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  1. I realize you labeled yourself "Doc", but how in the name of Dinar did you make that assesment a half hour after you signed up? Keep is hardly toxic, he voices his opinions and ideas much the same as everyone else. Well, he probably is a bit more direct than most, but what is the problem with that?
  2. I tend to believe that most people would not agree with your first point. While breasts are not required for intercourse, they would be widely regarded as sexual in nature. I agree with you that making fun of people regardless of their situation is not good, having said that, people can and do, bring attention upon themselves, as this women has done. I realize that at her size and with the need of the walker, she probably has limitations on mobility, but I think she should at her age, realize what might constitute indecent exposure, and consider changing elsewhere. In my area there are numerous gas station / convenience stores readily available that would have a restroom where she certainly could have changed and negated most, if not all, of the attention she has now received.
  3. With your apparent vast knowledge of outside politics and how it relates to the dinar, would you expound on that for us? Thought you might like that word used again, since you had such an aversion for it the other day.
  4. Thanks! Actually, expound was the word I wanted. (ie - : to explain by setting forth in detail.) - But expand on your thoughts will work as well, so if it works better for you, it's fine by me.
  5. Lower gas prices will certainly help the incumbents in the fall.....average "joe public" could care less about the why's or the how's, all they want are lower prices, and now $3 gas is considered cheap! Spending will increase because people will feel like they have more expendable income or credit, which in turn will give a slight boost to the economy, just in time for the fall elections.....
  6. I'm guessing option #1 will end up well out in front. I'm curious how you found out the information posted on the CBI's website is "tainted", would you expound on that sometime? perhaps in another thread so as not to highjack this one.
  7. I think when this happens it must be similar to seeing a number in a dyslexic kind of way, you keep seeing the numbers but the brain is telling you something different, until what you have actually seen registers. Good to see you can still post, apparently there was some question whether that was the case or not.
  8. Farmall

    Chapter 7?

    I have not been on for a while, are they all gone? If so, man that sad! I guess if the posts are not all "pie in the sky" they are not acceptable anymore?
  9. I agree that was a nice gesture on sonny1's part to apologize, although I am not sure if legolas will actually see it or not, maybe he still stops by.
  10. What other choice would there be? Lets hope they do something/anything positive!
  11. Determining which wall with the writing is the one regarding the RV, has and continues to be, the problem......
  12. That is a bit of a stretch really..... Definitely nonsense, but not even close to the biggest bunch of nonsense ever made up! Can't argue with the rest of it though....
  13. I think the overwhelming majority of us bought initially because of the "sure thing" being bantered about by many of the so called "guru's". The smoke and mirrors part that recently has seemed to subside a little is almost humurous. For a time all the articles that were presented had to be "smoke and mirrors" because Iraq had little options other than to "RV" the currency. Recently these very same articles are now being admitted as "RV" articles and not the redenomination pieces they seemed to be when I read them. I am not proclaiming myself to be any smarter than the next person, but I do have the ability to comprehend what I read for the most part. Who knows, maybe they are "RV" articles after all, I believe that miracles do in fact happen and we will almost certainly need one here. I am hoping for a Dinar miracle as well! The US beat the Russians at the Olympics in 1980 - that was nearly impossible to fathom, so maybe we have a chance!
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