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  1. 8 hours ago, ladyGrace'sDaddy said:


    Moma got the blood test back and it looks as if we'll be having another little girl. Image that, 5 Ladies in a row.

    Just an FYI, I'll be changing my Avatar from LADYGRACESDADDY to 

    MyLadiesDaddy soon. 

    Congratulations!! So happy for you!!! ❤️

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  2. 11 minutes ago, Smokey Mtn. Dinar said:

    At exactly 11:11 a.m. every Veterans Day (Nov 11), the sun aligns perfectly with the Anthem Veterans Memorial in Arizona to shine through the ellipses of the five marbled pillars representing each branch of the Armed Forces, illuminating the Great Seal of the United States.
    Thank You to ALL!! 




    Image may contain: sky and outdoor

    That's amazing!!

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  3. 19 hours ago, Theseus said:

    I actually have been following the predictions of Baba Vanga and she firmly believed Trump would be President in 2021 because of one her predictions that refers to him. Those that follow her, born in Bulgaria, blind since age of 12, wasn't until she was blind until she realized God gave her the gift, and she died in 1966, claim that 85% of her prophecies to have been fulfilled. She did predict 0Bummer, the dissolution of the Soviet Union, 9-11, Princess Diana's death and the Chernobyl disaster to name a few. Unlike Nostradamus who only prophesied for 1,000 years (hence his thousand quatrains) Vanga predicted up until the year 5079 A.D. Nostradamus did predict the year of when his grave would be opened and the death of those who would do so. 



    If you follow Baba Vanga, not only will Trump be re-elected but Pence will become President before the end of Trump's second term. 


    I read a while back that Trump would become ill and unable to finish his term. I don't remember where I read it or any other details. I don't even remember who predicted it. Just remember reading and hoping it wouldn't actually happen. 

  4. 2 hours ago, yota691 said:

    GM DW and all of DV..


    Don't want to change the subject..but I wanted to give update on my parents, to all that been praying for my family, which I can't say Thank you enough. My parents was subjected to the virus, Dad pass away almost 2 weeks ago, Mom is still fighting. Please keep her in Prayer. Again Thanks for the Prayers. 

    Praying for you and your family. So sorry for your loss. Praying for healing for your mom. 

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  5. 5 hours ago, NEPatriotsFan1 said:


    I could use some Liquidity in the next 24hrs! I got a bunch of friends that I got into the Dinar over the years.... over to the house tomorrow! It would be nice to party with them and tell them I told you so.... as I jump off the Diving Board Practically Naked for a Victory Lap! 


    I especially like "your" pretty little anklet! 😳

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  6. 12 hours ago, genique05 said:

    Hello Everyone!

    I received this email Friday May 8th, 2020.  How did they get my email and what is going on? Should I be worried?  I've never gotten an email like this before.  What in the world is going on and why are they asking for info on the dinar? Please help. tia



    We are writing to ask your assistance in our continued litigation with the Federal Government. Between 2004 and 2015, there were a number of banks throughout the United States that bought and sold Iraqi Dinar. If you have knowledge about banks (large, regional or community banks) that sold Iraqi Dinar to their customers please reply via email to and answer these questions:

    1. Were you aware of any banks that bought and sold Iraqi Dinar, if so, what bank(s)?
    • a. If so, during what time period did the bank sell or purchase dinars?
    • b. Do you recall approximately what the buy or sell price was?
    • c. Can you please share any documents regarding the sale?
    2. Did you ever purchase Iraqi Dinar from a bank, if so, what bank(s)?
    • a. If so, do you remember the approximate price you paid for the Iraqi Dinar you purchased?
    • b. Was there a reason that you later (or previously) purchased Iraqi Dinar from Sterling Currency?
    3. Did you plan to exchange Iraqi Dinar at a bank if the revaluation had occurred?

    We would appreciate as much detail, receipts and documents as you are comfortable sharing. Thanks again for your continued support system" rel="">support.

    Best Regards,
    Ty Rhame 
    CEO, Sterling Currency Group
    Frank Bell 
    COO, Sterling Currency Group

    Sterling Currency Group

    3277 Roswell Rd NE #670, Atlanta, GA 30305

    I got that awhile back. Just ignored it. I think several others posted that they received and ignored it as well.

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