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  1. Adam I received an email from you saying that my VIP subscription is processed but I still cannot log in can you please see what's going on. Thank you
  2. KCW thanks for the post, I hope they get this done soon. Thanks Adam for the info. :)
  3. Welcome aboard im from Gilbert, AZ by San tan mall. :)
  4. Behaviorkat bad kitty.j/k MEOWWWWWWWWWW. :D ;)
  5. Thanks for posting smitty. gr8t news i guess. :)
  6. LOL this **** is getting hilarious by the day. :lol:
  7. Kimberlye my thought exactly im in it till the end no matter what Iraq decides to do. :)
  8. Thank you bond lady, for the time you take to help us understand, just where we stand.....i truly enjoy reading whatever you have to say thanks Smitty for posting. :) ,
  9. Happy birth day PVS i hope you have a gr8t birthday and may Allah(SWT) bless you with health,wealth,love and happiness. thanks for everything you do for us and we love you and respect you alot,wishing you all the best. :) :)
  10. Count me in for 2 cabins one for my kids and one for me. :)
  11. Count me in,that's a very nice gesture. no RV yet my prayers are with every 1 who lost everything including family member's that's all i can do for now. :(
  12. sorry to hear about your Grand baby Trey and I will surely pray for him and your family!! may Allah bless him with health.Ameen
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