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  1. Central bank: we catch the exchange rate at 1190 dinars to the dollar Thursday, October 04, 1 / Okrudolf 2012 11:29 [baghdad - where] The Central Bank of Iraq the stability of the dollar in the currency market, noting that the price of the dinar "saw a clear improvement as a result of stability." The deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh told all of Iraq [where], said on Thursday that "the central bank action to adjust the price of the dollar against the dinar, at 1.18 or 1.19," Mushir that "all banking offices accounted for [5 percent] of traffic demand for the dollar. " He added that "the biggest movement of demand for the dollar are transfers for foreign trade financing of Iraq's imports." He pointed out that "all small and big money is going according to the anti-money laundering law, which is currently in force, and through which we can discover anything contrary to the law, and he needs to pay its best form." The Iraqi dinar exchange rate has witnessed volatile noticeable against the dollar earlier, reaching its price to 1300 dinars to the dollar, while the price under auctions CBI daily 1166 dinars to the dollar, an increase of 134 dinars per dollar, which is equivalent to an increase of approximately 11% for its official rate. The Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi has attributed this volatility after meeting with House Speaker Osama Nujaifi to weak domestic output and lack of exports from Iraq [except oil] and the weakness of government measures to attract capital to Iraq, as well as the political situation tense internally and regionally, and the economic blockade suffer from some neighboring countries, in reference to Syria and Iran, has been the formation of governmental committees to determine the reasons behind the decline of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar. ended 2. The above is a former post from Yota and a reminder which relates well to his post, starting this thread.
  2. That's exactly right. Thanks for reminding us of this. Also: 1) I like Yota's article better. It eludes to the fact that it is possible to have a Ch 7 release as long as there's an agreement between Iraq and Kuwait, which will be monitored over time. 2) These articles are not a formal press release from the UN...and are open re their translation (as result). 3) Is it possible that Kuwait may not want to allow a release of Ch 7 until Iraq has RV'd their currency, in order to make sure that they get their full payment with revalued currency? Kuwait has been receiving steady payments and still are and IMO want to make sure that they won't get stiffed by Iraq. Petitioning the UN to keep them under Ch 7 sanctions puts pressure on the GOI to RV their currency. Again, JMO. 4) I haven't heard anything on the border issue resolution. Has anyone else? Wow, Manny, do you think most people on this thread need glasses? Where's that "Negative Nelly" thread when you need it?
  3. 2012-12-15 Baghdad/JD/...Revealed the estimates in balance in 2013 to nearly 9 trillion goes to settle foreign debt. The report said the budget agency/JD/the total amount of debt and compensation Iraq settlement external up to 8 830, 436.500. The report pointed out: the war reparations Kuwait is 5553949.500 and the external debt settlement is 526500.000, with Iraq also paid 1.436.273.000 billion dinars to the bilateral agreement with premiums Paris Club countries and countries outside the Paris Club. The report stated: that Iraq pays 400.000.000 million dinars to repay Treasury remittances old versions, and also will pay 41.856.000 million dinars to the cash settlement of small debts to the private sector abroad. The report also stated: that Iraq pays dues to the Arab Monetary Fund on debt restructuring agreement in Iraq amounting to 47, 835.000 million dinars, in addition to the IMF loan installments amounting to 239, 823.000 million dinars. The report addressed the debt settlement Iraqi Airways of 233, 200,000 million dinars, as will Iraq settlement benefits the private sector by 2003/4/9 the 350.000.000 million dinars. Albegari, Nora was a member of the parliamentary Economic Committee, said in a press statement that "the budget 2013 included a provision for the payment of part of the foreign debt, and select so billion and $ 445 million, or 1% of the budget." "The Paris Club debt was 142 billion dollars, 80 percent of which has been deleted, and the remaining 20%, pointing to the debt every year increase their benefits, so we want to end debt ranked on Iraq." Albegari said "the interest on the debt be hamstrung by large sums every year since the 1990s and so far and must be repaid to the fullest possible extent." The Deputy Minister said that $ 500 million was allocated in the budget 2013 to settle the issue of the Iraqi Airways Corporation with Kuwait, in addition to Kuwaiti debt of Iraq by 1991 invasion of up to 5% budget equivalent to 5.5 billion dollars. The Deputy Minister said, we have a debt of as much as 8 446 million dollars will be paid in instalments and interest of the debt which take in advance her Iraq from the World Bank to finance the budget deficit in 2010, noting that the Parliament refused to borrow from the World Bank to balance the current year and next year, the deficit of the us. She albegari to the debt will be paid an estimated $ 8 million International Monetary Fund loan disability benefits for 2010. Iraq had also paid 6 million and 250,000 dollars for foreign loans from European countries and other countries. She albegari as Iraq works to Firehouse overseas private sector debt, which amounts to $ 189 million. She said: "some States refused to delete the debt ranked on Iraq such as Saudi Arabia, which Iraq claims is still $ 13 billion, as well as Kuwait did not waive its debt despite the initiatives of good faith between us and them." Albegari said: "the foreign debt payment will be by installments according to the plans, urging the Iraqi Government to close a final external debt and not tied Iraq to the debt and it has great economic power." Committee member stressed economic and Parliamentary Deputy investment on the Iraqi list, the Government should take swift action and the bold is to close this file and provide funds for the benefit of the citizen through the services and strategic projects to build infrastructure infrastructure, wondered: "why States learned of the debt at the expense of Iraq?"