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  1. US dollar is still king in the Iraqi economy. More so if the violence escalates like they are predicting.
  2. My uncle got that look several times in banks throughout the midwest. Now he just gets those looks from the corrections officers.
  3. I stop at guru. The US dollar is still king in Iraq.
  4. bugmaniraq


    I fall for that everyday.
  5. No one in their right mind would purchase 32 trillion dinar. A third world nation(at best) on the verge of collapse or civil war. The US dollar is still king in Iraq.
  6. I thought they were being gagged by secret scary men. I thought the Village People broke up.
  7. I was cashing in my dinar at the Tier 2 level last week. Sold 1 million for 1170 per dollar. Off to Reno.
  8. Cheerleaders, pumpers and guru's o' my. Must be the weekend.
  9. Haven't you heard? Tier 1 and Tier 2 cashing out. Why do we need a reset?
  10. If JCP and Sears could hire these people as salesman they wouldn't be going out of business.
  11. I heard from my friend DR, that the Iraqi Dinar is being exchanged in North Korea. 1 dinar equals 4 US.
  12. "Now who can argue with that? I think we're all indebt to dontlop for stating what needed to be said. I am particulary glad that these lovely children are here today to hear that speech. Not only was it authentic frontier gibberish, it expressed the courage little seen in this day and age. "
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