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  1. Mutlaq: arrest warrants to be issued against Sadrist deputies after the completion of the Iraqi MPs on 23/12/2012 | Author AN | readings 753 | 11:39 BAGHDAD / Mustafa al-Araji MP for the Iraqi List, Ibrahim al-Mutlaq, "The application of these memos on Iraq will be applied to all political blocs in Iraq. Mutlaq said the newspaper "integrity electronic" he supposed the Cabinet to send a letter to the Minister of Finance which explain the reasons for detention, indicating that it is when it is not possible to Issawi objected to these procedures. He added that "the barbaric manner in which the arrest can not be tolerated, indicating that if it was now the right of the Iraqi List, the following shall be the Sadrist movement and other parties in the political process in the country. Mutlaq said that "existing objects to the mechanism that has been in detention for one sovereign ministries without arrest warrants as well as cracking caravans and other unethical business underlined that what is happening earlier serious in the country
  2. Nassif: There are no such thing as the Iraqi List [/url] | on 23.12.2012 | Author AN | readings 397 | 9:42 BAGHDAD / Farah Asim al-Tai Confirmed an MP for the Iraqi bloc free high Nassif that the Iraqi List, lost its first day of its establishment after the uniqueness of its senior leaders in التفاوضات for the benefit of themselves and left the draft list behind their backs. Nassif said the newspaper "integrity electronic" There is no such thing as the Iraqi List, because it wastes its national project for the benefit of the leaders of the list without considering the national project posed at the beginning of its formation. Nassif noted that Iraqi wastes in its national project, which it was possible to unite the Iraqi people and the Iraqi Arabic reflects the draft in the region and did not adhere to the rules of procedure, which put her. She Nassif has Frtoa rights did not respect the electoral program your Baerakip and is today a clear Voaad Allawi came down list individually in the elections and Saleh al-Mutlaq and Karbouli in one list, and so the case of Osama Najafi and Issawi also in the list and one is no longer there is nothing called the Iraqi List. http://www.alestiqam...t=siasy&id=5768
  3. OIC: second Conference scheduled for "activate a Mecca" but the Iraqi Government Morning newspaper -23/12/2012-11: 23 am | Hits: 10 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The representative of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) on Iraq, Ambassador Hamid al-tinay that scheduling a Conference "activate a Mecca" but the Iraqi Government, and expressed the wish that the second Conference will be able to put an end to the bloodshed. He said in a statement he made in the wake of "features & status of the Iraqi media network": the second Conference to activate document Mecca which was hoped for this year still stands, but that the timing of the Conference has become but the Iraqi Government. The organization expects that a new date for the Conference, and the Preparatory Committee for the Conference had both procedures and are ready for it, hoping that a new date for the holding of the Conference as soon as possible. the FAO programme looks to this Conference to the many entrances to Iraq and support national unity, pointing out that the organization attached great importance to these issues and not let any charm or attempts to drag Iraqis into the first box, referring to the sectarian war that erupted in 2006 after bombing Imams of the imams in Samarra, while the signing of the Mecca document in 2006 by a group of scientists Iraq from different communities, to spare the Muslims and stop sectarian war in Iraq, and end the violence against mosques and the role of science and worship. The representative expressed the wishes that the second Conference will be able to put an end to any bleeding, because the Iraqi blood is dear and good preservation of national issues. Mecca document prohibiting Iraqi blood and reject sectarianism and violence in all its forms and distribution of wealth among Iraqis to achieve social justice. **Are they talking about the meetings for the whole of the Arab nation here?
