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  1. So what is the wait already! RV this thing!!!! I've got a turkey to buy.
  2. Oh and by the way, currency newshounds posts are about a credible as you're opinions. As stated above by dinarbot, this belongs in rumors!
  3. This totally makes no sence to me. Not sure you are reading this right, and I don't really care for opinions in the title of a news post.
  4. Thanks for the reply. That makes sense to me. Balancing the USD to the IRD in country. I am not sure we can put much into the auctions as an indicator to an RV or RD either way. That being said, I am no economist.
  5. Tell us then what happens in the opposite scenario? Your saying there has been 154 trillion dinar added to the circulation. Not sure that the removal of old worn bills would bring us to the 30+ trillion you claim is in circulation.
  6. I don't even trust our news here in the states so how can I trust Iraqs news.
  7. You will get a difference of opinion on this site. Good luck with that.
  8. "Other nations are sure to follow" is only one mans opinion. I am getting a lot of doom and gloom from you, so not sure your opinion means anything to me or others on DV. Sorry if that sounded harsh, I mean no disrespect.
  9. Yes all good questions. Why is there no reply? Does anyone really know what they are talking about?
  10. So help me out, you are saying that they are buying dinar out of circulation and then putting the dinar right back into circulation. That makes no sence at all. That would only work of they were printing more dinar right?
  11. Seriously sweet looking building! That was not built on dinars.
  12. Well I think this post is very interesting, even more so than Aqua Dudes. Where are all the lopsters in this thread? So much misinformation. You just cannot know for sure what is going to happen. Sorry everyone, I just had to post and bring this one back to the top.
  13. Well put Zigmeister As I have stated earlier, no one knows. Lets all hope and pray for an RV! God bless Odogtriever
  14. Well, alot of what is printed in our press is anything but the truth. So ya, I think there is definatly some misinformation being put out. I am by no way saying all news is lies, just some of it is more than likely what they want us to hear.
  15. Then sell your dinar and leave already. Or is there some part of you that knows you may be wrong. What I get out of your posts is that you don't really believe that some things are not as they seem. You take everything for its face value. Really! Just use our government for example. Anyone who takes what our politicians say at its face value is nieve. Unless you just woke up from a 30 year comma and turned on the news you know that what is said by our politicians is not taken at its face value. Are we really gonna think Iraqis politicians have real integrity over our own? Lets just all agree we hope for an RV, but no one really knows. I am tired of the know it alls who think they know! Well you don't. Neither do I, Aqua Dude, Keep or even Adam. Lets just all hope for the best. Peace everyone, not trying to ruff any feathers.
  16. I want to agree with you also, but it says the 100 lev became one lev. I would not be happy if I went into the bank and I exchanged my 100 dollar bill for a one dollar bill. Unless that one dollar bill will now buy me a lift ticket and lunch. Both sides are so sure they are reading this right, that I am more confused than ever. I want to know Adam why you think an RD is unlikely.
  17. I like the part that says "additional revenues worth $ 200 billion annually over the next six years" . Were getting closer folks! GO RV!!!!!!!
  18. The key here is what is the real number of IRD in circulation. Sounds good.
  19. I like the sound of the IRD being the strongest in the land. RD does not make the currency strong in my opinion, just changes the numbers on the paper. IRD is not currently strong, this is good news!
  20. Dude, hitman just copied and pasted from another site. Please people, understand where the information is coming from before posting. That being said I agree those in the know are bound by law (insider trading) not to leak anything.
  21. Really. I wouldn't get excited either. I was just reiterating what he had said. I am an ex-pat of Park City, still have family there. Home of the Heathen! Yep, lots of them there heathen types round here! LOL All kidding aside, PC is great if you can afford it. RV sure would help with that.
  22. Really? I missed that. Very interesting, but I am not excited yet.
  23. Can you link some of these news articles? I seem to have mised them. Just trying to figure out how the new currency can exist with the old unless they hold their face value.
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