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  1. NO drug needed - it'll only drug ya down - i do cancer killers like turmeric - flax seed + any immune boosters like citrus fruits + few herbs too little known fact is everyone has cancer cells dormant i drink green tea almost everyday so Im NOT gonna grow no cancer cells
  2. last year IQD team said maliki wuz the bad guy + now shabibi is bad guy = or does it not matter coz they only need chp 7 + HCL released ?
  3. Rammar

    me too

    Ive got a few 1,000 dinar free from + bought a few more too don't got no camera - only email From: eBay <> To: ram Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2012 4:28 PM Subject: Confirmation of your Order Thanks for your purchase, rtrt33! Here's your order confirmation Hi rtrt33, Here is a summary of your recent order. You can also view your updated My eBay. Thank you for shopping on eBay!
  4. Im sure iraq's got more to do than the budget iraq gov maybe now together with budget bu I.Q.D. Team said they hav to be out of chp 7 to RV + life is not a thing or dream so i'll betcha anything RV is tied in with end times global gov stuff jus before tribulation starts so maybe this year from Ram don't 4get about Almighty Yahweh God ? Romans 14:8 For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord's. everyone needs to see em to learn the truth + be set free - in yur spare time
  5. hmm maybe a micro piece of bubblegum LOLs
  6. yup we need PROOF - not more rumors
  7. i didnt know SalvationArmy is this good 96% of all donated dollars go to the cause. + Ive heard some bad things about RedCross+ others = less than ONLY 15% go to cause == as u can see evil uminatzi global criminal warpigs hav blocked site info = ask for details by email DON"T SEND ill uminazi RED CROSS NO $ == unless u support war + police state in USA copyNpaste in email + spread the word The Ill uminatzi Controlled Red Cross April 1
  8. -i saw yur info on my page thanks - Id forgot about lookin for Top Sellers we gotta be careful - a man on here said he bought counterfeit on ebay + he didn't say he probly got it from new seller;0NTIzNzc4NTk=1
  9. gidassociates sells 20,000 for $25 = can you sell few as 10,000 ?
  10. US bank ? like savings acct 1% a year ? NO WAY be better putting yur $ in a trusted hyip at 10% a month new dinars WILL be same value as old - like with USD when we made $100 bills + stopped making 1,000s we WON'T haf to exchange old for new = jus exchange em for cash or gold IF you want the link to call squad info just ask i seen alot of sellers on ebay = which is good that you bought ?
  11. change ? like in dropping 3 000s LOP ? we won't HAV to change em right when they decide on it - we'll hav 2 years to fade out the old dinars + they'll be the same value as the new bills too = they've studied that idea at call squad it'll be ok
  12. OH i heared it's risky + Id bought a hairdryer from ebay - it wuz packed good but didn't work = well then you found an honest seller + Im hoping to buy 20,000 for $20 or close to that can ya give me their info or put it on my page ? thanks
  13. Oh WOW look wut i forgot Id searched for news on Nesara + national security so much = no time to play here i like being messed with by you mamma last month i heard it wuz the US treasury blocking RV untill they're plans are ready + that Iraq has HCL + chapter7 done = now they say those 2 aren't done yet + it's Iraq or IMF delaying the game maybe it'll happen next week HURRY UP RV
  14. you gotta point ther debt is a negative that goez thru the floor - seems US gov thinks of it as a debt keeps piling up thru the roof SO we want to stop it with ceiling = either way we call it WE GOTTA clean the WHouse out + we NEED to get involved looks like the best chance for freedom
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