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  1. Well, since you asked.... I get "jazzed" by spending time with my family, preparing for an upcoming fight, and then the fight itself, golfing, working, resting, reading, pretty much a lot of things "jazz" me up other than a very possible redenomination.
  2. EXCUSE ME!!! Do you not know how to read??? This is the LOP section. You physically had to push the enter button to be in this section. I for one am not following you around, posting negative crap to what you say. So how can you accuse us of not leaving you alone??? HUH??? You knew what was being discussed before you read the first post. Why dont YOU do all of us a favor and remain in mamby pamby land.......Mmmmkay... If you are "so sick of all this hypothesizing", then why dont YOU stop reading???? Its really quite simple. If I dont like something, or dont like reading something, then I dont do it. COMMON SENSE!!! And another thing, why in the world would I sell my currency and lose a few thousand, when I believe after this redenominates and then revalues to 3$+, I would make 2-3 times what I invested????? CD's???!!!! HAHAHAHAHA, what is that? 1.9% growth over 6 months???? no thanks. Main point of my post: If you dont like it, stay away from it, otherwise you are the exact person that you are acusing us of......Mr Negative!! Are you referring to the people with common sense???........Why yes it is......
  3. Hahahahaha!!! If you look a little further, you will see that her "business" is all about network marketing. She has posts on Dong, and many other pyramid schemes. Some people have no common sense............or just so desperate that they will try any get-rich-scheme possible.
  4. first post in the LOP Section. Does that mean I have to sit in the naughty corner?????? Ha! Nope, just means you like to know ALL possible scenarios and you like to be informed on your investment. Excellent response!!! Are you talking about the "articles" written by paid personel with alterior motives???.......... All sarcasm aside, which specific articles are you referring to? There is just way too many stuff hyped up and rehashed, if you have certain ones in mind, kindly point me in the right direction.
  5. And what are you relying on?????? Their oil??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Im sorry, got carried away. Yes, and we are in a sorority, sorry, you cant join. Must have some shred of common sense in order to join. Plus, they will miss you in Rumors..................
  6. Ok, I knew I could count on you Legolas!! When I read that it goes along almost exactly with what I have found out. I am all about math and numbers, and I am having a hard time with this. Just like JMW mentioned, there is absolutely no proof that any IQD is being brought in, without being recirculated, and even if there was, it would have to be at a breakneck pace. I really appreciate you taking the time to post that. I know there is a lot of people who think that you are just pissing in their cheerios, but I personally dont like to be spoon fed. Give me actual numbers and facts, and I will base it off that. Not off someones "gut" feeling.
  7. Yes I see that, also no clear or even any remote chance that they are pulling any in. Thats my question.
  8. As a matter of fact I am........ Just sent an employee to cash some Dinar out. He only had 1 armored car with him tho, so hopefully he makes it ok.
  9. Yet you follow him around and post on all his threads..........Hmmmm, if you disliked his posts, why would you read/respond???? Makes sense..... I can agree with that.
  10. Hmmmm, I really am not smart enough to try to make sense of their monthly financials, but if they are not actually pulling any in, then how can I think that they are getting close to any possible RV? To me it just doesnt make sense???
  11. Hey Legolas, if you are still around, what has your research told you about the CBI and whether or not it is recirculating Dinar, or actually pulling any off the streets.? I tend to side with you on the fact that there is over 27 trillion Dinar out there, and if they are not pulling any in, then are they just recirculating?
  12. I agree with you Umbertino. I have even had the pleasure of meeting him in person and discussing this investment. He definitely has a different perspective then most on this site. Personally, I have to agree with him on most of what he has found. It just makes more sense and seems like the expected outcome. That being said, this still is a privately owned site, and for whatever reason, the mods, Adam, or (Legolas just simply shut it down) has decided not to allow posts for the time being. I dont know, i suspect you will find out with this thread you started. Like I said, this is a privately owned site, and if owner or whoever feels like he is a threat, or dont think he would post anything worthwhile to this investment, then the logical thing would be to boot him. I would like to see other people booted, especially the ones who claim all these bogus cash-in stories, or who say they have a "friend" who has cashed out, or that "its done". But, its not my site. I'm not the one who built it, or the one spending my time to make sure people are informed.
  13. Yes he did say this last year, in fact, exactly 11 months ago.....(Check the date of this thread) Don't know why old posts keep being rehashed???
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