./Finished/11 n/ <P align=center> Ration balancing: 5 trillion dinars to provinces and more than 800 billion to Kurdistan 2012-12-15 <P align=justify>Baghdad/JD/...Economic parliamentary reveal that ration allocations within the next year budget amounted to approximately 5 trillion dinars, in contrast with more territory from catering customizations (835) billion Iraqi dinars. According to the budget table for/JD/: that the provision of a ration (4916750000) us. With ration allocations amounted to Kurdistan (835847500) billion dinars. Total financial magnitude Alcalay to ration across Iraq (5752597500) us. The Ministry of Commerce had called earlier, to allocate approximately (5.6) billion dinars to cover ration, for 33 million according to her statistics for the population of Iraq, Ministry of planning maintains a population of 31 million. He said the parliamentary Economic Committee decision the Attorney from the Kurdistan Alliance/JD/: Trade Minister Khairallah Hassan earlier called for allocation (5.6) billion dinars to ration, providing five card vocabulary, and the distribution of the cash alternative of citizens who supported the decision to cancel the card. Khalil, said that the trade ministries and planning data on the population of Iraq, Commerce calculated the customizations that you want to supply with 33 million, planning the Iraq 31 people. He said that the Ministry of Economic Planning Committee, General Census for population data truth thus calculated customizations. He drew the Commission's decision that the "earliest" showing the suffering of his Ministry with the late arrival of customizations in appropriate timing by Finance Minister Rafe Al-Issawi, delaying the bidding and ration items and offers provided by './finished/11 n
  4. Kobler welcomes the approval by the House of representatives to amend the provincial election ActAl fayhaa channel -15/12/2012-1: 32 pm | Hits: 8 He welcomed the Secretary-General's Special Representative to the United Nations in Iraq by Martin Kobler House on fourth amendment law of the provincial Council elections, returned to a positive step towards elections in time. Release of the United Nations Mission in Iraq "us" for saying the amendment Kobler specifies the formula that will be applied in the allocation of seats, the last element required for the approval of the legal framework for elections to provincial councils, making law in line with the Constitution and provides a mechanism to allow greater representation for the election of the new councils, aims to ensure the representation of women by 25%.
  5. Ki Moon: Iraq and Kuwait before a historic opportunity to declare a new era of cooperation Al fayhaa channel -15/12/2012-1: 32 pm | Hits: 17 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- He said United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon that Kuwait and Iraq a historic opportunity to discard the past and move towards a new declaration of cooperation and full support of the United Nations to coordinate their relations. This came in a report to the Security Council, Ban Ki-moon addressed options for continuing the International Coordinator for Kuwaiti prisoners and the return of property from Iraq after the end of his term at the end of December, indicating that one of the options being considered is the request of UNAMI mission accomplish these tasks that the parties concerned have expressed their acceptance of this option. Not a formal UN announcement..but still good.
  6. Also, I believe they're meeting on Jan 1 to discuss the Iraq Compensation fund status.
  7. FNB, As I've known you to be positive yet "real" about this investment, your words are actually making me feel hopeful! Thanks.
  8. Francie, I've also read very good things about Ambratose. Mannatech is a good product, but my Naturopath and Homeopath say there are companies which make better "grades" of Ambratose. Either way, I also encourage you to check into it.
  9. You're very brave, Francie. You may want to check out alkaline diets, also probably a good idea to incorporate foods with B-17 in them. Also, no microwaving of food, destroys the molecules, while regular cooking does not. There are many alternative therapies out there you may want to research. Many trial studies in Mexico which have gained some positive results. All the best to you.
  11. After research and speaking with someone who is very knowledgable seems that "next session" or "next term" can simply mean, the next time parliament meets and discusses this.
  12. President Talabani's efforts yielded an agreement between all parties PUKmedia-13/12/2012-8: 43 pm | Hits: 4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Office of the President of the Republic, on Thursday, an important statement about the findings of all parties on the political process as a whole, as follows: In order of the Presidency to save and restore security and stability and to prevent any disruption in Iraqi national fabric, and to establish a familiarity and fraternity and cooperation between citizens, President Jalal Talabani, in collaboration with Dr. khudair Al-khuzai during recent efforts and made contact with all parties. These efforts have yielded an agreement was the consolidation of both Prime Minister Mr. Nuri al-Maliki and the President of the territory, Mr. Massoud Barzani to cease all campaigns that lead to tense relations and creating a tense atmosphere. It was also agreed that the technical committees would meet military _ jurisdiction with a view to the formation of citizens groups disputed areas in equal proportions among the three nationalities, with responsibility for maintaining security there, and start following the withdrawal of the troops moved in earlier to these areas. These procedures provide the necessary atmosphere for constructive and fraternal dialogue aimed at achieving peace, security and stability and direct all efforts towards development and services projects. His Excellency the President of the Republic calls upon all political forces to support these endeavours and supported by all means, and the media are invited to show maximum care to avoid everything that might raise the atmosphere against the spirit of dialogue and cooperation. The Office of the President of the Republic Maybe this is as close to a national meeting as we may see? Kurdish leader: Mr. Ammar wise efforts will have a positive role in resolving the crisis between the territory Daily-13/12/2012-10: 18 am | Hits: 6 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The leadership said the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Abdul Khaliq zangana, "Mr. Ammar wise efforts will have a positive role in resolving the crisis between the territory and the Centre. The political process is strong and extensive polemics political parties and the Federal Government and the territorial Government which has adversely affected many legislation and implementation of laws as a negative impact on the Iraqi