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  1. why install him if we ever leave he will be the dictator anyway.i dont thin k were leaving iraq until iran is no more,we havnt made enough enemys yet..
  2. george yur a nut job lolo spookey dudes insane
  3. i think its our duty to get this pos out of our country id love to see this worthless human be gone for good its people like him who screw things up for good people??? hopefully the next president will remove all his illegal judges hes a joke him n george have no buisness in america im so sick of rich people dictatin their will on the people come on judgment day... worthless human world will be better of when yur gone
  4. i for one am prouyd of this man wish i was there with you, courage is whats gonna win back the world from the globalist fools good job sir
  5. damn straight if you want yur revolution ya just found the subject to start it aint no way were givin up our guns ya fn fags
  6. we need to get rid of obama n elect a person who cares n fast we dont have time...
  7. well you get the impeachment petition goin i wanna be thje first to sign it n ps they will never get away with it revolution coming????
  8. you are right they are afraid cause she stands for america n the reps n dems think of americans as their sheep pawns n pay check we deserve better sarah palin 2012 come on girl........
  9. bring her on come on sarah we need an american in the white house ......
  10. its time for a new party people its tea time gods on our side
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