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  1. Thank you. Been a while since I really looked at the web site. Used to look there a lot and forgot. Sent my letter with a copy of my passport yesterday. Hope they don't take a year to get back to me.
  2. I don't see a date for this notice. Luckily, I have a valid passport. Some proxy holders might not. I haven't looked here for at least a week. Thanks MNP!
  3. I had the same problem 2 times with the password. Your old password is the 3 or 4 didgits sent you. I thought it was my own old password. Hope this is where you had trouble. I have been able to log in every day for a month now since I made my new password.
  4. Been in this since 2004 and still making some change! Thank you.
  5. When is the ISX going to come back trading? I thought it was supposed to be today.
  6. There are many here including myself that have invested in the isx. How much are shares and what is their limit for these oil companies? Thanks
  7. Just logged on to my Warka Acct and interest is there! Made $34 on dinar acct and $10 on US. Woohoo!
  8. This is great! Hopefully, June 14 will not have any delays, and fingers crossed Warka back by then. 2014 looks to be a better year!
  9. Hit the nail on the head, but all you will hear are snores and gas releases.
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