  4. US Embassy denies for «world» submit information llaisaoi on the involvement of members of the protection and near arrestedWorld newspaper -23/12/2012-11: 23 am | Hits: 23 The US Embassy in Baghdad in connection with the "world" today, providing a compact disc to the Minister of finance looked forward the accusations goes on a number of protection, and the intention of the Government, and urged the Iraqi leaders of all segments to adhere to legal obligations and respect the Constitution. Meanwhile, Deputy in the law States that the Coalition is vogue protect Iraq detainee was required to eliminate Tariq al-Hashimi's case, a runaway from a long time ago, adding that after his arrest he made confessions that implicated 7 other protect Iraq "terrorist" operations. He attributed the Attorney because of the arrest of all members of the protection present in the Office, they refused extradition, their definition, and that the security force had the names of "dynamic" known only to members of protection only, forced to accompanying them for half an hour to give them that you have learned. He called the Deputy Finance Minister's accountability for its vogue protection consists of 200 with that law does not allow him only 30. From blink, Deputy in the Iraqi list to Parliament on Sunday, intends to hold a hearing to discuss the issue of the protection of Al-Issawi. In a telephone conversation with "world" on Saturday, Frank, alienate, spokesman for the US Embassy in Baghdad, "his Embassy to provide a CD-ROM or information to the Financial Secretary on the issue of protection and detention charges against them". While urging the Iraqi leaders to "put all political segments to adhere to legal obligations and respect for the Constitution", said "any conduct which gives rise to racial or ethnic prejudice is high risk and undermines progress towards peace and stability, all the important work carried out by the United States and Iraq in this regard." According to sources of the "world" today, US Embassy, Baghdad, Rafe Al-Issawi, Minister of finance information via CD-ROM that charges for personnel protection and that there are arrest warrants issued against them. Meanwhile, the North, the Attorney in the State of law Coalition, speaking of "the world on Saturday, that" the Minister Al-Issawi protection Regiment recently detained is wanted for Justice in the case of Tariq al-Hashimi, is a fugitive from justice since a long time, "he said, adding" it is and it thought that it was forgotten, started to appear on their positions within the regiment to protect Iraq. " "Protection order after his arrest made important confessions about involvement of 7 others in protecting Iraq's Tariq al-Hashimi's case," he said, adding that "the security forces went to arrest was surprised that in the place they were about 60 people to familiarize them with the wanted persons". The North "to the names that were in the possession of the security force are aliases and not real, then had the force to arrest everyone and taking them to a nearby site where pictures of wanted men," he said, adding that "they took half an hour after it has been defined, and the others to where they are." The Attorney called in coalition countries, "Finance Minister accountable for possession of the regiment although protection law specifies individuals protection Minister b 30 items, but Al-Issawi had protection Regiment, consisting of 200 recognized is protected". He said that "the words of Iraq on security forces raided the Ministry of finance, this is incorrect, but they raided his Office in the green zone, where he manages the Ministry of Finance of the House", that "the sectarian detention because the judges who signed the arrest warrant are the year and that the accusations against detainees to protect Iraq's Fallujah victims include cities of Anbar." North noted that "Al-Issawi contact Maliki today (yesterday) and admonish Prime Minister was initially on the RAID on his home, and was refuted by Al-Maliki that they erred punished those troops RAID, but he said to him, you're more wrong mistake when I talked about the Iraqi State by irresponsible, aggravating the sectarian sedition," he said, adding that "Iraq's President apologized and assured Al-Maliki in the end of the call that has nothing to do with the detainees and the fate of Mukul to justice." Mohammed, said Khalidi, a member of the Iraqi list, that "Parliament would hold a session on Sunday to discuss the crisis of arrest to protect Iraq", adding that the arrest was arbitrary because several members of the protection on the relationship, the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers had been arrested too, because the relationship was present at a meeting in the Office of the Minister of finance ". And surprised al-Khalidi in an interview with "the world" today, that is the arrest of 150 people by force have warrants of arrest on 9 or 10. He said the arrest was "communal and electoral nature, led to fabricating the crisis added to the crisis in the country," he said, adding that "Iraqi list capable of doing a lot to respond to arrest warrants, evidence of banditry by their audience on Friday," he said, adding that "Iraqi list seeks to minimize the sensitivity of people due to target its characters and symbols for fear of sectarian fallout resulting from increasing congestion, the impact of a collective detention carried out by the Government force raided the Office of the Minister of finance". In conclusion, warned that "regional situations at the level of Syria and the Gulf Arabic States and Turkey and Iran all, avoid any internal crisis."