Street. Zangana said in a press release on Wednesday that "the role of the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council now has a positive role and respectable and historically acceptable in all respects," he said, adding that "the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council has its positions in altarihet relationship between Arabs and Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis and also between Shiites and the Kurds." "If we look at the positions of Mr. Ammar wise, keen on the unity of the country and to find a way out of the problems and crises that dates her in the country now." "The Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council will have a significant role in particular had to accept when everyone has good relations with both parties and keen on the unity of Iraq". Zangana added that "individual decisions without reference to others will create great crises as in Egypt when Mubarak Mohammed Morsi said the Constitution then people rose up and got the following demonstrations and sit-ins by the efforts of dedicated and Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, will play a positive role in resolving the crisis and picking conditions between the territory and the Centre". Mr. Ammar al-Hakim made a positive role in picking the Iraqi political situation and resolve all political disputes and avoids media escalation and dialogue as a means to resolve the crisis between the Centre and the region. Political arena saw a new crisis between the territory and the Centre against the background of the formation of Tigris operations command to protect the disputed areas where several Kurdish parties to form the Tigris operations led an attempt to export the internal crisis of the Federal Government and it will be a message to the National Alliance and other components show a common position and a territorial row against breach of the Constitution and the dangers of exclusivity and the return of dictatorship and violation of national partnership. Office of the President of the Republic announces a deal with the consolidation of Al-Maliki and Barzani to resolve the current crisis between the Centre and the region Date: 2012/12/13 17: 40: 39 Thursday Baghdad (newsletter) ...The President's Office announced an agreement to resolve the current crisis in the disputed areas between the Federal Government and the Kurdistan region, saying he was the consolidation of both al-Maliki and Barzani. The Office said in a statement the President of the Republic received (News Agency news) on Thursday: in order of the Presidency to save and restore security and stability and to prevent any disruption in Iraqi national fabric, and to establish a familiarity and fraternity and cooperation between citizens, President Jalal Talabani, in cooperation with Al-khudhair through recent efforts and made contact with all parties. It said: that these endeavours resulted in agreement was the consolidation of both Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Massud Barzani, head of the territory and to cease all campaigns that lead to tense relations and creating a tense atmosphere. He continued: it was agreed that the technical committees would meet military _ jurisdiction with a view to the formation of citizens groups disputed areas in equal proportions among the three nationalities, with responsibility for maintaining security there, and start following the withdrawal of the troops moved in earlier to these areas. He said: that these procedures provide the necessary atmosphere for building fraternal dialogue aimed at achieving peace, security and stability and direct all efforts towards development and services projects. He appealed to the President of the Republic, according to the statement: all political forces to support these endeavours and supported by all means, and the media are invited to show maximum care to avoid everything that might raise the atmosphere against the spirit of dialogue and collaboration./finished/s. p/
  13. An Iraqi official excludes oil and gas law The Gulf Emirates daily-13/12/2012-10: 18 am | Hits: 14 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MP Adnan al-Janabi ruled out the Chairman of the Committee on oil and energy in the Iraqi Parliament yesterday to reach a consensus between the political blocs in the country, for the oil and gas law to regulate the oil policy in Iraq this year. Al-Janabi said in a lecture during the Iraqi Energy Conference held yesterday that "a Committee was formed in September, with the Federal Government's oil Minister Abdulkarim laiby, Minister of natural resources in Kurdistan asti hawrami, representatives of parliamentary blocs to agree on the wording of the draft oil and gas law, and will not adopt during the current session. ***Boy, this article has a contradiction in it! "yesterday to reach a consensus between the political blocs in the country, for the oil and gas law to regulate the oil policy in Iraq this year." "a Committee was formed in agree on the wording of the draft oil and gas law, and will not adopt during the current session." Again a "hmmmm". Maybe they mean they agree on the wording this year, but the likelihood of implementing won't be until "next session"? But then why would they state "regulate the policy this year." Might be a translation issue?
  14. A source at the Central Bank of Iraq for four companies currently competing to win a draft print the new Iraqi dinar, which will generate graceful after deleting three zeros from him, while Samay central bank to raise the value of the dinar against the dollar gradually down to the day to start replacement where the value will be in the absence of a fluctuating one Iraqi dinars equivalent to U.S. dollars one. The source said the bank and after remarking that blockbuster buy hard currency from the auction, which is supervised by the Central deliberately to sell the dollar worth less than the previous by 3.4 points, with the imposition of conditions buy to prevent the exploitation market meet the demands of neighboring countries, which suffer from sanctions economic and devaluation of their national currencies, all of this to re-balance the local market, which saw the result of what male fluctuate rapidly in prices dinar, adding that everyone knows that the central bank succeeded actually raise the value of the dinar is thoughtful and intelligent since 2003 until now that the price of the dollar equivalent to 240 dinars, but now price tag rose to 1120 per dollar, and this is one of the most important tasks of the central bank, which is responsible for monetary policy in the country, and one of the most important endeavors is to raise the value of the national currency to