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  1. I look forward to your post everyday and will miss you. Why are you leaving us? God Bless you and your family.
  2. Friday, Feb 19, 2010 @09:11am CST (Washington, DC) -- The Iraq War will now be known as "Operation New Dawn." The Washington "Post" reports the Obama administration decided to give the conflict a new name to reflect the reduced role U.S. troops will play in securing the country this year. Since U.S. forces moved toward Baghdad in 2003, the war has been known as Operation Iraqi Freedom. The new name is scheduled to take effect in September, when U.S. troop levels are scheduled to drop to about 50-thousand. In a memo to General David Petraeus, the top military commander in the region, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said the change is intended to send a message that the U.S. military's combat role in Iraq is rapidly drawing to a close. It also, Gates wrote, seeks to, quote, "recognize our evolving relationship with the Government of Iraq." This article clearly states that the new name will take effect in Sept. nothing about IQD.
  3. Great article. Do you know who wrote it?
  4. Bama, you speak what is in your heart so well. I thank God for our troops and pray for their safety everyday. We are truly blessed.
  5. Thank you Adam. I appreciate your honesty.
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