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  1. been down since at least 3am est.
  2. and then again, he did say that he'll run one of Ali's branches when it goes down. who knows, could just be the server....
  3. my brother lives in Ft Worth, so I'll bring the gator tail from FL. we're in!
  4. he recently had a "web-out", and said the server was causing problems, took a couple hours, then back on. Then again, "Only the Shadow knowsssssss"....
  5. I'm with Capt.Cliff! There's a lot of great folks on this site, but none of us have the answers. Sounds like NEWMAN is bored and wants to see how many responses he can get. By the way Newman, might want to try Hooked on Phonics. It's "losses". Nice try Forrest.
  6. I'll pay a pennie tax for that transaction! Where do we sign????
  7. My brother's been in since 05. He just told me 2 months ago, because he didn't want me waiting as he did. He knew he'd make mention to me, but only when he thought they were getting closer. Easiest way to put it is if my brother is in, I'm in and trust how he feels and thinks 100%. I hope he can talk to those he served with over there that laughed when he made mention of dinar.... I'm a rookie, but as the true Vets on the site have said, it will happen. Patience... Take care all...
  8. Nothing like a good Georgia Gallstone....
  9. Great moon! Wonder if they have "Adobe RV Edition" yet????
  10. Even though she doesn't have direct influence, I'm sure Hillarious and Slick Willy have a ton of dinar....
  11. Our 5/3 in St Pete said they're "considering" not selling dinar in the near future. I think it's bs, because 1 branch isn't going to do something different than the other, especially when it comes to foreign currency. Just waiting for the coaster to stop!
  12. I'll never understand how Carter, a nuclear engineer, could be so stupid. Maybe Barry could go to Georgia and "organize" a peanut festival at Jimmy's place.
  13. pretty pathetic, and that's being kind. In the midst of the goings-on around the world, especially our economic situation, I'm so glad he's able to use Air Force 1 and all the support required for his vacations, travelling to promote his agenda, and this week, takin' Michelle and the girls to Rio. How's the Hope and Change doing for everyone. What a joke.... What he didn't tell everyone today is that it was the French and Brittish who pushed the no fly zone, but of course he comes on with big talk.... Go back to Chicago, Barry.
  14. Too bad you can't inject Maliki into Modern Warfare 2!!!!
  15. capike, as I mentioned, go read his book. Don't listen to what I say, read his book. Otherwise, let's just agree to disagree. I won't change your mind, and you won't change mine. In the big picture, we're here for the RV. Savvy?
  16. I live in St. Pete. This is where I got mine. Origin Destination Saint Petersburg, FL 33708 PARK STREET 4710 PARK ST. NORTH ST. PETERSBURG, FL 33709 PHONE: (727) 865-4400
  17. r65. We don't have a leader, period. We have a well spoken, Soros puppet. Read his book and give me 1 reason to offer any respect to him. Nuff said. Later Barry!
  18. I hear WTO is looking for a Community Organizer in Baghdad, starting Jan 2012....
  19. Knowing those jackballs, they're probably out at Club Baghdad dropping Jaeger Bombs because it's already done! I'd just like to walk up to them during session and dish out a round of dope slaps....
  20. * NA reveals the initial agreement between the blocks on the 3 candidates for the ministries of security? March 17th, 2011 01:19 pm · Posted in NEWS (Iraq & World Currency) Palms – The MP said the National Alliance member block Block martyr Qasim Araji niche that there is a near agreement on the 3 candidates to fill the bags security ministries. Araji said in a press statement that Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki will present the names of candidates to fill the security Wazzarap bag of defense, interior and national security. He stressed that there are three names will be nominated and almost been agreed upon between the political blocs are Khalid al-Obeidi will be the candidate for the Iraqi Ministry of Defense and Ibrahim Mohammed al-Lami candidate for the Interior Ministry, Riad Ghraib candidate for the Ministry of National Security. He added that the nomination is is related to the Prime Minister as the commander of the armed forces and political blocs are looking at your CV to candidates.
  21. I'm Joe nobody, but I agree. It's going to be interesting to talk Post RV (from Key West), and shake our heads about this.... Good time to be a fly on the wall.
  22. I'm a rookie, and just so I understand, this is the very latest, after they previously called it off? I thought our government was hosed. Thank you for all the posts k98. I appreciate the work and info for us newbies. Take care.
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