achieve a higher purchasing power of the Iraqi citizen. The Central Bank of Iraq announced, yesterday, doing the buying and selling dollar at 1166 dinars during the auction, which is evaluated daily with the participation of 23 banks, after it was sell it and buy it at the price of 1170 dinars to the dollar. The deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh in statements to the media », that« the bank to work on raising the prices of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar during its sessions for the sale and purchase of foreign currency by four dinars and by 3.4% to reach to 1166 dinars to the dollar », indicating that« dinar nominal is not commensurate with the purchasing power to him or the real price of the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar.Saleh added that «the current account of payments Iraq where a large surplus relative to GDP and by 5-8%», stressing that «the surplus is the signal strength and not vice versa as well as the presence of large reserves of the Bank». Saleh pointed out that «the dollar exchange rates in the Iraqi market which recently experienced a slight increase will be affected by the decision of the Central Bank of Iraq, saying that «the Iraqi dinar will be attractive in the Iraqi market. The Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh earlier this year for efforts to obtain the approvals executive and legislative authority to ask three major categories after deleting three zeros from the Iraqi dinar, pointing out that the process of replacing the currency will take two years. As Saleh announced in (January 6 2012) from higher reserves the Iraqi Central Bank foreign currency to $ 60 billion, for the first time in the history of Iraq, while stressing its ability to curb inflation if arrived at two places decimal places, considered that current levels do not raise anxiety. Noteworthy that the CBI is being daily sessions for the sale and purchase of foreign currencies with the exception of public holidays during which depends on those auctions. And Zkrmzar Mohammed Saleh, said that the size of the money supply, which will be printed soon consist of 28 30 billion dinars, with calculation of the currency in circulation now reaches more than 32 trillion dinars, and you measure the size of Limbering which dominated the national currency, and the size of the benefits that will befall this project where withdraw monetary inflation and reduce the amount of cash and other. He revealed that the shape of the new currency would be like a mirror reflecting the history of Iraq and specifications will be even better than printing the dollar, and are impossible with falsified, and will be charged properties technical and aesthetic features of an Iraqi national tells the story of civilization and achievements since the dawn of history, as well as she would Arabic and Kurdish as the constitutional text on This addition to the English language as a global system in place in all countries of the world. He said the groups would be equal between the metal and paper issued class (25, 50, 75 and 100) dinars metal and there are groups of 5, 10 and 25, 50 and 100 dinars paper. In order to shed light on the history Iraqi currency was hired to study integrated worked on writing the responsible engineer Mahmoud Shaker al-Rubaie, who was able to document the history of the dinar in this country since its inception and so far, which stated: - Talking about the Iraqi currency and a broad and large is linked political circumstances unstable experienced by Iraq, which led to the entry foreign currency of the policy of the occupied country, when Iraq was under Ottoman control, the (Majidi) is the currency traded in the deal has been named this currency rate to the Sultan Abdul Majeed's father Sultan Abdul Hamid, and parts Majidi is (Alaqچh and righteous ) and continued deal Ottoman Palmgide until the entry Englishmen in 1917 and extract the country from Ottoman control was introduced with the British (Indian Rupee) as an alternative currency in dealing and trading and parts (Anna) and usual that the new currency expel the old currency .. So ended the trading currency Ottoman having entered wild Indian to the Iraqi market and the reason for making the trading Barabah Indian instead lb English due to most troops English territories are Indians Sikhs and Alkirkh. Having crystallized when the British idea of a (Kingdom of) in Iraq and became talk about A boys Sharif Hussein to rise this task has happened in 23 / ​​August / 1921 as crowned Faisal Ibn Sharif Hussein king of Iraq must be of this political shift that is reflected at all levels and to find him there in the currency change. It began pumping Iraqi currency called a new (penny) and this word is out of Byzantine and consists of a small circle of copper in the middle category number and below the word fils and around the circle Kingdom of Iraq and on her right Hijri and to the left Gregorian date other side image of King Faisal I written on it King of Iraq on the right and Faisal I on the left. With the passage of (Iraqi penny) continued (Indian Rupee) trading until the first of October 1932 deal was canceled. After the issuance of (penny) issued a coin is (two mites) and with the same specifications penny but larger than a little then appeared (pubic), a four fils a reward currency English (brown), one of the parts pound continued to issue categories in ascending appeared ten fils a copper then Twenty penny called (the Koran) and the dirham and equal to 50 fils after emerged percent fils then two hundred fils and called (Rial) and equivalent (shilling) currency English which is made ​​of sterling silver and a picture of King Faisal I on the one hand and the other three palms engraved on the thick branch of a tree which large size relatively. and ten years after the coronation of King Faisal I was established Iraq Currency Board in London in 1931 and a law 44 of the same year by which printed paper currency in the sixteenth of March 1932 saw the light first Iraqi dinars bearing an image of King Faisal I on right and the name Kingdom of Iraq at the top and category number in the middle which is written in English and the second in English, where the company (Dollarroa) British print dinar also been printed in small denominations of paper (quarter and half) in India and began the Iraqi dinar expelled wild Indian, according to the rule referred to even end the deal in October 1932. The Iraqi dinar equals 1,000 fils also been printed Order of five dinars and ten dinars and then was put carpaccio% Royal dinars. With the development of political events, specifically on 26 / November / 1934 appeared new dinar He holds a picture of King Ghazi has