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  1. If and I mean a big IF it came in at that, I'd bet you'd have one heck of a big smile on your face giving that apology I know I would too. Here's to hoping SteveI's correct.
  2. On this crazy ride less than 6 months now and I have me a yummy beer and two Sominex before I can get to sleep. I slept like a baby before all this Can't wait until this ride comes to a stop. A serious kudos to all of those that have been in this for years and years.
  3. dinarmamma


    I totally agree. I don't think that my wanting to help family, friends, my church and our local animal rescue organizations would really qualify as greed. I purchased enough to do it all and help my husband not have to work his tush off 50+ hours a week. I would hope that if this thing did well we could all give back to our community a little bit in some way. That's MY feeling about it anyway.
  4. I am very new to currency speculation and this entire process. I have searched on a couple different sites and have been unable to find this question being asked anywhere so if it's in here somewhere please don't bash as it's a sincere question. Is there some sort of "delay" in the processing of paperwork when it comes to an RV? Let me clarify here, say with the Iraqi government constantly blowing smoke and not always letting the media tell exactly what they're doing, is it possible that say tomorrow (just an example, I'm no pumper) they RV. Would we really know right away? Could they have everything done that they need to do, they've set the rate and they just have some sort of process that needs to be done before CBI shows this rate or releases it to the world? I was really hoping that someone who had maybe experienced this process before with Kuwait or even Germany for that matter would know the answer to this. Thank you in advance for your help.
  5. Are they going to stop selling or are they expecting to be out and have to order more? Honest question not being a Negative Nancy but IMO this could be good if they are stopping all together. I ask because we've seen from a couple sources where we think they've stopped but really it's just that they're out at the time. If anyone knows or could find out that would be great! Go RV!!
  6. Exactly but it just goes to show how little bank employees on a local level know about what's going on. Even then this poor gal was probably told this by the person she had to call in their Foreign Currency Dept. Welcome RJ! Go RV!!
  7. Haha, the last place I would think to look, and I don't think your friends would want to take them especially if you could be using them as TP.
  8. Mine are in a fire proof safe guarded by a crazy Dinar Lady and a house full of my precious Great Danes. We tend to scare the riff raff away easy enough. We purchased a Sentry Safe and love it. Very good brand, you can get them in multiple sizes and as much (fire & locks/bolts) protection as you need. Lots of choices.
  9. Wrokinchump I'd be one happy camper if that date and rate was correct.
  10. I found it, if you cut and past the full line including the articlesofinterest part it comes up with Going Global - East Meets West.
  11. Well I must say if this is correct and not a scam by someone trying to get your buddy's info then that possibly sounds good. I know here in Washington I was considering which bank to open a non-interest bearing account to have funds transferred into while waiting to talk with a tax attorney and BofA was absolutely rude! They treated me so bad that I am going with Chase bank. Kind of funny since it was an Exec with BofA that turned me on to this in the first place. I would like to think positive that this is good news and I just had an absolute moron that didn't want my business.
  12. They're back! EzForex had them just now when I went on to order.
  13. Yeah, OKI's entertaining all right unless you're like me and have to spend all day every day after his "predictions" talking reason back in to family and friends and talking them down off what I like to call their OKI JOKIE HIGH. It's a real pain in the a$$ being the one person (a newbie none the less) that has to research and get actual info to let these people down each day and make them realize that we haven't RV'd like he says. I guess one mans entertainment is my headache. No disrespect intended, if I had people that didn't take his bs to heart I might think he was entertaining too. I don't believe it until I get the email from Adam and DTrade! Go RV!!!!
  14. The site that I came from is much worse . If it wasn't a negative comment you got seriously bashed. I think when you're dealing in a forum of any kind you just have all kinds of personalities you're dealing with and face it people tend to not be as nice when dealing in written words as they are face to face. MPG350 is right that these people have heard all the lies a million times over and I have noticed the longer this goes on the more touchy people become. I'm able to stay positive because I figure it'll happen when it happens. I didn't bet the house on it and as much as I would love a new paid off house and my cars all paid off I have to go about my daily life until CBI and the Iraqi government makes the decision to help themselves and their people. I give you a 1+ for the cajones to speak your mind in such a way. GO RV!!!
  15. I just Called the phone number given when trying to buy Dinar from EzForex This currency is currently unavailable. For more information, contact 1-877-EZFOREX (393-6739). and spoke with Kim. She told me that they do not have it available today but should have it available after 2/22. Hope this helps, doesn't sound like it's not going to be available just not today.
  16. Not me Tom777, they didn't get me with that one but it would have been a good reason. Then again keeping an entire country from revolt you would think was a good reason too, but I doubt if that will be good enough for them to do it either.
  17. Is everyone talking about the GCC Regulators' Summit? Because that's on the 16th of Feb (tomorrow) In Abu Dhabi. Just asking because that's the only thing they're showing coming up.
  18. I could be wrong but the way I read it was that 1 March 2010 was the last time a rate change went into effect or something like that. If changes made on 25 Feb 2011 go into effect on 1 March 2011 I would look at it again after next Friday. Again I could be totally off base here but this is how I read it.
  19. When it's entered as 1USD to IQD it does show as par but if you reverse it and have 1IQD it comes out correct as .0008 USD. Not sure why but nothing good yet. Good Catch.
  20. I only started purchasing in December 2010 after much research. I have only made 2 purchases and am considering one more in case it RV's at less than $1 so I can still help my church and family. I feel like a recovering Dinar junkie as I'm always so tempted but I like to think it's greed making me want more and not the pumpers.
  21. I'll be buying my in-laws a place to live about 5 hours away from us , no really they've been looking to move but can't afford a place where they want to retire. And then I'm going to relax in my newer completely paid off home with a few beers.
  22. Thank you easyrider, that's something else I was told my my moms friend with BofA. She said that each teller has their own way of getting people to stop coming in and bothering them about this. I feel for them kind of, they're bank tellers not fortune tellers. Even if they do find out something they can't exactly go around telling people about it and anything a teller hears is just rumor anyway.
  23. A friend of my mother who happens to be a corp. employee with Bank of America is the one that got me interested in the Dinar. She happens to hold quite a bit too so I'm pretty sure I can trust this is NOT a scam or a get rich slow scheme. This is my first time ever investing in any type of currency so it might not be that comforting coming from a newbie but she's helped my mom make quite a bit of money in the past so I'm keeping positive on this one. God Bless and GO RV!!!!!
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