and find that it was all a hoax and no RV.
  11. This is so ridiculous. All you have to do is start paying attention to when you see contrails and what the weather is like to know that it's the weather conditions that cause the persistence of the contrails not some government plot.
  12. Yep, that was from Red October.
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