  5. Barzani: U.S. bears a moral responsibility about what is happening in Iraq Date: 12/22/2012 17:15:02 Saturday Erbil (news) .. The head of Kurdistan Regional Government Naچervan Barzani on Saturday that Turkey is "Gate hope only" for Kurdistan, and as pointed out that the relationship province economic Ankara is not a threat to the unity of Iraq. Barzani said in an interview with Time Magazine, in latest edition: that the situation in Turkey has changed from what it was five years ago, ... A gateway hope only to us and if closed will not give in to Baghdad. and on reports that indicated that the United States is pipeline to transport oil Kurdish to Turkey a threat to the unity of Iraq, stressed Barzani: This blink and talk funny, "explaining that" Turkish policy known Turkey strength and great power can stop us whenever you want. pointed to: that Turkey needs to something, and we need to things, and there is a common understanding between us, stressing that it has nothing to do with politics, because Multi economic, both Partyana need to economic prosperity. added: If possible development of our relations with Turkey Economic Cooperation, will spare no effort to do so. and on the problem of the PKK presence in the arena and the extent of its negative impact on the region and on Turkey, Barzani said: that Turkey must understand one thing, which is that the case a political issue not resolved by military means and must take political decisions on them. said: We discussed this issue with the Turkish side has repeatedly; and we will continue in our endeavors, and to exercise our role in finding a political solution to the issue of Kurdish in Turkey. On the other hand, carry the President of Kurdistan Regional Government, Naچervan Barzani, Saturday, United States responsibility for what is happening in Iraq, and while stressing that Washington handed "keys" of the country's "other non-Iraqis," said she did not cooperate in solving problems. Barzani said during the interview with Time Magazine, "The United States bears a moral responsibility towards what is happening in Iraq, "and wondered:" Why do they come to Iraq? Was it in order to hand over his keys to other people of non-Iraqis? " . said: "The Americans did not cooperate with us for the duration of their stay in Iraq in order to resolve the problems faced by them," adding that "Washington knew that these problems will be exacerbated after the withdrawal of its troops, and how Baghdad will deal with it?" , And added that "the imposition of any solution will succeed behind many problems," stressing "the need to compromise and joint agreements," announcing its readiness to agree "For we know that the problems does not resolve by saying the party is strong in the equation and is the weaker party." In response to a question on whether Currently it is the closest to declare Kurdistan independent Barzani said: "I think yes, فأمامنا a great opportunity," adding: "There are inter significant challenges ahead of us in how to form the Kurdistan independent, before everything we convince even one state of our neighboring countries, it is without This we can not do this step. " and continued, "in order to be our independent state should be our allies and support us is a regional power," adding, "At the international level must have the support superpower." However, Barzani said "we want at the present time is to be the owners of an independent economy in Iraq. Was the United States has completed the withdrawal of its troops from Iraq at the end of last year Bmop agreement strategic location between the Iraqi government. Relations between Arbil and Ankara witnessed a remarkable development In the past few years, but that irritated Baghdad asylum, especially after Vice President sentenced to death in absentia of eliminating Iraq, Tariq al-Hashimi to Turkey, which caused the strained relations between Arbil and Baghdad. / end / 24. t. St. /
  6. Suhad Al-Obeidi: Iraq has not decided to quit the Government or House News Agency of news -22/12/2012-6: 34 pm | Hits: 6 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Baghdad (newsletter) ... Leadership of the movement stressed the Deputy of solution/Iraqi/coalition Suhad Fadel Al-Obeidi, the lack of direction or decision of the list to its members to withdraw from the Federal Government and the House of representatives. In a statement, said Al-Obeidi (News News Agency): yesterday was a meeting of the Iraqi leadership, they list any decision on arrest protection financial Minister Rafe Al-Issawi, said the lack of direct connect to leaders not to attend the meetings of the House of representatives and the Iraqi Ministers withdrew from Cabinet meetings. Iraqi MP added: to withdraw from Parliament and the Government, the decision is invalid and is not feasible for the Iraqi people, because the Iraq earlier suspended its work in the Council and the Government and did not affect anything, just a citizen. The head/block the Iraqi representative Salman Al-jumaili, said the Deputy Iraqi Ministers authorized existing leaders to take the fateful decisions on the political process, were the Government's ultimatum to release protection of financial Minister Rafe Al-Issawi. Al jumaily said at a press conference held by Deputy Ministers: the Iraqi list held a meeting in the presence of leaders and taken a number of important decisions, stating: the Government's warning was demanding the release of detainees in Issue Finance Minister Rafe Al-Issawi./finished/7 n. p. Block citizen: Parliament had passed several laws and the Government has not implemented and we have ready to vote on a budget ' entrance or degree aspirations Soldier killed, news -22/12/2012-6: 22 pm | Hits: 4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The parliamentary bloc ' lack of willingness to vote on the budget does not meet the aspirations of the people and neglect the important segments of it. And Rep. representative citizen Mohammed block in a commendable for {Euphrates news} on Saturday that "there are a number of laws have been adopted by the House, but unfortunately the Government did not save the Princes, including crop prices increase wheat and barley and grant students and teachers and teachers equal the Shiite Waqf with representatives of Ministry of education and professional coverage provision". "We have asked repeatedly and the signatures of the 141 deputies to send a letter to the Government and held accountable for lack of funds in next year's budget to the approved laws". He noted that the representative does not have the ' block ready to vote on balancing the aspirations of the people and no entrance or degree these slides task into consideration ". The representative had submitted citizen block many bills are mostly in the interest of the citizen and passed most of them were approved, however, the obstacles have prevented their application on the ground, including the law on {Basra, Iraqeconomic} this law that satisfaction and desirability of the entire Iraqi being beneficial to the country and that all people benefit life and facilities for the benefit of all, and by it withdrawn on a critical stage by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and withdrew with him the hopes and aspirations of Citizen who puts his wemasihkkh in law. ***It seems votes are being held hostage in exchange for release of I/Essawi. I'm hoping the "apology" phone calls, supposedly exchanged between Maliki and I/Essawi, have actually taken place, or, IMO, we'll see no forward movement re the parliament session tomorrow.
