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  1. I think you should stop reading surveys and talk to someone who's in the medical field. Then again, why bother. Supreme Court will shoot it down, as it should be. Too bad, guess ya'll have to actually go work for it.

    we will all be broke but man we will all have cadillac health care...what a ponzy scheme.....

    Come on! You're just a racist! :lol:

  2. I still sit here and try to figure out WHY anyone gets excited when the almight Okie speaks, or any of the other "guru's". From what I gather, Adam, Roger, and maybe a few others seem to be in the "know", and will advise when something is really going on. They aren't a potato chip, soda drinking, attention monger who wants to be liked or have material read. A guru is one who is regarded as having great knowledge, wisdom, and authority in a certain area, and who uses it to guide others (teacher). Sorry Okie, but you and your gang of 7-11 Big Gulpers are NOT guru's.... Please, for the sanity of all who are really looking for valid information, clam up, and go find a hobby. Let the information be posted by those who have really been involved, and not just by those who hijack others "intel"/information and post in different words.

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  3. Wow... such hate and blame. Aren't you all just tired of being ruled by FEAR in your lives? Just keep feeding that pig of of fear and hate and maybe you can make it on a Springer episode. It's good training for you. Hope your anger makes you feel better. Obama has been a wishy-washy panderer at best. But he is a good man that wants good for his countrymen. Try putting that lens in for just a moment and then look at him through that. He does not have some ridiculous agenda as those that live in fear like to say and think. Obama is not a strong leader because he has a problem with trying to appease everyone and will likely lose the next election because of it. Good leadership comes from making the tough choices that are the right choices regardless of whom opposes it. He has struggled in my opinion on that front but seems to be figuring it out.

    The "Go back to Kenya" remark was naive, unconscious, repulsive. and the comments of a man that is unable to control his hate or fear. The comments are the equivalent of a rock thrower and not someone stemming from an intelligent upbringing. I would expect that to come from an adolescent. Of course... the ego can make anyone say stupid things I suppose. So maybe you are just unconscious so I will contend that that is your affliction.

    No one wants an economic collapse. Clearly something needs to change. Banks and Wall Street are a big part of the reason we are in this nightmare. The entire way we have structured success in Wall Street is focused on rewarding poor behavior. We encourage them to cut staffing and run on fumes. We encourage them to take shortcuts and cast integrity to the side. We encourage them to outsource staffing to other countries all in the name of keeping your stock price high. We forgot that Buying American is an extremely patriotic thing to do. We foster a society that is service oriented and have 86'd manufacturing. We have taught our children to expect things to be given to them versus work your ass off for the things you want. Now we hand those 1st time jobs to immigrants because they are not worthy enough jobs for our kids. Meanwhile.... our kids go back to the Xbox on their personal 42" flatscreen we gave them instead of them earning it. Just curious but.... with all this garbage....Seriously what human alive in the presidency position could have done more? Be honest. We were on the verge of collapse. If AIG, Fannie Mae, GM, Citibank, and the others would have collapsed then what? How much better off would you be then? If you think you would be better off you are truly too stupid to have an intelligent conversation and should just wallow in your hate somewhere else. If you completely blame it on one political party you are definitely too stupid to have an intelligent conversation.

    The political decisions from both democrats and republicans have hurt us through the last 50 years. We as a society... have overspent, are materialistic, are vain, and are in desperate need of enlightening. Unfortunately we have given too much to the world financially and with our blood and the world has not necessary given back. The HOW of how we have done things is broken. We must change the ways in which we think and run stuff. We must all sacrifice. That is the difference from this generation from what Brokaw calls the Greatest Generation. We have no clue what it means to sacrifice. (Military men and women excluded of course). Truthfully... we have only witnessed the tip of the iceberg of this nightmare about to unfold. We must all change the way we think and spend and save. We must stop the blame game and become accountable for our own personal actions and make our own politicians accountable. But do it with out the conspiracy BS and naive and fear based positioning.

    Dear Drox, thank you for the psychoanalysis. First off, I made it clear that I should have worded that differently, if you read prior to writing your book. 2nd, let's address my comment for a second. Is Obama not from Kenya? Did Michelle not call that his home land? So, because the man is 1/2 black, we're just going to jump on the bandwagon, and assume I'm a racist because I said go back to Kenya (home). I'm sure it's ok to tell Clinton to go back to Arkansas right? Oh, but god help us if I tell the chosen one to go home. Thank you again Dr Phil for your perspective....

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  4. Welcome Dog! Cool pic! Pit? I'm a rookie myself and learn alot, and who the key folks are, like Adam and k98 to name a few. You'll see pretty quick who puts up the posts with substance, and those without... k98 know's a lot more than I, but he's right, nobody really knows, unless you're Shab's himself...

  5. In retrospect, I would have for sure worded my response differently. I'm not here to offend. In my humble opinion, he has zero experience, I feel he has a full blown agenda, and think there are many on both sides that are much more qualified. The history books, post 2012 will write as such... I'm an American, and will vote for who I feel is the best candidate. As far as the wealth goes, why should I penalize someone who took the initiative to better themselves? Everything I have, I earned, and I have a problem with someone telling me, thanks for being successful, now we're going to give your money to those that were lazy, took no accountability for their actions, or whatever excuse they want to use. One of my problems, of many, is that we're going to give free handouts for those who knowingly singed the line on a mortgage that was bound to fail. So tell me, anyone out there, who has been responsible; have you seen any reductions in taxes or a handout for doing the right thing? Nope.... So here again, Obama wants to hand out money from people like myself who have done the right thing, to those who have been responsible. Before you come down on me about the mortgage issue, do some fact finding and tell me who drove the whole initiative. And while W did not make all the right choices, his administration sure as heck told Barney Frank to watch Freddie and Fanny. He told them to take a hike, and look where we're at now. Just so you understand that I'm a person who is accountable for my actions, and do not feel that I should work harder, to pay off someone elses mistakes.... Accountability has been replaced in the dictionary with Entitlement, IMHO....

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