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  1. Post RV I’d be happy to have you teach this land lubber all those nautical terms over a Dark and Stormy! 😉
  2. I would do that first bro....then this... Come On RV Baby!!! 😉
  3. Sandfly for the update Adam! Time to “Git-R-Dun”! In fact it feels like well past time! I know we’d supposed to be patient and all...but this eagle pretty much expresses my attitude right now... I’m past upset with what’s happening to our country, and feel like it’s time...time to move on... in more than one way! Sorry, rant over!
  4. Let’s call it “Git-R-Dun” Day! Can’t wait for your “part 2” Adam! Come On RV Baby! 😉
  5. Zombies....we don’t need a virus to create zombies....they are already here! 😳 Sandfly Adam for keepin’ it real, and “dang” positive!!! 🤗 Come On RV Baby!!!! 😉
  6. They don’t call him the “Thugster” for nothin’ CF! 😉 This is how we would feel without Adam keepin’ is grounded and Thugs keepin’ it on the light side!
  7. Sandfly Adam for the shout out to those unsung hero’s... even the overlooked truck drivers and school cooks who keep doing what they do best in spite of! One of them darling cooks I have the privilege to call my Sweetie of 41 years! She has gotten up early to go into a crowded kitchen to prepare meals for many kids who would literally go without food if it wasn’t for them....same with the truck drivers. No disrespect for the health care industry, but I’m just sayin’ I’ve never heard “anyone “ bring up the helpers that feed the kids! I’m a little humbled and choked up 😢 that you brought it makes me appreciate my darlin’ all the more! Thank you! Sometimes saints wear halo’s...and sometimes they wear aprons and a hair net...or scrubs, or blue jeans and an attitude that comes from being years behind the wheel of a big rig...respect to y’all!!!
  8. Thugs is workin’ as hard as our President posting valuable news @2:30am....bless you my brother! 😉 Come On RV Baby!!!
  9. And now he is “tip toeing’ thru the tulips’!!! 😳😆
  10. Come Thugs...ain’tcha never been “fish slapped” before? 😉
  11. Your in our thoughts and prayers Adam! Get some well deserved rest and get well soon! 😉
  12. No problem paperboy, and yes we are one big family! 😉
  13. Paperboy...thanks for that, but my understanding was that it was MawMaws losing an old friend...but when one of us suffers....we all suffer! Prayers for all those effected by this loss! 🙏🏼
  14. Sandfly Adam...sorry bout our Packers...we’ll just have to find something else to celebrate about! Come On RV Baby! 😎
  15. Sandfly Adam...Just hangin’ around and keeping busy in the meantime!
  16. Steve Harvey’s mind tricks do not work on me! Come on RV Baby!!! 😉
  17. I hear yah there paperboy...but let’s take it one step further...”inside or out”? Do you want your stuffing/dressing cooked “inside the bird or outside”? 😳 I was a hardcore “inside the bird guy till my wife wife convinced me with this simple fact...she said...” I can make twice as much stuffing/dressing outside the bird as inside”. Well my momma didn’t raise no fools...serve up that double portion with lots of gravy on top and some sweet potatoes and cranberries on the side! Lawrd I made myself hungry! 😋
  18. And so the celery war has begun! 😆 Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!!! 😉🦃
  19. Adam and your wonderful Mod bout we DVer’s make this years celebration “Sandfly Day”! That way we cover “Thanks”giving and support our military vets at the same time! 😉 Come On RV Baby!!! 😊
  20. Dear Adam and your wonderful Mod Squad....”Are we there yet?”😆 I would love to walk out of work before Black Friday! 😉
  21. Sandfly Adam and your wonderful Mod Squad! Another week but still there is a sort of anticipation in the air that I haven’t noticed in quite a while. So ready or not.... 😉
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