  7. White calls the legislation a new law regulating civil banks to pursue its work National bloc invited white to enact a new law governing community banks to pursue its work. "White cluster Kazem Al-shammari said in a statement, the global financial integrity report last recall numbers that Iraq lost nearly six trillion dollars over 10 years. The report emphasized that illegal funds in Iraq from the shady dealings of politicians and senior officials in addition to the embezzlement of public money being pumped back processes of bleach through banked Iraq experiencing weakness and lack of laws regulating them. Number of reading:6 Saturday, December 22, 2012
  8. Khudair Al-Khafaji: Malki walaisaoi agree in principle to avoid crisis Date: 2012/12/22 20: 42: 33 Saturday Baghdad (newsletter) ...Leadership in future pool said khudair Al-Khafaji, Al-Maliki walaisaoi agreed in principle to avoid the current crisis. He said Al-Khafaji told Iraqi satellite channel audrth official: Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, and Finance Minister Rafe Al-Issawi, had agreed in a telephone conversation to avoid crisis. /Finished/r. u/ This is the third article I've seen like this today. I think the others were posted on radio nawa and/or alrafedain. No: Al-Maliki criticized Iraq because his latter confessional and apologize A leading statement on State of law Coalition, contact took place between the Finance Minister Rafe Al-Issawi and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, during which Al-Issawi apologized to Al-Maliki for his recent remarks. He said no and said that Finance Minister rafaa Al-Issawi called Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and the last confirmed llaisaoi the force protection has been arrested, but Al-Maliki assured llaisaoi that offended and attacks on the Government and spoke with sectarian talk is invalid. The Attorney said no that Iraq apologize during the call for Al-Maliki about his statements, unlike what one media an apology made by Al-Maliki llaisaoi. Number of reading:20 Saturday, December 22, 2012 ***He did, he didn't, but no....huh?
  9. Zebari and US Ambassador to discuss local and regional political situations -22/12/2012-5: 47 PM | Hits: 4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [-] Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari discussed with the Ambassador of the United States of America Robert Stephen bikroft local and regional political situations. According to a Foreign Ministry statement faxed to all Iraq [where] a copy of it today, "said the US Ambassador was received in his Office in Baghdad, the two sides discussed during the meeting in the presence of an agent for relations and bilateral and multilateral affairs consultations and deliberations in the Security Council on the termination of the mandate of the Special Coordinator for missing Kuwaiti property to remove Iraq from Chapter VII in this file." over
  10. Al-Shabibi: Central Bank cannot stop foreign remittances to banks Alsumaria news -22/12/2012-6: 06 pm | Hits: 6 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alsumaria news/Baghdad The Central Bank Governor said his arrest warrant for Sinan Al-Shabibi, Saturday, it can't stop transfers of remittances to banks, stressing that these remittances are by money laundering. Al-Shabibi said in an interview for "alsumaria news" that "the Central Bank cannot stop foreign remittance operations that its banks at their request, as this will affect the exchange rate in Iraqi markets", stating that "not to sell foreign currency to make them citizens are turning to the market to buy them, creating a new exchange rate away from the policy of the Central Bank." Al-Shabibi said that "Central Bank checks in money transfers and continuously," he said, adding that "Gets the martyrdom of banks that the money had not been subjected to washing, and then converted to money laundering at the Bank Office to check." Al-Shabibi said that "the Bank's daily auction are known", pointing out that "transfers under auction whether transfers of Government funds or banks be audited and without any problem." The Supreme Judicial Council was stressed, in (October 19), the issuance of an arrest warrant against the Governor of the Central Bank and a number of officials in corruption. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, (5 November 2012), the big warheads will fall in the Central Bank issue, pointing out that he is not acting Iraqi funds, and no information on their size or places of deposit. The accusations escalated pace on the currency smuggling overshadowed the dollar selling prices on local markets and increased the price paid by month, while deputies demanded that the Government stops sale of currency in the Central Bank auction, others stressed that Iraq will lose big money by smuggling a day out, despite the acclaim of many economic specialists on the positives in reducing inflation rates and control the value of the Iraqi dinar.
