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  1. I believe it will enhance the PM market because people will be re-investing. Silver is a great buy and hold investment. Take physical possession
  2. JMO but I do not think this is possible until it has changed on the Forex and I can tell you that 5 seconds ago it has not?
  3. I have never bought from DT so I am curious as to what benefits they offer over my bank where I buy them. If any DT buyers have any insight I would appreciate it. Thank you
  4. JMO but seems to me that the lop talk is just to get people to buy more. If a lop happened that would be a major currency devaluation instead of a revaluation??
  5. Correct you do not need a receipt!! If it is counterfeit they will take it just like any other currency. reciept sorry
  6. [OKIE_OIL_MAN] good morning america and ships at sea. Seems like maliki has been stripped of authority that he has held out before now. He wanted complete control of the c b i and that power was removed from him by supreme court. Shabbi now has complete control of the monetary assets of the g o I. There are only 1 seat of ministry (security) that remains in contention presently and is supposed to be resolved by thursdays presentations of canidates to parliment. This will complete the gov of iraq and has been what shabbi has been waiting on until it was completed. The next speech given by shabb
  7. You can do some math on this anyway you like but I believe the smart investor should have both. I think silver will surprise you with where it is heading and 90.00 an once is actually a very good target. It is actually very undervalued and we are going to see this in the coming months with some lawsuits of JP MORGAN and HSBC.
  8. Hey guys I am looking at buying another million IQD and would be willing to trade 20-2011 Silver Eagles......Gem Uncirculated in 20 coin tube still.....Would prefer lower denoms if possible? Just thought I would throw that out there because I was giving it some thought.
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