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  1. Newbie, while I was never influenced by possum, not for a second lol, i was by okie. Well, i think it was him.. But i had just become invested and didnt know what was what other than what got me involved with the dinar. I used deductive reasoning to determine after about a week or so of getting my feet wet in this investment that based on the rv not happening and the reasons given by gurus that they were full.of it. Besides, none of them were even close to what got me involved. Who has been along with why it hasnt happened yet are pretty interesting too lol. Ill save that for post rv or whatever happens.. Then i found dinarvets.. and did my research. If you are new to this whole thing then youve got a LOT of reading to do. And a lot of thinking. Patience is required. If thats something you cant handle then you might want to reevaluate your involvement with this investment. That said, turn that frown upside down :) and read the news section!

    good post bluegrass. something we should remember is that we were all newbies once. when i bought into this, the guy that told me about it was a follower of frank26 and he was telling me that it was going down any day at any minute. i did some quick research and went to the bank that day and wired my payment to ali at dinar trade. that was over two years ago. i found dinar vets in april of 2010 and started reading up on dinar info, and i even ran upon possums posts. still being a newbie, i thought he might be on to something big. first he talks about how he has info and intel and that the rv is here and then dv members line up to tell him how great he is and that he is the 'man'. i didnt buy more dinar based on his posts but i was wondering what all the hype was. i was a newbie. every website has a "possum". there is okie, johnnie, poppy, bluwolf, terryk and many others that prey on the lack of knowledge that newbies have regarding this investment. they are scammers of the worst kind. thank god we have dinarvets and all the good people here.

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  2. Damn...good memory...think its safe to say you spend a minute or two on here a day...haha. I appreciate the compliment. I hope in everyone's eyes if this doesn't come through I can still be called a straight up guy...matter of fact, I'm tryin to clear my first 100 step down so I'm hopin I stay straight up tomorrow at least. Let's hope this is true for everyone's sake...rumors like this tend to create a stir where people spend money not needed. Just a side not. I have my first child...little Holli due in the next 2-3 weeks (really damn excited and proud). I have a beautful fiance at home and live to the best of my ability. My hoobies are supported by my friends cause my budget doesn't allow it and I was fortunate enough to have family who wants to see me succeed. Not everyone one of you have that same advantage and those of you who struggled hard and bled just to provide this opportunity to your families, my hat's off to you. Please don't take what I say and get excited only to make an irrational choice to purchase and sum of dinar. Let this ride, take what you make and roll the hell out of it for the rest of your'll really understand true wealth if you do it that way...God Bless and I gotta get off of here, I'll be back in a few hours, fork seals don't replace themselves and I gotta race to win tomorrow.

    100 footer huh? I take it you are a MX guy. Me too, but i am almost 40 and my faster days are behind me. I would be hitting the local track tomorrow but i have to work instead. When this rv happens, all the moto guys should get together. And congrats on the new addition to the family.

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  3. Actually this a FAR BETTER post than the one from Okie last August when he told everybody it had RV'd and advised everybody go out an QUIT THEIR JOBS!

    (H-m-m-m. I wonder why he is HATED so??)

    Pore ol' possum just said to "PARTY-ON-DUDE." He at least didn't say, "EVERYBODY GO OUT AND QUIT YOUR JOBS!"

    Yeah, you are right. possum never said IN THIS POST to quit your jobs, but he has said it before. Actually he told us to "relieve ourselves on our bosses desk" and that is me putting it nicely.

    Possums posts are just as equally worthless as Okies.And Possum has told us many times that it has already rv'ed.

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  4. I am starting to look at these gurus/pumpers as the same scammers that email you from Nigeria and tell you that they won the lottery. Or the same as Bernie Madoff. In my mind, there is no difference between Okie and the other two.

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  5. Me three.

    Me four. Some people are oblivious to anything other than making a boatload of money on the dinar. If they are presented with articles, facts or rumors stating otherwise they get pissy. I think the chance of us getting super rich are much smaller than the chance of losing all of our money, but hey, I am a gambler. And to zantac, please hang out for a bit longer. Just because a few newbies ruffled your feathers, there are a lot more of us that like what you have to say.

  6. Why click on Possum's words of wisdom? Simple, cuzz he is as right as anyone else! Besides, he has Special Intel from Voices and Joe Biden and Momma is a faithful believer too. Why can't we all just get along?

    Yes you are correct possum in that you are as right as anyone else. Those people you call anybody else includes okie terryk blaino bluwolf Tony steve1 and the rest of the gurus that we all bash when their posts are brought over here from other sights so if you are going to be posting rumors whether they are serious or not you should be prepared for a response from your non believers and all of the people who reply negatively to your bs are alot more civil to you than they are to the other gurus. And to answer your Rodney king referenced question: yes we all can get along. We can get along better without you posting junk on a daily basis.