  11. Deputies questioned tomorrow Minister of youth and sports and vote on a number of draft laws Date: 2012/12/22 19: 03: 57 Saturday Baghdad (newsletter) ...Examine the House of the second meeting of the current legislative dismissal on Sunday, Minister of youth and sports Jassim Mohammed Jaffer, as well as its vote on a number of draft laws. According to a statement by the Council received information service (News Agency news) on Saturday: that the House will host in its youth and Sports Minister Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, and vote on bills first amendment law of roads No. 35 of 2002 and first amendment law, proponents of the Ministry of industry and minerals Act No. 38 of 2011, and the law on the prevention of hate violence import games. It added: the meeting also include the vote on Iraq's Bills to the Statute of the Islamic States Institute for standardization and Metrology "thick", and ratification of the Convention amend the Arabic company for building and repairing ships, ratified by Act No. 58 of 1970. The statement said: the Board would vote on Iraq's accession to the Protocol against the illicit manufacturing of and trafficking in firearms, their parts and components and ammunition and supplementing the United Nations Convention against transnational organized crime and the accession of Iraq to the Convention on the establishment of the International Islamic trade financing and organizing agricultural leases and ownership of the right to dispose of agricultural graduates and veterinarians. And: that the second reading of the draft Act of the National Council of water and discuss the questionnaire for the members of Parliament on the development of the great code of conduct in Iraq, as well as to continue to discuss the draft law on the federal budget for the financial year 2013./finished/r. u
  12. Nujaifi heads for Arbil unexpectedly 12/21/2012 6:19 PM BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Parliament Speaker Usama Nujaifi will leave for Arbil in undeclared visit. Aswat al-Iraq correspondent reported that Nujaifi was seen at Baghdad International Airport where he mounted a plane heading for Arbil, accompanied by minister of agriculture Izzidin al-Doula, who is a member of Iraqiya bloc, headed by Iyad Alawi. No reason was given for the sudden visit, at a time of a new crisis might erupt following the arrest of finance minister Rafi' al-Issawi's bodyguards. Interior ministry announced today the implementation of judicial warrant to arrest 10 persons of finance minister's bodyguards, with prior knowledge of minister Rafi' al-Issawi. Minister Issawi charged "militias" of kidnapping his bodyguards, calling Premier Nouri al-Maliki to protect them. In a statement by the Interior Ministry, it added that only the wanted persons were arrested according to military discipline. The arrest was made upon terrorism charges, while pro-Issawi elements called for peaceful demonstrations in Anbar province in his support. Iraqiya bloc will hold an emergency session to discuss the current situation and its implications. Earlier, Minister Issawi called, few months ago, Maliki to resign and the parliament should activate withdrawing confidence from Maliki's government. Najafi up Arbil to meet with Barzani and crisis-Issawi forefront of their talks . Friday, January 21 1 / December 2012 22:48 . Twilight News / arrived House Speaker Osama Nujaifi to Arbil on Friday evening to meet with the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani to discuss the issue of the arrest of protection and Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi. A source in the Iraqi List for "Twilight News", Najafi will discuss with regional president Massoud Barzani, the latest developments and especially the arrest of protection and Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi and reached the assembled leaders of the list today. The Interior Ministry said in an earlier statement that the arrest of guards Issawi has according to court filings included 10 guards and flag-Issawi. The Iraqi List, held a meeting after the recent developments, where they decided to authorize Iraqi leaders to take important decisions. amhvl said: The above article from Gamaray Issawi Najafi looking with Barzani's political crisis and the issue of the arrest of protection Issawi History of edits :: 1356165098 • 70 times readable •Published in the section: Iraq News 22/12/2012 {Baghdad: Euphrates News} Search House Speaker Osama Nujaifi with the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, the developments of the political crisis in the country and the arrest of individuals to protect and Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi. Still Iraq's political process in a bottleneck despite all the efforts to resolve by many national parties in the country because of differing views between the political parties and ceilings demands does not intend parties waived. said the Iraqi List MP appearance Janabi told {Euphrates News} that "Nujaifi discussed during his meeting with Barzani in Arbil on Saturday the current events in the political arena and ways to resolve the crisis between the center and the province and address the issue of arrest protection and Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi." and noted that "the meeting included initiatives to resolve the crisis between the center and the region and put an end to the political crisis ravaging the country in the fastest time through Rcn all parties to the negotiating table. " and worsen the political crisis in light of the issues that arise from time to time and other it is a crisis center and the province and the issuance of an arrest warrant against the vice president sentenced to death Tareq al-Hashemi to arrest members of the Protection and Finance Minister belonging to the Iraqi List, Rafie al-Issawi, these crises deprived the political arena of calm, which led to popular discontent and senior politician according to analysts. ended http://www1.alforatt...p?storyid=83763 Iraq and Barzani discuss political developments Date: 2012/12/22 19: 58: 07 Saturday Erbil (newsletter) ...Kurdistan Regional