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  1. Not my listing,but these seem to be going pretty cheap. BID IS 14.50 right now.Less than 2 hours left. Zatoichi is the best. I ordered all 25 Zatoichi movies from the Criterion collection yesterday from at 50% off , plus 30% off.Today is the last day for 50% off, and B&N has dropped the extra coupon to 25% off. Just a heads up for Zatoichi fans.If you don't know who he is, it will mean nothing to you
  2. The Ferguson incident has exposed the underbelly of the United States and now everyone is starting to pay attention that there is a higher risk of being killed by police even when they chase or shoot at people who need not be you. The risk is 800% greater that you will be killed by POLICE rather than a terrorist. The Economist has reported the death by police so far are ZERO in Japan and Britain, 8 in Germany and 409 in America. Rest of article
  3. Iraqi Tribal Revolutionaries spokesman says Sunni fighters preparing to advance into Baghdad Basra and London, Asharq Al-Awsat—As Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants advance on Baghdad on Friday, Iraq’s Sunnis are participating on both sides of the battle despite almost universal anger towards Shi’ite Prime Minster Nuri Al-Maliki. Factions of Iraqi Sunnis, particularly those in the east of the country, have taken up arms against the Maliki government over what they perceive as Baghdad’s sectarian policies. Some Sunni Arab tribesmen are fighting directly alongside ISIS, while others are using the militant group’s advance to target the government. Iraqi Sunnis in the south of the country, where ISIS has yet to secure a foothold, have so far remained relatively impartial in this conflict, but are becoming increasingly involved as the militant group advances. On Friday, local and international media were reporting that the Sunni Islamist militant group is besieging the town of Al-Mansuriya, in Iraq’s eastern Diyala governorate, less than one hour’s drive from the capital. Iraqi Sunnis in Basra—a Shi’ite majority town in southern Iraq—are increasingly joining government forces in to help repel the ISIS advance, Asharq Al-Awsat has learned. Basra governor Majid Al-Nasrawi told Asharq Al-Awsat: “The local government in Basra has opened schools, playgrounds and seminaries as training centers for volunteers from the governorate to join the security forces.” Nasrawi said that a total of 70,000 residents of Basra, a majority Shi’ite city, have volunteered to join militias and security forces fighting ISIS. “We have already sent the first batch of volunteers to fight ISIS in flashpoint areas of Iraq. The second batch will be made up of 3,000 volunteers who will receive training and then be deployed to protect this governorate and its vital installations as part of the Basra Brigade,” the governor said. Sheikh Mohammed Al-Jubouri, director of the Sunni Endowment Diwan in southern Iraq, told Asharq Al-Awsat that “more than 500 Sunnis have volunteered to fight ISIS in Basra,” adding that he expects this number to rise to more than 5,000 over the coming period. The Sunni Endowment Diwan, part of Iraq’s Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, has been calling on Sunnis to unite behind the central government and against ISIS. “There is a great desire among Sunnis in Basra to join the army and police forces to defend their homeland and purge it of terrorism,” Al-Jubouri said. But thousands of other Iraqi Sunnis are already fighting against the central government—if not precisely on the same side as ISIS, not directly opposing the militant group, either. Abu Abdul Na’imi, a spokesman for the Tribal Revolutionaries in Iraq, told Asharq Al-Awsat on Thursday evening that Sunni fighters are closing in on the capital Baghdad from more than one direction. The Tribal Revolutionaries in Iraq is a coalition of Sunni Arab tribes, mostly from central and western provinces, who are fighting against the government. “We are now on the outskirts of Baghdad, near Abu Ghraib. We have fighters deploying inside the capital. Our fighters will enter Baghdad from two directions, Salaheddin [in the north] and Abu Ghraib [in the west],” he said. “We are just waiting for the final decision on ‘zero hour’ to enter Baghdad.” Al-Na’imi confirmed that the Tribal Revolutionaries in Iraq are fighting alongside ISIS, but stressed that it is the Iraqi tribes that are in control of the situation, not the militant group. ISIS fighters represent “just 9 percent in some areas, but we are in complete control.” “The Baiji oil refinery and the town itself are under the control of the tribal revolutionaries,” he added, rejecting international media reports that ISIS was in control of the refinery there. “Iraqi tribal revolutionaries, together with former senior Iraqi army officers, a large number of its [the army’s] affiliates and factions of resistance that fought against the US occupation, are the ones who are carrying out these military operations. “Our aim is to enter Baghdad and bring down the Maliki government and put him on trial, together with everyone involved in the killing of Iraqis and sabotaging Iraq. We will set up a national salvation government to establish security and re-write the constitution.”
  4. Search google for reminiscences of a stock operator pdf, and go to that shows it listed.You should be able to get it free.It's considered by Fortune mag to be one of the top 75 books ever written. PS:https link wouldn't work....
  5. You're welcome, These guys know their stuff, but aren't always right.However they speak what they believe.I've been in this game a long time.There's some heavy stuff going on behind the scenes.I would suggest looking up Jesse Livermore and finding a copy of reminiscences of a stock operator Download the pdf file,if it will let you. Sinclair's father worked with Livermore, and Jim (when he was a kid was always around listening to them.Sinclair and Armstrong are heavy weight dudes. Read up on them all , and study that book.
  6. Here's a couple of sites that might interest you.Their non-Dinar related, but report what's happening in the world, They post news that somehow doesn't make it here most of the times.They do have different views on gold,etc.Sort of a Yin and yang deal sometimes.I highly respect these men,but always do DD on what's reported.
  7. The Dogs of I watched a Euro news station, and they covered it all day. Putin is an SOB, And will do anything to keep his grip on power.USA is censoring the news. They threatened Google with seizure if they didn't co-operate with info requests.Gov claimed google was in drug trade because of the no script ads for drugs that showed through search made them part of the trade.Pretty slick, huh? My law professor said that this was was going to happen a long thing ago.Old Dirty Phil was his name.What a wild man, that everybody liked. One day a student asked why male victims were never in any statutory rape cases, and his answer was ."Ever try to put toothpaste back in the tube? Of course all that's changed now.Dirty Phil was a great guy, and very funny....retired Marine on his second career. But, I digress...
  8. Just a friend....What's the deal about the delete button? This site needs spicing up, but I'm uploading anymore, if they've removed that feature, I'm done.The typo is still there, and I can't fix it. I feel like I'm back in East Berlin, if that's the way thing are going to be. Now I remember why I quit posting before when they decided to reset the rating everybody had for no reason....
  9. Sneaking in some nukes, or something Putin still is peeved over the Cyprus bank deal.That's where he was keeping his 'Salary". KGB people never forget getting cheated..... I'm not kidding...
  10. ? What do you think? I'm old school, and Yeshua is what I use. Anybody read The Book of Enoch?. The Apocrypha is very interesting. and got a bum rap from a bunch of old men trying to get the church going.Constantine even deified his father.Mortal men deciding what should be in the bible doesn't cut it. The original writings are the best...imho
  11. I'm just curious about the delete feature, that's all. I'll load up one more just for you of Margot.She doesn't know I'm posting these, and might kick my a**,or maybe not.LOL
  12. Made a typo on photo, and went to delete, and re -upload. Delete nowhere to be found, as far as I can tell; What am I missing/ It was there a last week...or am I blind?
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