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  1. Don't know why you got neg'd but evened you out.
  2. I think there is very good reason why a lot of people don't trust the government or the mainstream media. They have lied and misled us for far too long. It's really just deplorable and sad. Hard to know what the truth is.
  3. Thank you for your post uncircled. So much coming info coming out. Sad that nothing was done.
  4. Thank you for your excellent post. The wheels are in motion. We need some heroes. God help us all.
  5. Here's the next president of the United States.
  6. boo hoo.. Still getting error message. And I just came out of lurking mode. .
  7. yes I always wondered why he was married to a hard core republican. I thought he was a hard core dem. Surprise, surprise.
  8. This isn't from my mouth but a very respected sought after democrat promoter James Carville. He's also on all the major networks as a political analyst. Enjoy...
  9. This is curious. Check it out. Hope the link works.
  10. ”How about this, Bob, next time you or your friends go and get your health-plan covered Viagra, you submit to a catheter? Deal, sport? ” Wasn't Bob Dole the spokesman for Viagra? Just saying....
  11. I also purchased some from First Convenience Bank but you have to wait a couple of days to get them. I'll meet you there and no waiting. LOL. I coul also give you different denoms. I have 25k, 5k, and 500 Dinar notes.
  12. YAY!!! I just lost my job. I live in DFW (Irving) I'll sell you 500k for $500. would you be OK with that? meet yhou any where and have all my reciepts. bought from dealers so I'm taking a loss but yhour helping me and I you. PM me K???
  13. Trying to stay grounded and on course but I fear we are just pawns. So much seemingly purposeful disinformation and confusing verbage. Just wanted to share this article I found. Blessings to all, Mylinco for all Dinarians, this is a check we do not want to receive and most certainly do not want to cash, although it appears to be unavoidable. NOTHING GETS DONE WITHOUT THE KURDS. A poster (Vic) did a very fine job of pointing out the reality of HCL and Erbil ……neither is even remotely close to being done
  14. LOL ...oh well pffffft story of my life.
  15. Sad and site TD was endorsed by A.M. and Dinar Vets. Very disappointed.
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