happened after the departure of King Faisal I quickly changed this picture to be replaced by a picture of King Faisal II in late 1939, when the departure of King Ghazi. Has Council continued the Iraq Currency printing Iraqi currency until the Act No. 43 of 47 and under which was established (National Bank of Iraq), and specifically on the twentieth of July 1947 to adopt Multi printed Iraqi currency and the existence of this bank has been dispensed currency board and its Abolition in 1949, and after several years, specifically in the first of July 1956 a law was passed 72 under which changed its name National Bank of Iraq to (CBI). has not changed form the Iraqi currency and continued printing until the Republic of Iraq in 1958 and the emergence of leader Abdul Karim Kassem in his time occurred many amendments on the currency notes and coins It raised the pictures of the three kings of all currencies were replaced (slogan Republican) new and in the eighth of July 1958 and get a lot of variables on a coin as canceled class (Filsin) and added fils to (pubic) to become (five fils) and Hausa popular salutes leader his work is (lived leader who Zaid pubic .. fils ..) as well as canceled (the Koran), a twenty fils replaced (twenty five fils) while retaining Dirhams and percent fils and cancel (Rial) which is equal to 200 fils, the terms of paper currency, the class percent dinars were canceled and keep the rest of the categories of paper with the addition of symbols Iraqi her like (Palm filling Darbandikhan filling Dukan and Fort Phaenicia and Daura and waterfall entirely on your beacon humpback and Basrah silo and Helicobacter and bull winged and Lion of Babylon and ascend Kut and harp and obelisk of Hammurabi has changed shape currency only a slight change until the revolution of the seventeenth of July 1968 and began to raise the banner of the Republic to be replaced by the aforementioned Iraqi symbols. With the beginning of the eighties of the last century began to appear a coin to replace bank notes small Fezhrt 250 fils compared to quarter dinars and 500 fils, compared to half dinars and 1000 fils against the dinar also issued CBI alloy of gold to the categories (gold dinar and five dinars and ten dinars gold) and sold rate prevailing gold for a short period, and in the mid-eighties of the last century began (feminine) size paper currency from quarter dinars and end Balashr dinars and more characteristic of this phase is the emergence of the Order of the ten dinars and has a picture of the world the great Hassan Ibn al-Haytham that Ohmt people that this currency is not Iraqi!! With the deterioration of the political situation and falling exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar proceeded government to print new class bearing the number 25 dinars and on his face the first image of Arabian horses and the other side is for the coin was then put a picture of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein instead of Arabian horses were printed this category in Russia. At second of August 1990 got evolution in Iraqi politics overshadowed the dark on the country in general and the currency, especially by imposing (policy economic blockade) by America and its allies, which led to the disappearance of original currency for each category and the emergence of currency printed locally Bmtaba newspapers and journals which lean and devoid of controls applicable universally. . With advancing years siege increased print size and say the dinar exchange rate against the dollar even arrived in 1995 to 3000 dinars to the dollar, which produced tons of currency printed locally. That monetary policy is losing its balance due (currency prosthetic) For the purpose of controlling inflation large began printing classes undefined earlier, such as the fifty and one hundred dinars, carrying a picture Unknown Soldier new Baghdad clock hand and a picture of former President Saddam Hussein from the second and then a class Almaútan and fifty dinars a poster of President as well. did not hold these banknotes in front of the dollar exchange rate with the continued printed locally up seemed meager worthless and large size افقدها prestige .. And continued in 2002 to issue a new class is a paper (10000) dinars to absorb inflation gorge and sagging currency big hit, but to no avail. After more than thirteen years on the policy of blockade and the advent of the CPA and the occupation of the country by the United States and set the civil governor Paul Bremer, who began amending Iraqi laws as it deems is if adopted the Law on the Central Bank No. 73 of 2004 amended, which provides for printing Iraqi currency new currency and rely on dinar Republican in terms of shape and change the category to be consistent with what the corresponding currency printed locally if adopted form quarter dinars to become 250 dinars and half becomes 500 dinars dinar becomes 1000 dinars, as well as five and ten dinars become five thousand and ten thousand dinars with the introduction of class new (25000) dinars to absorb hyperinflation in cash which are of red dye was also an instrument of coins from class 100 dinars and 50 dinars and 25 dinars, but has not been activated widely because of the conditions of inflation and price increases have begun replacing the currency from 01/10/2004 until 28/02/2005 and continuing currency trading referred to above to the present day and talk about the intention of the government remove three zeros from the Iraqi dinar to reach levels comparable with the exchange rates of foreign currencies dry Iraqi dinar back to glory and weighs a healthy beautiful green color.
  15. Parliamentarians are احماءا for their strings acoustic awaiting budget 2013 legal and public retirement later this month Newspaper Iraq today-09/12/2012-10: 42 am | Hits: 22 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Iraq today/special Member of the Parliamentary Commission on the economy and investment Abdul Hussein abtan is seeking political blocs in the Council of State to vote on the federal budget later this month. Abtan said in SMC (today's Iraq) that "the federal budget plays a huge role in the economic situation and the work of government departments and the reconstruction process and provide job opportunities for the unemployed," he said, adding that "there are more than 1,000 deg/functional allocated under budget." there are a lot of notes to the budget being discussed in the House of representatives expected to vote on the budget later this month. He is a member of the Committee on the economy and investment, "the Commission expects the arrival of general retirement law by the Secretariat General of the Council of Ministers for discussion and a vote in Parliament.
