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  1. Thanks Doc, always look forward to your visits! Thanks for the hope! HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY WEEKEND
  2. Seriously..... we are on a dinar forum! And how is that different than anyone in US government! I suppose you only read part of this thread.....or you didn't comprehend! Have a nice day!
  3. You are obviously another poor example of an adult!
  4. Thanks for the funny post magicchris!
  5. Did they go there to learn about hanging chads?
  6. What part of rtrustys political agenda and dark smelly posts are you in support of? As I said and perhaps you should reread, if it was a" substantive"post instead of the usual bigoted undertoned agenda and perhaps something that takes some thinking on their part I would ignore it! I am not an Obama fan nor did I vote for him, yet I question this persons relentless bashing of this president! Enough is enough, if you don't like him go out and vote next election!
  7. It is not about "off topics", we were instructed a few weeks back to lay of the political posts!
  8. In defense of great political debate, I welcome substantiative and thought out discussion! Unfortunately people like you can't seem to pull their heads out of theirs and rtrustys dark smelly places! How is the relentless president bashing on a dinar site resolving our countries problems? Is it working for you? Perhaps next election you might want to get out and vote!Have a nice day!
  9. rtrusty your at it again! How many times have you posted rap like this! Report! Did you not get the no politics memo!
  10. With all due respect to the members of this site, if and when the time comes to cash in do not be"sheeple",do your own research to find the best deal. Money talks and I believe most banks that are willing to cash in will be willing to negotiate.Be informed, I am vip and have not been enlightened as to what rates Adam has negotiated. Guess I jumped the gun on that one by following on blind faith! If I remain vip to the end perhaps it will pay off, it's a gamble at best, since I don't know Adam from Adam! lol
  11. You hit the nail on the head Smee, quite a bit of immature behavior! I evened you out...... can't believe you were negged! Have a great day!
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