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  1. Do you REALLY think we CAN give them them boot?? Did YOU watch the video?? We cant give anyone the boot until we find out who's fixed the system and give them the boot - or the noose !!! PLEASE watch the video, please. THEN provide your suggestions on how to get out of this mess.
  2. Did you watch the video??? Whose side do you think I am on?? Please be responsible enough look at the information being discussed before attempting to reply. We have been PLAYED!!
  3. Problem is the voting system is comprised. We CANT put in the people we want!! Please watch this video Then share it with everyone you know!!
  4. NO, it was fraud!! Or dare I say, treason! watch the video:
  5. EXACTLY! So WHO is controlling the programmers of the voting machines.......... and our freedoms.......... and the direction of this country ???????
  6. You nailed that one... here's how they do it!!
  7. UNDERSTOOD. Does that go for banking systems, too? What do you suggest we do as an alternative?
  8. So who / what is going on here and why?? Now imagine where we would be as a country if THE PEOPLE had made the decisions that our forefathers has intended us to make. And what is your plan now? (I'm clearly having a hard time with all this, too)
  9. You are right! But WHO IS IT ABOUT ?? That's the 14.2 trillion dollar question! Please watch this video 'cause it appears... that it won't matter who you vote for anyway! Are you sure that's not what put him there in the first place?? And may very well put him in again!! Watch it!! It'll turn your stomach!
  10. As I said... MAYBE it is Okie. I don't know. Maybe it's not. But it fits. He is a VP of (3rd largest?) oil company. history in Oklahoma... Let me ask you this... Have you never repeated something you have heard without verifying it? ever? So you have never inadvertently 'told a lie' ?? I don't know if okie is deliberately lying to us or not. I would like to believe Not! I kinda doubt it. But I know the nature of intel AND of mis-information campaigns and I will give the man the benefit of the doubt and not slander him. IF we are all adults here, then we are responsible for our o
  11. Or NOT counted!! Doesn't it just pi$$ you off??
  12. Are you certain about that?? Have you watched the video?? Please watch it then come back and lets talk about fraud... It makes me physically ill to think that our sons and daughters are fighting and dying... for what? more importantly for whom?
  14. OMG!!! Markinsa, THANK YOU for pointing this out. Is is precisely this type of bashing, disrespectful attitude that has turned me off to this site. Does not matter who offers it OR whether the 'intel' / information / opinion pans out right away... or not, Try acting like a civilized adult and take responsibility for your mouth. That being said... Maybe, MAYBE this is who you are looking for... Greg C. Garland Greg c. Garland Senior Vice President, Exploration and Production, Americas Greg Garland is sen
  15. It's a Google video, did you give it time to buffer? I can't stress how important this information is!! I fear we have ALREADY LOST this country!! Please try watching the video, try another browser if you need to.
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