President Massoud Barzani, on Saturday, with the House of Osama laeis Iraqi political developments, including the arrest of several members of the protection of the Minister of finance. According to a statement by the Presidency of the territory received (News Agency news) on Saturday, the two sides discussed the latest political developments and the financial Ministry raided the Office and home of Finance Minister and arrested the Minister and protection which is the leader in the Iraqi coalition and President of the future national pool block, as well as the results and decisions of the last meeting of coalition leaders. The two sides, it said: their risk of this file, and stressed that Iraq aithml other crises, such as those practicing with Kurdistan region, it was necessary for the Federal Government taking into account the critical situation affecting the country, and taking into account the health situation for the President and respect for his efforts to find radical solutions to the outstanding problems and issues. It added: the Iraqi Parliament, said that Iraqi Ministers authorized Iraqi coalition led to the fateful decisions on the political process, and that his visit to Arbil came to consult with President Barzani about the steps involved in getting the political process. For his part, Barzani said: that this file will be discussed with political parties, the Kurdistan region./finished/24. o. p/
  13. Iraqi Government warning directed to release the protection of Finance Minister and led to the fateful decisions The Iraqi Parliamentary Bloc said Salman Al-jumaili, Deputy Iraqi Ministers authorized existing leaders to take the fateful decisions on the political process, were the Government's ultimatum to release protection of financial Minister Rafe Al-Issawi. Al jumaily said at a press conference held by Deputy Ministers list, Friday, at the home of Finance Minister Rafe Al-Issawi that the Iraqi list, held a meeting Friday afternoon to attend the leaders and had taken a number of important decisions, noting that the existing leadership is authorized to take the fateful decisions in relation to the political process as a whole. Al jumaily said the Government sent a warning to demand release of the detainees in question Finance Minister Rafe Al-Issawi, adding that those alleged confessions obtained by force as our return when Government intervenes to end and politicization him, demanding the Government to "apologize for what happened on Thursday. Number of reading:1 Saturday, December 22, 2012
  14. Al-Maliki accused some politicians of fabricating crises and warns against playing communal? He accused Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, Friday, some politicians of fabricating crises at any judicial action or non-judicial, as he attempts to play gut sectarian political or personal goals, he pointed out that the designation of State institutions on behalf of militias is not worthy of occupying a "great site" in the State. Al-Maliki said in a statement issued by his Office, said that "some politicians used to fabricate political crises at any judicial action or non-judicial", stating that "on the basis of judicial orders issued by the Iraqi judiciary the duty police force arrested 10 people from the protection of the Minister of finance after checking their identities and are now in custody. Al-Maliki warned of attempts by some to play hateful sectarian gut to achieve political goals or personal use of these abhorrent tone whenever action is taken or there is not like them, "he said, adding that" the Iraqi people tasted the bitterness of this intriguing and pay for it dearly and cannot return to it ". It was Al-Maliki astonished "to link the issue of detainees, political differences and try to drag the whole country towards sectarian strife, saying that" a State institutions and security forces, the police and the army who have given their lives so that all Iraqis for security and stability on behalf of militias is not worthy of a great nation ". Al-Maliki said that "Iraq is a country and no to tyranny by the roadside or other community or national", calling on all to "cease all call or voice leads to compromising the unity of this great country, which is the Secretariat of the generations before us all." Al-Maliki also called on everyone to "lured into some political or electoral gains and mobilizing people to date does not forgive her mistakes", stressing that "the implementation of warrants against the accused does not mean targeted certain range cannot be based on that of the position against one party or the other." Number of reading:53 Friday, December 21, 2012
  15. Iraqi Government warning directed to release the protection of Finance Minister and led to the fateful decisionsDate: 2012/12/21 19: 28: 39 Friday Baghdad (newsletter) ...Iraqi President/block/Salman Al-jumaili, parliamentary deputies and leaders of the Iraqi Ministers authorized the fateful decisions on the political process, were the Government's ultimatum to release protection of financial Minister Rafe Al-Issawi. Al jumaily said at a press conference held by the Deputy Ministers, on Friday, the House of Finance Minister Rafe Al-Issawi: the Iraqi list was held this afternoon, meeting with its leaders and has taken a number of important decisions, stating: it is the administering authority leadership to take the fateful decisions in relation to the political process as a whole. Al jumaily said: the warning sent to the Government asking it to release the detainees in question Finance Minister Rafe Al-Issawi, adding: that those alleged confessions obtained by force as our return when Government intervenes to end and politicization him, demanding the Government to "apologize for what happened yesterday." /Finished/33. t. u
  16. Praise God! Wonderful, wonderful news, Francie. Thank you for letting all of us know. Merry Christmas!!!
  17. Lol, Easy....I hope sooner than it has taken to RV. Thanks, Butifl....can they not NOW finally make something stick and get him the h*ll out!? With the report of O's phone call to Essawi, I'm wondering if finally the US will take a substantive position?