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    So you are telling all of the readers of the rumor forum that EVERYTHING here is not true. Even when Adam Montana posts something in rumors?

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  8. I obviously DO have a sense of humour. Otherwise I would not laugh at possum AND all the others who post similar stuff. Including stuff posted from other sights. But then this is the rumour section and thus EVERYTHING posted on it should always be taken with a large dose of salt also if you do n't like what possum has said or any of the other stuff posted why read it and post ? If he annoys you that much ....DON'T read it. Move on.

    I think differently. Possum does not amuse me but he does not annoy me. I am just stating my opinion just as I would do to any of the other so called gurus (Okie, Tony, Blaino etc...). I have my big boy pants on and know this is the rumor section. You started a half assed attack on Zantac telling him to chill and get a sense of humor, so I am just interjecting with my 2 cents. You say you laugh at possum and others who post similar stuff. Well then do you laugh at Okie when he posts that its done and we cash out on Monday? Probably not. And there are alot of people who buy dinars based on Okies so called intel. While possum does not annoy me, I have a right to state my opinion whether you like it or not, just as you can state yours.

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  9. Zantac. Go take somore zantac. Going to give yourself an ulcer. In fact here is a better idea. Chill. Go find a sense of humour !!!!!

    Zantac was just posting his opinion. Now here is mine, you should go find a sense of humor. To have a guy come on the dinar boards about every week and tell all of us time and time again that it has rv'ed is just not funny. Just look at all of the negatives possum gets. Do you think that is from people who find him funny? And he has been kicked off other forums for doing some pretty stupid stuff i.e., bad mouthing Adam and other junk.

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  10. Voices just confirmed we are talkin $3.50 plus, dance momma, dance shake it babe!!!

    Get a grip unbelievers cuss even you are rich!!! Possum hereby declares it's Urinate on Your Bosse's Desk" tomorrow. And the Possum decrees that tomorrow will become a national holiday of financial freedom!!! Shake it momma ole yhea... Doggy Style!!!!

    So you are saying it will tv at 3.50$ plus tomorrow? Give us a break Possum. You have been playing the same old joke for a year and a half now and it's getting really old. Time to come up with something new. The sheep will follow you and drink your kool aid and say your awesome but you are really not.

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  11. call around to see if any of your local banks have it. i bought mine at my local wells fargo here in so cal. i had to order it and it was about 60.00 for one million. check which banks deal with foreign currency. GO DONG RV 2011!!

  12. what is so funny about his posts? please tell me. i do have a sense of humor, but i just dont find anything about possum funny. well, maybe some of his drunk and naked antics are slightly amusing but why arent that junk in the off topic forum.

    i dont think its funny when somebody tells you that your investment has paid off and i am finally going to be able to retire soon, when in fact its a big joke to him (possum). how about a good friend from high school who got his arm blown off by an ied (roadside bomb) in iraq six years ago who is also invested in dinar. hey possum, call him up and tell him it has rv'd. then call him back a few days later and tell him that you were joking. get a life possum

    I agree 100%. Sorry about your friend. Some people need to think about the sacrifices our brothers and sisters had to make to even give us the privilege to be able to invest in this.

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  13. Thanks for posting up

    Possums track record PVS. WOW! And that was just from this year alone. Let's hope that the possum doesn't continue to post untruths and b.s. For the remainder of 2011. I like possums optimistic and positive outlook on this whole thing but don't appreciate the lies. One less 'guru' around here is a good thing.

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  14. Well, according to Possum it is going to rv on 2-21-2011. And also according to Possum, it January it rv'ed. And it rv'ed in December and it the rv was done in February of last year.

  15. Possum has been "entertaining" DV Members for well over a year....we all know that when Possum Speaks it's all in good fun - for those that do not care for this kind of humor just pass by his posts and those that are entertained - continue to read and laugh at what he shares - even if convoluted at best. So with that said - make your choice..... :) or :blink:

    Seriously, how are Possums posts entertaining? Not all of us know that when he speaks, its all in fun. This post has 20,000 views. That could be 20,000 people reading it getting their hopes up that we are going to cash in when Possum says. Those 20,000 people could rush out to Dinartrade and spend their last dollar getting dinar before Possums rv date. I know that is not the case here but Possums false predictions have probably convinced a few people to buy dinar before the rv date.

    And can somebody tell me how his posts are humorous. Please I am dying to know why you people read them and think they are funny. Riley, do you think reading Terry K or Okies posts are funny? I dont think TerryK or Okie are funny. I think they are jerks for playing for peoples emotions like that and I think the same about Possum. His posts should be put in the Off Topic forum if anything at all. Tell me Riley how is a newbie to Dinarvets supposed to know weather or not Possum is telling the truth or 'joking'. Please tell me how his posts are humorous. 64 negatives on this topic means he doesnt have a lot of people laughing.

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