  16. World» did not find the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank Tuesday night in his headquarters and the Higher Council of the judiciary is not aware of the issueJournal of the world -09/12/2012-10: 52 am | Hits: 53 Raad al-Jabburi, talking to fellow Laith Mohammed Reza before top central Baghdad police station (World) At 12: 32 pm on Saturday, in a team of "world" to the upper central Baghdad police station where the arrested the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq. Although the Panel format before launch, over the phone, with a command centre to interview Dr. appearance, the guards prevented the group from entering, before connecting to it. Contact the guards with their colleagues within the Centre and minutes go. After about 20 waiting in the street amid a relatively cool came the answer that Dr. appearance refuses to meet any visitors to his family. The answer was not convincing, especially since the guards allowed, when our presence, into someone who was wearing clothes they said that "Lieutenant" in the operations and wants to interview Dr. appearance. In the meantime, another man came out and after the prison entrance away from the question that he had met Dr. appearance or not, informed me that one of the detainees visited by staff of the Central Bank, and when I asked him that he had seen Dr. appearance, replied that he has not been seen. In the meantime, the team is "world" phone calls with officials at the Ministry of Interior to facilitate entry to the Centre, at first glance yielded one communications centre personnel to the team to be or become a companion of us toward Dr. appearance, but delayed approximately 15 minutes, in a last resort, we were with had we spent about an hour wait the overstretched, ren Tel guards, carrying with him the news that the security force went to Dr. appearance to body integrity inside the green zone and that they would return him to the Centre. The report lying news guards that Dr. appearance refuses an interview. "The world continues to" since last Tuesday, the day that Dr. recognized the same appearance, call his mobile but IVR that "phone to be disconnected from the service, please contact customer service center 170." With the "world" was able to speak by telephone, in previous experience, with the former Chairman of Iraq's independent High Electoral Commission, while he was being held in the headquarters of integrity. While "the world" team Thunder press, jaburi, stands with Economist, reserve "world" to the disclosure of her identity to her sensitivity, when outer barrier to top police station, however, their attempts to interview Dr. appearance did not succeed though they about two hours in the centre section. Al-Juburi said "the world", commenting on the conditions of detention of Dr. appearance we are the world "in the field of the economy, such as Dr. appearance in prison, along with the thieves, in time should be dealt with like him as the country's national wealth. "Dr. appearance is rare cadres in monetary policy in the Arabic States, and supervised many PhD and research masters, and has Admin date makes it far away from any charges of corruption, he could work in the world's largest universities the salaries of fictional". Not only the uncertainty of money issue Dr. appearance on hardness top police station walls, the walls of the Supreme Judicial Council, "high" was also immune; judge Abdul Sattar bayrakdar's refusal, the Council's spokesman, to give any information about the case. He said the "world" today, "the judge investigating the case, details of known unit, high judicial Council did not know any details about them, it is not a judicial body but also runs. When I asked him to contact Bayraktar judge, replied that he "could not be the subject of the safety of investigative procedures". "The world" is a concern for Health Dr. appearance, particularly as very close friend, said, today, "Dr. de Spa tired appearance-that of 64, as he suffers from a disorder of the blood pressure, in addition to diabetes, fainted while working back times". And on developments in the case between friend, who had custody of "world" on condition of anonymity, said "the judge refused counsel requested the release of Dr. appearance on bail". The "investigative body decided to extend the arrest of all detainees under the issue of Central Bank to 13 this month. The friend said that "while arrest warrants were issued appearance with Al-Shabibi was out of the country but returned to Baghdad immediately after hearing of the arrest, and his duties at the Central Bank normally, but after that the decision to withdraw his hand from his post as Deputy Governor of the Central Bank, before setting the current Governor one day." The friend said "Dr. appearance surrendered because of the escalating accusations against him and sensation". After 7 years of rivalry and the philosophical debate between Abdel Hussein Al-Anbuge, economic adviser to the Prime Minister, and the former Department of the Central Bank, first began their rivalry has moved to express sympathy with Dr appearance, when he said "the world" today, "Deputy Governor Sinan Al-Shabibi and appearance of Muhammad Salih, have no corruption and are respectable personalities". "I criticised monetary policy since 2005, and until today, but otherwise I shunt him to me one day, and when you're talking about the wrong monetary policy, not talking about bad people." Al-Maliki adviser suggested that former Central Bank officials "committed mismanagement and they erred when they followed tight monetary policy had no opportunities for investment, and led to corruption and monopoly detrimental to the principle of competition but who are not corrupt". "I feel ashamed to Dr. appearance because of the circumstances of her status, and you travel when the arrest warrant was issued to officials of the Central Bank, and I connect to it but I looked back to my feeling embarrassed him for being in the unenviable circumstance". In response to the question "the world" on the conditions of detention of Dr. Al-anbaki said appearance that "investigative Committee in Parliament turned the subject to fairness and impartiality in turn convert the entire file. And the accused as "(people who) inaccurate statements, on economic issues, especially the issue of smuggling hard currency". The "distinction must be made between 20 percent of money smuggling, and the remaining 80 percent are subject to flight and smuggling". Al-Anbuge admitted that "because of the escape was due to the fact that Iraq has not created a favourable environment for foreign exchange and investment injected into income cycle, if funds run out, this means that no monetary opportunities inside the country, fleeing abroad and this is natural and open." He noted that "it does not provide an environment conducive to investment should expect foreign currency to escape abroad to look for an opportunity to invest there, and escape means that private funds rather than injected into income cycle go to search for an outside Iraq because we did not provide an opportunity for investment". And on media reports about the arrival of a United Nations delegation to Baghdad to investigate the issue of Central Bank adviser said Al-Maliki "has nothing to do with the United Nations in this matter is the subject of judicial proceedings. Organizations and organizations of the United Nations could support the Iraqi Government in the areas of economic reform in a non-binding Advisory from the decision or intervention in judicial investigative issues as a Central Bank ".