  18. Nujafi’s Secessionist Comments Surprises Iraq Iraqi Parliament Speaker Usama al-Nujafi shocked the Iraqi political establishment when he declared that Sunni Arabs may consider seceding from Iraq if they are not given more power. The comments, made during an interview with US-government backed Al-Hurra television while Nujafi was touring the US, led to speculation that America could support the idea. There have been calls in the past for Sunni-dominated Hawija in Kirkuk to break away and create their own province because of the Kurdish authorities’ dominance there, but Nujafi’s talk of a full secession of minority Sunni Arabs was something totally new, said Iraq expert Reidar Visser. Most Sunni Arab and Shia politicians reject the idea of seceding from Iraq, but many Kurds have considered it. Most notably, senior PUK official Kosrat Rasul and Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani have both stated that the Kurds have the right to a Kurdish state. The Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI) and other Shia-dominated parties floated the idea of creating a Shia region in southern Iraq in the past, but the idea lost traction and public support over the years. Now in control of most of Iraq’s political institutions, the Shias don’t need a separate region as the Kurds have to protect them from a strong central government. Some Sunni Arabs have asked for more local power in Anbar and Salahaddin provinces but reject a Sunni region, fearing they would be locked in — without oil — between two powerful Shia and Kurdish regions. The creation of a homogeneous Sunni region is also difficult given that many regions include Sunnis, Kurds and Shia. In diverse regions like Kirkuk and Mosul, where Arab nationalism is stronger, most Arabs reject secession since it could lead to conflict. A high-profile Sunni politician from Kirkuk told me that the creation of a Sunni region was an old project of Sunni Arab states like Qatar, the Saudis and Jordan to “liberate Iraq from Iran and the US.” “It seems to me that Nujafi’s statement is more the expression of frustration than a real plan to create a separate Sunni region” Most Sunni Arabs in Iraq fear Iran’s influence. But the politician claimed that Sunni Arabs completely reject secessionism because it would eventually lead to the partition of Iraq. A UNAMI report claimed that the Arab district of Hawija in Kirkuk was opposed to creating its own province. In 2006 then-US Senator Joseph Biden, currently the Vice-President, proposed the idea of partitioning Iraq, but only Kurdish nationalist parties supported this scheme. The US government didn’t support the idea either, fearing it could give Iran even more power over the Shia region. The fall of the Sunni-led Baath regime in 2003 politically weakened Sunni Arabs. But it is wrong to assume that the Baath was a Sunni-only party. It was created by a rich Shia merchant and later most Iraqi citizens – of all ethnic and sectarian backgrounds — were forced to become Baath members. Shia and Kurdish groups primarily opposed Saddam Hussein, however, and many Sunnis remained relatively quiet. The Shia and Kurds had political parties with experience and money prior to 2003. The Sunni Arabs were surprised. They became strong supporters of the insurgency and boycotted the first parliamentary elections, but this only hurt their own interests. The divisions among Iraqiya, which includes prominent Sunni leaders, and Sunni groups, along with Nujafi’s statement, show the weakness of the Sunni political parties. Meanwhile, Shia parties are backed by Iran and the Kurds have a united project to annex the so-called disputed territories to the Kurdistan region through Article 140 of the Iraqi constitution. It seems to me that Nujafi’s statement is more the expression of frustration than a real plan to create a separate Sunni region. It was Nujafi and his nationalist Al-Hadba party from Mosul who rejected federalism or autonomy inside Iraq most fiercely. His opposition policy was strongly supported by Turkey financially and politically. Nujafi’s own allies in Mosul, most Sunni circles and the majority of the Iraqiya bloc rejected his “separatist” statement. The Iraqi National Accord (INA), the party of former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, rejected it and Iraqiya MP Omar al-Jubouri asked for an explanation because he couldn’t believe that Nujafi had actually made the statement. Nujafi’s deputy immediately resigned in protest. Members of Nuri al-Maliki’s State of Law alliance and the Iraqi Islamic Party (which in the past some Sunnis accused of pushing for decentralization, says Visser) are trying to use Nujafi’s words against the Iraqiya bloc. More than 50 Iraqi MPs have requested that Parliament hold Nujafi accountable, a member of the State of Law alliance has said. It is clear that Sunni Arabs are unhappy with their ineffective political power in Iraq and their lack of unity. They are also upset that the Iraqiya coalition couldn’t form a government, despite winning the majority of votes in last year’s elections. But I doubt this means they want to secede from Iraq or form an independent region, since it would leave them helpless and without any resources. The Sunnis might want to have more local power for Sunni-dominated provinces, but not secession is highly unlikely.