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  1. Patience? This Dinar ride has taught me all there is to know about patience... Hahahahahahaha
  2. The Only Thing NASA Has Ever Sent Into Space IS YOUR IMAGINATION
  3. The Only Thing NASA Has Ever Sent Into Space IS YOUR IMAGINATION
  4. And now with the latest events going on in Iraq, you can see that it is very unlikely there will be an RV in 2016.
  5. At this point I would be HAPPY with Hahahahaha
  6. I never said that there will never be an RV, I said there won't be an RV in 2016!! But, if there is that would be awesome! I have been on this ride for many years and not much would excite me more than to see an RV, I just don't see it happening in 2016!
  7. With Oil & Gas Prices Dropping, It's Very Unlikely That There Will Be An RV In 2016!
  8. With the gas prices staying low and may even drop more in price for the entire 2016 year, oil prices will follow suit so don't hold your breath for an RV in 2016!
  9. Trump as the President, that will NEVER happen. I personally don't have anything against the man but I'll be surprised if there is even an election at all in 2016. Jade Helm and CERN, this world is in for a big surprise! Be ready for it!! You might want to check this out
  10. Hey Adam! How about a discount on OGIT!
  11. It will be a miracle if the RV happens in 2015!
  12. I really wish what you said was true, that we the people will get tired of it and stop paying, the problem that I see happening before my very eyes is the younger generation will be brainwashed into compliance, very similar to the way we the people are right now. Fear and intimidation has been the key for thousands of years to subdue and oppress the masses!
  13. The Government needs some people to work to pay for all the free stuff there giving out!
  14. If Hillarious is elected President I will move out!
  15. Just goes to show how some people are just so crazy about being in a position of power when they could be kicking back in the tropics year round sipping on there umbrella drinks! Now that's really crazy!! Oh!! Now I know why they hold onto those positions for so long, members of Congress don't pay any Federal Taxes!
  16. Every dime I get back of my Tax Refund goes to pay my Property Tax, what is up with that? Hahaha!!! Only in America! This country has too many taxes and the Government is still broke! What is up with that?
  17. I agree and even though it's a fact that Iraq has made more progress in 2014-2015 than in the last 10+ years, I just don't see an RV happening this year! Yet, I still have hope that it will!
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