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  1. A singer in a smoky room

    A smell of wine and cheap perfume

    For a smile they can share the night

    It goes on and on and on and on

    now you got me doin it :P

    I hope you're right easy, I'm stocking up alot of Sam Adams.

    Of course i'll probably drink a good part of them too. :D

    If you can stock up on the Sam Adams I'll be totally impressed. We blow through em as soon as we get em. This warm weather calls for some cold beer!

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  2. OB, I really don't think Investorman is hiding anything (he is VIP after all), more to protect the secretary from a ton of calls IMO (she may have even requested that of i-man). I mean DV has what, 30K members and up? If only 1% called her that would be 300 calls regarding this one topic alone, and that's ONLY from DV! I'm sure she's been receiving calls from all corners. Then again, as secretary that is her job....

    Thank you so much AoK! It's just like these poor bank tellers that get 50 calls a day when ever anyone says it's going to happen today at noon.

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  3. This doesn't necessarily mean that the letter is real or not but I confirmed the phone number on the letter head matches their contact information on their website. I called the phone number and it does say it is "Hodges and Associates Law Firm" and asks you to leave your name and number as they are closed. (obviously since it's Sat.) I was hoping like a lot of banks that are named in scam attempts I was hoping if this wasn't real that they would have a message stating that "if you're calling about such and such letter being circulated this is not from our office" or something like that. I guess we wait and see what happens.

  4. Thanks for getting this posted Psych. I was called earlier and told to read it and I have no idea what to think about it. This is a real law firm from what I can see but I don't know if this lawyer and MTT are a bunch of conspiracy theorists or if this is real. I'm confused.:blink:

  5. That's the first think I tried but it brings up what looks like a text box and won't let me copy anything. This is my problem. I'm actually really good on computers but everything I know to try has been a bust and it's upsetting.

    Open it in word and cut and paste. You need to post the link anyway for reference. Just put it up.

    I don't want to get in trouble by mods for putting up the link but if they say it's ok I'm on it in a flash! ;) I've got it open on my screen and ready to go if they give the go ahead.

  6. Mods or Admin, I'm having troubles. MTT has a letter that I really would like others to see and give opinions on but it's something that you have to open in word/works or a program like this. Anyway, my trouble is that it's a read only document and I don't think I'm allowed to post the MTT link to it since we don't promote other sites. Is there any way to do this that you can think of. If you want to see what I'm talking about you can go on to their site and there is a link called TRUTH ? If you can't help me that's ok too but I really would like to get others opinions about this since I have researched to find out that the supposed source looks to be a reputable law firm.

  7. Thank you Dinarmamma for the explanation. So if I understand this correctly, he doesn't really know anything. I have read some of his posts from earlier this year and he said he had some intel and an informant, but that wasn't true? Thats strange because he sounded serious and I would have believed him. How many others are there that post untruths like Possum? Possum sounds like his chats with y'all are an inside joke to those that have been here for a while. Somebody told me on another thread to read up on chats from Adam Montana, Sonny and Scooter. I think we have some searching to do to further educate ourselves on this investment. Thank you all, Lynne

    I think if we were a site like DD or others that general members weren't able to respond to posts I would have a huge problem with someone like possum because people wouldn't be able to tell his history. You'll notice since we've had a huge influx in new members people like PleasantValleySunday and others have tried to post to his threads and let people know not to take him seriously. Most of us on here really do not want you or anyone else to be fed any serious bs so it's always really important to keep an eye out on the responses of our members. You'll see that some are always negative no matter what the post is and some that are overly optimistic but you'll start to figure out who they are. Just read everything you can and form your own opinion because this is ONLY currency speculation and no one can know anything for sure unless their in bed with Shabibi. Have a great one.

    Knowledge is Power!

  8. Please do not post anything, and just click your answer on the poll....

    For those that don't read and just post anyways.... The last sentence was a complete waste.

    You can bump this if you feel so inclined.

    OK handsome :huh: I hope at some point you're going to clue these people in on their misunderstanding since they're hoping to screw themselves out of some serious cashola. I don't think everyone understands what they should be looking for.

  9. :lol:Sorry, dinarmmama. I guess I assume that everybody follows these stories as closely as I do.

    Yeah, I only got a small glimps of the pic on Conan and they had writing over it (full body pic) now I just listen to the stories and read but don't usually look at the pics. I'm no prude but something about his pics just creep me out. Do love your latest pic though, that's awesome!

  10. Scooby Doo,

    I don't post much, BUT I have to tell you that your pictures, avatars, whatever are too funny! Loved Weiner's bare chest a couple of weeks ago. Please keep entertaining us!

    Oh thank goodness, I really thought that Scooby Doo had taken a pic of his own chest and put it on here. I didn't want to say anything to offend him but I really grossed out that an adult man would post that as his avatar on this forum. Worried he'd gone a little loony waiting for the RV to happen.

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