  17. The Government's failure to finance parliamentary: submit the final accounts "major disaster"Soldier killed, news -09/12/2012-5: 49 pm | Hits: 12 She is a member of the parliamentary Finance Committee Deputy Risalat Najib, Central still the dominant character to balance the centralized 2013 budget in itself a flagrant violation of the Constitution, which required the adoption of decentralization with respect to the provinces and territories, describing the Government's failure to submit the final accounts as "major disaster",[/font] Najib said, that "almost 80% of the current budget subject to the will of the Central Government which does not give importance to the provinces cooperate and contract with companies to reduce problems and crises facing the people."[/font] And stresses that "the budget highlighted the disadvantages of not revenue transparency, where there are no loans and grants received from other countries in aid to Iraq has not been included in any budget item 2013" and she goes "audit revealed that Iraq as 1.3 trillion dinars in 2010, and which have not been recorded in the balance of that year and is registered on the Government."[/font] Najib described the failure of the Government to submit the final accounts as "major disaster" and stated that "Parliament would host Finance Minister Rafe Al-Issawi, head of the Office of financial supervision of Abdel Basset Turki on Tuesday to inform us of this narrative and a bug that the budget".[/font] "Government spending is not transparent and a lot of comments and indicators developed by the Council of Ministers needs to be a lot of questions" and noted that "there are items in the budget the Minister of finance allows reallocation of funds to those affected by the policy of the former regime, without specifying the amounts of these payments and the great irony that need accountability and find out these amounts."[/font] She is a member of the parliamentary Finance Committee listed to highlight the negatives involved balancing 2013, says "negative things in the budget is the lack of knowledge of customizations and border posts, many in the North and the South and Centre, as well as not knowing the Holy revenues that come from visiting delegations are also non-specific and other information we have."[/font] Najib indicated that "the major problems are is more sovereign expenditure allocations, including presidencies, the Council of Ministers and deputies as well as the defence and interior ministries, with the budget 2013 to 40 trillion dinars and 300 billion dinars, while the 2012, 30 trillion dinars in 2011, amounted to 22 trillion", stressing that "these amounts are deducted from the quotas of the provinces and territory".[/font] Najib suggested that "this budget in its general lack of transparency" and stresses that "the Government did not abide by the promises they had made financial payments to oil companies amounting to 4 trillion and 200 billion dinars, which will lead to lower oil revenues in the region".[/font]
  18. The corruption of the Central Bank: Al-Shabibi innocent but flops in hisUr news agency -09/12/2012-5: 49 pm | Hits: 48 Baghdad/Orr news As Chairman of the Economic Committee warned in the Iraqi Parliament and a member of the Commission of inquiry into allegations of widespread corruption in the Central Bank, Ahmed Al-alwani, United Nations intervention in the case of the Central Bank that would be open for international intervention, Member of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Parliament Dr. Haitham al-Jabburi, any possibility of such an intervention. He said the State of law coalition member and member of the parliamentary Finance Committee Haitham al-Jabouri said that United Nations intervention in the course of the investigation of the Central Bank are baseless and that the process is a purely Iraqi. " Al-Juburi said: "the delegation from the International Monetary Fund arrived in Iraq for information on course investigation and check on what is going on in the Iraqi Central Bank institution linked to international institutions," he said, adding that "this does not mean interference and intervention are not allowed". In the course of the investigation, al-Jabburi, said that "the investigation of the currency auction ended, and the Deputy Governor surrendered to authorities while still Governor Sinan alshbei position ambiguous, where he announced that he intended to return, but does not implement". "Alshbei and through statements that appeared in the media flops and doesn't know what he wants and that he did not know many things and facts for the Bank to reverse shown propaganda as an expert does not shove him dust." Al-jaburi stressed that "the Central Bank controlled now and the volume of remittances is very reasonable and we are watching what is happening properly." It was Al-alwani told reporters today that "the arrival of a delegation from the United Nations to investigate allegations of widespread corruption surrounding the work of the Central Bank of Iraq will be open for international intervention in the Affairs of Iraq in order to protect its assets, given that Iraq is still under item VII". Al-alwani said: "the Parliamentary Commission set up to investigate my suspicions of corruption at the Central Bank, discovered the existence of fake documents concerning the Bank's currency auction dealings", denying the former Bank Governor Sinan Al-Shabibi, Deputy appearance benefit involved in any corruption case. Al-alwani said that "the Committee responsible for the currency in the Central Bank auction could be held accountable for the mismanagement," adding that "it is unreasonable that many corrupt files on Iraq that way, especially now that suspicions of corruption hanging over Russian arms deal and the Central Bank, and other issues, Iraq's reputation tarnished in the international financial community."
  19. Here's the deal with these Arabic PDF' have to download and/or purchase a program from Adobe that converts these "photos" to a "live" document, then you can copy and paste into a translation program. I believe a free download trial from Adobe will allow you to do this (create a live doc from a PDF) one time.
