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    Golf, Green Lifestyle, off the grid living, health through nutrition (recently developed type II diabetes), travel, lived in Saudi Arabia as teen (70's AramcoBrat), the environment

About Me

Even though much of my career has been in the trucking industry, my background is in Biology and Technical Writing. I attended Reed College from '78 to '84, with one year at Columbia University School of Engineering thrown in. People ask me where I played football, but even though I never used a pocket protector, I did have one of the first belt-clip calculators back in high school (cost me $150). I often use the line "I guarantee you've heard of the High school I graduated from." Columbine, in Littleton CO.

So - color me a classic underachiever. I'm not real big on taking risks, and especially don't want to put out a great deal of effort if the outcome is uncertain, although I did overcome this to teach myself how to create a website, which didn't make me a dime I definitely prefer guaranteed results however.

I absolutely love golf, and when I retire (hopefully very soon and very comfortably) I plan on attending a golf academy or two and playing great courses all over the world. Any of you with similar desires should let me know!

I guess I'm essentially conservative, but I prefer conservative lawmaking (except where the environment is concerned) and liberal law enforcement. I believe in the right to bear arms, but nobody needs an assault rifle in their collection. Instead of welfare, we need government owned industries that put these folks to work so they earn their way (but much better than the old poor houses and debtors prisons). A system of cottage industries where they work at home assembling stuff and get paid by the piece might be good.

I would also like to see an end to the profession of "Career Politician". I weary of not liking any of the candidates. We also need to get rid of the party system. People none of us voted for have way too much power in the current system.

I wholeheartedly believe we are causing global warming - so promote a green lifestyle. My home is built with old tires rammed full of dirt, with adobe and concrete. Solar panels and a windgen provide power, and water comes from my 3000 gal cistern.

Well, I hope this gives anyone who cares a glimpse of who I am, warts and all.

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