(rudaw) ***Yes, I know this article is "old"..just listing as a reference. Usama al-Nujayfi From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, search This article may be in need of reorganization to comply with Wikipedia's layout guidelines. Please help by editing the article to make improvements to the overall structure. (November 2010) Usama al-NujayfiUsama al-Nujayfi during a meeting at the U.S. Department of State in 2011Speaker of the Council of RepresentativesIncumbentAssumed office 11 November 2010PresidentJalal TalebaniPreceded byAyad al-SamarraiPersonal detailsBorn1956 Mosul, IraqPolitical partyIraqi National ListReligionSunni IslamUsama Abdu'l Aziz al-Nujayfi (born c. 1956) is an Iraqi politician from the Iraqi National List who was Minister of Industry in the Iraqi Transitional Government. He has been Speaker of Council of Representatives of Iraq since 2010. According to political ballot in 2010 his name was listed as "Usama Abdulaziz Mohammad Abdulaziz." Born in Mosul in 1956 to a wealthy family of landowners and politicians, he has a degree in electrical engineering and was involved in building power plants in Iraq. [1] Nujayfi obtained his degree in electrical engineering from the University of Mosul in 1978, after which he worked in the Iraqi government's electricity ministry for 12 years. In 1992, he established his own company. [2] As Minister of Industry he privatised most of the state-owned companies which included firms working in sectors from petrochemical and cement to sugar, silk and heavy industry. He campaigned against the ratification of the Constitution of Iraq.[3] After the Iraqi legislative election of December 2005, he was nominated by the Iraqi National List to be a member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives and subsequently headed a parliamentary committee.[4] In September 2006 he sparked a walkout by Kurdish MPs when he said the villages around Mosul were of Arab origin.[5] His bodyguard was also assassinated in that month.[6] He claimed in October 2008 that the 2008 attacks on Christians in Mosul were carried out by Kurdish peshmerga and intelligence operatives.[7] On 11 November 2010, he was elected as Speaker of Council of Representatives of Iraq. He is the brother of the current governor of Ninawa Governorate, Atheel al-Nujaifi. http://en.wikipedia....sama_al-Nujayfi
  19. Demonstrators threaten to bloc high till releasing Esawi's guards Friday, 21 December 2012 18:20 | | | Anbar (AIN) –Dozens of demonstrators demonstrated in Anbar province protesting arresting the guards of the Finance Minister, Rafi al-Esawi. The reporter of All Iraq News Agency (AIN) stated "Dozens of the citizens demonstrated, after conducting Friday's prayer, in Ramadi city where they threatened to block the high way till releasing Esawi's guards." /End/
  20. Breaking News … Maliki orders to arrest security force responsible for arresting Esawi's guards Friday, 21 December 2012 18:25 | | | [/url] Baghdad (AIN) –The General Commander of the Armed Forces, Nouri al-Maliki, ordered to arrest the security force that conducted the arrest against the guards of the Finance Minister, Rafi al-Esawi. The spokesperson of Maliki's office Colonel, Dhia al-Wakil, stated to AIN "Some of the elements of the security force that arrested Esawi's guards did not behave in proficiency and they do not represent the values and moral of the security and military foundations," noting that "Maliki ordered to arrest those elements and transfer them to the judicial sides." /End/
  21. Breaking News … Janabi: Maliki orders checkpoints not to allow IS MPs to enter Baghdad Friday, 21 December 2012 18:45 [/url] Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Mudhhir al-Janabi, of the Iraqiya Slate revealed that the Premier, Nouri al-Maliki, ordered the checkpoints not to allow the MPs of the Iraqiya Slate to enter Baghdad without a permission form his office. /End/
  22. Mutleg calls IS to suspend from current government Friday, 21 December 2012 19:50[/url] Baghdad (AIN) –The Deputy Premier, Salih al-Mutleg, called the Iraqiya Slate to suspend from the current government and the parliament without supervising the investigation with the guards of the Finance Minister and the leader within the IS, Rafi al-Esawi.In a press conference held on Friday, he said "We call to have a supervision on the investigation process with the Esawi's guards by the IS and the other political blocs otherwise, I call the IS to suspend from the parliament and the government and get back to its masses." "We call the political blocs to stop any sectarian project that aims to target any side for personal interests," he added. He condemned arresting Esawi's guards, calling to release them. /End/
  23. BREAKING NEWS Nijaifi arrives in Erbil to meet with Barazani 21:17:00 Baghdad (NINA) – Speaker of Parliament, Usama al-Nijaifi, arrived on Friday evening, Dec. 21, in Erbil to meet with the President of Kurdistan Region, Massoud Barazani. Parliament's Secretary, Mohammed al-Khalidi, told NINA that the visit comes in light of recent developments related to the arrests of the bodyguards of the Finance Minister, Rafi al-Essawi, to acquaint the Kurds of the case, being partners in the political process. He added that the meeting will take place later in the evening, and Nijaifi is to return to Baghdad on Saturday. / End.
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