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  1. Are there banks right now that have De La Rue machines available to the public? If there are, would it make sense have all of our dinar pre-checked before any kind of RV would occur?
  2. Reflecting on the anti-ISIS campaign, Ben Connable, a political scientist at the RAND think tank, who served in Iraq for three tours as a Marine Corps officer said, "I have never been more optimistic about Iraq than I am today. They finally feel like they own their security." The battle against ISIS in Iraq is over. The next challenge for the Iraqi government is to win the peace. To do that, it must now ensure that Iraq's Sunni minority feels that they have some real stake in Iraqi politics so that they don't actively or passively support groups like ISIS that claim -- no matter how self-servingly -- to stand up for the rights of the Sunni. This was taken from the following article today.
  3. This kind of article is what I like to read...
  4. This kind of article is what I like to read...
  5. I applaud your courage and I am happy that you have pretty much overwhelming support. You took a risk at "biting the hand that feeds you" and it didn't backfire. I am also from Wisconsin, a Packer fan, a Badger fan, a DV fan, but not a cheesehead. We are obviously breathing the same air, because I am about as close to 100% agreement as one can be. I am just not sure about moving to another country (if that is what the dual-citizenship is about). I hope I get to meet you someday.
  6. Thank you all for the great info. I tried the silvertown link and made a purchase in about 5 minutes. Has anyone converted a 401k account to silver? I have been thinking hard about doing that and it seems like the timing is good to me. At least it seems like a better investment than cash right now.
  7. sorta like thinking you just won the lottery - but waiting to verify the numbers...
  8. I got alot of popups while trying to access the VIP info that I recieved notice for yesterday. However, I did NOT get any virus. I found it a bit alarming since I just joined VIP this week. BTW I am using Microsoft Security Essentials. I am a retired IT guy and I find it to be a little less overhead than most of the other AV programs out there.
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