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  1. I beg to differ. We're just getting started.
  2. I feel so sorry for those of you still stuck in the left/right pararhyme. You are fed LIES! This is such a lie it's laughable. It was just confirmed that he is going to Tampa. WTF!? Stay off the liberal media web sites and tv especially. It is littered with ridiculous lies. God help you. The Republican National Convention is quickly approaching (August 26th). For over the past year, avid Ron Paul supporters have won delegate spots in various state conventions across the country. Through this hard-work, Ro
  3. Mitt-Flop is a wanker and despite what everyone thinks, he is still not the nominee. Ron Paul is in the game!!
  4. If you believe one word out of this guy's mouth, you just might be a zombie. This is the second head of a two headed snake! As long as they're fully funded by Goldman Sachs, our European masters are in control. We are slaves to the central banks. You obviously have no clue as to what we're dealing with here. Do yourself a favor and research on your own. Consider it your civic duty. R O N P A U L 2 0 1 2
  5. Some full documentaries you can watch on youtube that explain the Fed and what it is the criminal cartels running the world do. Did you know the book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was about the Federal Reserve? Zeitgeist - Arguably one of the most enlightening of films - The Secret of Oz - Another great film about the secrets of the Federal Reserve - History of the Federal Reserve - Oldie but goodie - End Game - What we're dealing with today - Thrive - Explains suppressed free energy technologies and the
  6. YES! We are slaves to the central banks! Research and enlighten yourself. CNBC just admitted the other day that we are all slaves to the central bankers on LIVE TV. Don't fool yourselves, the revolution is coming.
  7. Ron Paul was silenced by the mainstream media because of the Federal Reserve. Wake the f up! This investment here is a fiat play. I would take a loss if it meant an end the Federal Reserve and Rothschild run central banks around the world! No more war! No more poverty! No more left/right bullchit! United we would be! KNOW THAT!
  8. Occupy Bilderberg is gong on RIGHT NOW too. If you don't know what the Bilderberg Group is.. research it. They are elites who meet yearly in secret all over the world to control the world. The live streams should be up tomorrow when the fun starts.
  9. All of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good lord. You just haven't seen them start enforcing their new foundation of tyranny. Some states are in fact blocking things like the NDAA, but those states are far and few. Way too many are still sleeping.
  10. It's pretty dishearting to see how many are still sleeping here. Especially when directly involved in a bankster driven war/currency scheme. Do you naysayers have any clue as to what you are even invested in? No wonder Okie still gets play on these boards. Seriously, wake up. There is a worldwide revolution going on right under your nose. You just need to follow alternative media to see it. The US media is as corrupt and owned as Washington. Lay off the kool-aid. Our Country has been hijacked. Some of our own military are aware of this, hence the record military numbers in support
  11. For any mindless zombies left who aren't on the Ron Paul train and still thinking about voting for Zombie 1 or Zombie 2, watch and learn.
  12. I'verworked in graphics for over 16 years and I agree. It is what I first thought when I took apart the document myself. Mind you I am very anti-Obama so I'd love for it to be true. Most OCR scanning software would do what Alex Jones and other truthers have claimed for it to be a fake. It's not the best argument.
  13. We'll get him in there don't you worry. All the treason currently going on in Washington is rearing its head. They can't hide anymore.
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