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  1. Divemaster, I am a middle of the road Democrat, and a NRA member and your take on assault weapons, is exactly why I believe the 2nd amendment was added to the constitution. Who says the right and the a little bit left can't get along.
  2. Heavyduty, I feel your posts are fine and many may have benefitted from them, but your self rightousness at the end of your post is not very becoming, we are all adults here and can read or not read what we want. Don't take this as a bash, just trying to be honest.
  3. Powergeneration Still youhave no proof the US owns dinar, Wang Dang was stating that as a fact and there has yet to be anything to verify it. I really hope we do.
  4. I would venture to say I on more than you and have owned since 2005, If I sell mine now I ould make a small profit, more than I have on many investments, but I have never seen any verifiable proof that the US owns any dinar, it has just become a dinar room fact. If you have it I would love to see your data.
  5. I have never seen any proof that the US owns any Dinar.
  6. ***************** Well said Alex
  7. This article is really nothing more than an optimistic opinion.
  8. CBI Sell dollars at their auction, not dinar.
  9. JUSTINTIME, there are trillions all over in the budget, the will have for instance 117billion "thousand dinars" which is eqal to 117 trillion dinars. Sorry i wish it wasn't but it is there.
  10. Nice Job Keepm maybe a few more here will start to understand where your viewpoint is based.
  11. I hate to say it but the article is clearly describing how the RD will take place, hope things don't transpire this way.
  12. Resistance training, light weight, lots of reps 3 days a week, cardio at least 2 days a week
  13. I bought for 670 in 2005, so I would thinkit is probable that they bought under $700.
  14. My CPA has told me regular income, but consult your own tax professional.
  15. I am a middle of the road Democrat, and I think that rejection of the Keystone Pipeline project was absolutely stupid, there have been many policies whereI have agreed with the Obama adminsitration. This is definitely not one of them.
  16. One can only hope, de we regulate more or deregulate. I don't know the answer.
  17. Corruption & greed have been rampant in the American economy since day one, From Cattle Barons to Railroad Barons, From the Carnagies to Tamany Hall, Why should it change now.
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