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  1. Gymrat; I have certificates from GID and will meet face to face in Toronto. US +CANADA CUSTOMS CHECK SMALL PACKAGED LOOKING LIKE ILLEGAL PILLS BY PUNCTURING PACKAGES. So be carefull cross border shipping.
  2. Evertime everyone speaks its like a Compliants convention. Try using your energy on something positive. GO OLYMPICs.
  3. What other entertaining info does anyone else have ???.
  4. Perpetual magnetic generator creating enough voltage to run hydrogen generator. Look up HHO on internet. They have Kits to improve vehicle fuel efficiency from 30% to 60%. Very Interesting.
  5. I know its cheaper in the US. but I did purchase from GID and when currency arrived it was punctured full of holes from border customs. OK8 New price- 1 mil dinar $900 + 10mil Dong $800. nrthngrizzat gmaildotcom.
  6. Stay Thirsty my friends, This is the Real Possum.
  7. Selling Price Drop 1million IQD = $1000 cdn + 10mil VND= $1000 cdn or make offer. Any Canadians Out there?
  8. Thanks for the support IQD + VND , I guess We will see what happens when it happens. Living the Dream Daily.
  9. Have Been layed off, need to pay bills. Bought from Dinar Trade Canada. I Paid 1mil Dinar x 25k notes =$1299cdn and 10mil Dong x 500k notes= $1299 cdn. Will Sell Each for $ $ 1100 cdn. I have reciept and Certificate. Contact nrthngrizz at gmaildotcom. Thx.
  10. Hi Adam; What are Your Thoughts on the ISX being an Indicator or Gauge in relation to the Dinar international Rate?
  11. Adam Thanks for the Info. Thug That was Funny. Merry Christmas to All of you and Your families.
  12. Has the IMF stepped in and Over ruled the UST regarding the Dinar release. Allowing for a Lower Rate verses the contract Rate.
  13. Thanks PokeRooster, Good to see Some Canuk support. Yeah Leafs, Raptors,Jays need help also. Go Rv. Should read Pokerplayer
  14. Looks like the Party is at Possums"s Drinking Cabinet. TV Party Time!!!
  15. I guess there are No Canuk Tax Lawyers, CPA"s, or Brokers That Deal with Taxes in Dinar Vets Group. If Your out there try and give us Your perspective on Taxes regarding This exchange in Canada.
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