  20. IHEC Publishes the List of Entities for the April 2013 Local Elections in Iraq Posted by Reidar Visser on Thursday, 29 November 2012 11:51 The official deadline for registering political parties for next year’s local elections in Iraq on 21 April 2013 expired last Sunday. The Iraqi elections commission continued to handle registrations on Monday and Tuesday but has now published a list that looks more definitive in that it does not any longer include the expression “registered until now”. This being Iraq, it is hard to be certain whether this really is the final list, but it is certainly the most comprehensive account available so far and a brief discussion of these 261 entities can be worthwhile. It should be said at the outset that the publication of this list, while significant, is not a definitive indication of how the political landscape for the next local elections in Iraq is shaping up. The crucial stage in that respect is the list of coalitions, which on previous occasions has been published as late as one month before the elections themselves. What voters will deal with on election day, after all, is electoral lists, which can be made up of one party or several registered entities joined together on a list. A registration as a separate entity at this stage may well be nothing more than an expression of the hubris of Iraqi politicians who feel the need to have a political party of their own; as in previous elections a key question is the extent to which such hubris can be transcended for the purpose of creating electable lists and viable coalitions when the elections get closer. With regard to the registered entities themselves, they fall in three main categories. Firstly, there are all the well-known Kurdish parties. There will not be local elections in the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) areas proper on 21 April 2013 although they should have been held long time ago. Smaller Kurdish parties claim the two biggest Kurdish parties are procrastinating. Nonetheless, all of these parties are interested in local elections in disputed areas outside the KRG, and as on previous occasions, it is likely they may coalesce into a single Kurdish coalition to maximize the vote. Kirkuk is outside the KRG but was excepted from the 2009 elections due to disagreement about the rules for ethnic representation and is so far not scheduled to hold elections in April 2013. Secondly, there are all the parties that in one way or another form part of or have recently split from the secular, often Sunni-backed Iraqiyya coalition. Most of the familiar sub-entities of Iraqiyya have been registered, and there are new sub-entities as well. Well-known entities include the Hadba party of the Nujayfi brothers in Mosul and blocs associated with personalities like Saleh al-Mutlak and Zafer al-Ani. Some of the latest major breakaway factions of Iraqiyya are also running, including Wataniyun, Free Iraqiyya and the blocs of Ali al-Sajri, Iskandar Witwit and Kamil al-Dulaymi and the governor of Salahaddin. Also small sub-entities of Iraqiyya that have materialized very recently, possibly for the purpose of these next local elections, are running. They include blocs headed by Ahmad al-Masari, Talal al-Zubayie, Mustafa al-Hiti, Abdallah Hasan Rashid, Ziyad Tareq Darab and Adnan al-Jannabi. The party of Ahmed Abu Risha, the sahwa leader of Anbar, is also running. To some extent this Sunni/secularist fragmentation is understandable in the local election context, although it should also be seen against the backdrop of growing internal dissension in Iraqiyya over the past year. In an interesting expression either of chaos in the Iraqiyya camp or conceptual confusion regarding the difference between an entity and a coalition, Hadba and Wifaq are registered as separate entities but so are also the larger coalitions of which they sometimes form part – Iraqiyun and Iraqiyya. In the case of Hadba/Iraqiyun, the Nujayfi brothers have registered for one entity each, whereas with Wifaq/Iraqiyya, Ayad Allawi has registered Iraqiyya and left Wifaq to a lower-ranking politician. A notable omission so far is the Iraqi Islamic Party, whose gradual disintegration will be complete if they fail to present lists for the 2013 elections. Thirdly, all the familiar Shiite Islamist parties have registered as separate entities. This also includes several subdivisions of the Daawa party of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, including Tanzim al-Iraq and Tanzim al-Dakhil. It is interesting that in addition to (erstwhile) Maliki ally Ali al-Dabbagh, Shirwan al-Waili is also running a separate entity. There are moreover two entities combining the names “knights” (fursan) and “the law” (qanun). Parties with names like these have previously been described as extreme Maliki supporters, and one of them is indeed headed by Abd al-Sattar Jabar who was also involved in the previous incarnation of the “Knights of the State of Law”. The Sadrists, whose participation was in doubt and/or fragmented in many governorates in 2009, are this time apparently running on a straightforward Ahrar list. The Shaykhis (Shiite sub-sect) of Basra once more mobilise under Amir al-Fayiz. Finally, in a parallel to the situation with respect to Iraqiyya, there is a State of Law registration in the name of Haydar al-Abbadi (presumably the coalition) in addition to the Daawa registration under Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. A key question is whether Maliki’s State of Law alliance will run its own ticket or whether it finds it necessary to create wider alliances in the many intra-Shiite contests in Baghdad and the southern governorates. The seat distribution list per governorate is also confirmed, with minor changes to the previous numbers from 2009. The next step now is candidate registration, with a 25 December 2012 deadline. Some kind of de-Baathification circus will most likely ensue, before the coalitions will likely form official lists early in 2013. One should remember that when all this is going on (and with UNAMI enthusiastically cheering as representative of the outside world), the Iraqi supreme court has reiterated its view that current electoral law is unconstitutional and void due to the seat distribution formula, and parliament has so far failed to pass the mandated changes. The court arrived at its interpretation after the ballots had been cast in the previous elections and the ruling didn’t affect the outcome of those elections retro-actively. This time, however, a warning has been issued. Absent the required legislative action by the Iraqi parliament to clean up the electoral law, the unclear situation could in theory be exploited by the powers that be if they are unhappy with the way winds are blowing in Iraqi politics come April 2013. Given the limited coverage of Iraq, I have decided to do my best to continue to produce analyses relating to the various stages of the local elections in Iraq in April 2013 as a public service despite the massive and illegal police operation that I have been subjected to since February 2011 and the apparent attempt by the Norwegian government to kill me. Coalition-forming, candidate lists, constitutional issues, de-Baathification, the results themselves, and the seating of the new provincial councils will be covered to the best of my ability as I also did in 2009. If you find these writings useful, please consider writing to the Norwegian minister of justice, who is constitutionally responsible for the operation that is targeting me and my work every day through harassment and torture, at Please tell her that enough is enough. Extra-judicial punishment by police is a human rights crime. Government-led persecution of sexual minorities is a crime against humanity. This has been going on for more than 600 days. It is time to bring the responsible officers of the organized crime section of the Oslo police before the court to hold them account for their crimes of torture as defined per article 117 of the Norwegian penal code. If you are part of the Middle East speaking circuit and run into any Norwegians, please remind them that it is high time Norwegian police authorities stop behaving like members of a third world country internationally. It is also possible to contact Norwegian diplomats in your country or Amnesty International. The full details of my case are available via this link: Thanks for your support.
  21. BTW, I don't work for this company. I just thought people might be interested in knowing this info and deciding for themselves if it's right for them.
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