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  1. Wow....according to Okie, you will be a millionaire with only one 25,000 Dinar why did I buy multiples of 40? Another great prognostic effort, Okie!
  2. No worries...... the rate is posted on the website at still 1166 bid/1164 ask.... Riceman
  3. OK...this is just funny....and once again tells us a bit more about Okie's is his quote from above....... I think several hundred years ago napoleon said it best when he said "when china awakes the world will quake" Napoleon.....several hundred years ago? Wasn't he doing his business around 1790 - 1810? Sounds about 200 years ago (versus several hundred years ago). Hokey Okie................
  5. No worries, and I like to learn and get all perspectives. I have never felt that a lop is not possible. If you read and believe all the articles out of Iraq, that is what will happen. But, I cannot get away from what the U.S. has invested in time, money, lives, etc...for the U.S. to lose out in the money end of a long and protracted war. It's just not what the U.S. does....lose money in wartime. Again, my opinion.
  6. You are was the Reichsmark, not the Deutschmark, that was converted 1 to mistake. The people benefited, primarily, as price controls were abolished and taxes were reduced. My info on Germany came from my landlords with whom I lived while stationed in Germany for 4 years in the late 80's/early 90's. They were pretty old then, and remembered fondly the policies that helped turn Deutschland into a productive international force that led to rapid economic growth and an improved financial quality of life for its citizens.
  7. Sorry I got under your skin.....I know that Germany had a re-denomination...........that was financially beneficial for all previous Deutschmark holders...I see this investment as an opportunity with very little downside risk and potentially small to tremendous upside gain. I rarely hang out here in the LOP section, because I don't understand why you are here. I have invested my money and time in this, and I don't need to be told why I made a mistake or why my opinion is invalid. I don't buy into the opinions of Okie (at one end) or the lopsters (at the other end). I am here to try to glean the latest and continue to learn. I actually get your concern about the currency, M2, etc.....and I have been in this probably longer than you. But, for my cited reasons, primarily the tremendous U.S. involvement in Iraq, I believe that an RV first is still a very real possibility.....and not at $12 or $4. Anyway, I won't hang in this section much more....too one-sided (hence the LOP Talk Title).
  8. I gave you my opinion.....I believe this is a unique situation precisely because of the U.S. involvement in Iraq, from deposing Saddam to helping in nation building.....reminiscent of Germany after WW2....anyway, it is my opinion. Just what are your thoughts about the Dinar's future....a straight LOP I assume? Do you own dinars? Do you see any upside to this investment?
  9. I do believe that Iraq is a unique and special situation, one that the U.S. helped create in its desire for cheap oil and a somewhat functional democratic society (as close as they can get) in a very contentious part of the world. Plus, I cannot get past the fact that Bush said the war would pay for itself. Finally, I am pasting some historical info on the dinar below, but it just seems to me that if, in 4 years, a country's currency can devalue so dramatically, it can revalue as well. I do believe this is a unique situation. I don't buy into the 150 other currencies revaluing together, and I don't hold any VND. Just my 2 cents worth...... The dinar was introduced into circulation in 1932, by replacing the Indian rupee, which had been the official currency since the British occupation of the country in World War I, at a rate of 1 dinar = 13⅓ rupees. The dinar was pegged at par with the British pound until 1959 when, without changing its value, the peg was switched to the United States dollar at the rate of 1 dinar = 2.8 dollars. By not following the devaluations of the U.S. currency in 1971 and 1973, the dinar rose to a value of US$3.3778, before a 5 percent devaluation reduced the value of the dinar to US$3.2169, a rate which remained until the Gulf War, although in late 1989, the black market rate was reported at five to six times higher (3 dinars for US$1) than the official rate.[2] After the Gulf War in 1991, due to UN sanctions, the previously used Swiss printing was no longer available. A new, inferior quality notes issue was produced. The previous issue became known as the Swiss dinar and continued to circulate in the Kurdish region of Iraq. Due to sanctions placed on Iraq by the United States and the international community and excessive government printing of the new notes issue, the dinar devalued quickly, and in late 1995, US$1 was valued at 3,000 dinars.
  10. Great response for the New Guy....though I would add he is a few bricks shy of a load.....or not the brightest bulb in the tanning bed....or resides in the shallow end of the gene pool......just sayin..... Riceman
  11. OK........ First, what is toiler paper? Second, this currency was printed less than 10 years ago, so he could not possibly be in it for 10 years............Back Door Bandit, like all the gurus, eventually display their ignorance and lack of credibility.......
  12. In the bottom right, I see some Ben Franklins ($100 bills) that what you were wondering?
  13. I think you mean .34%...quite a difference from 3.4%.....just sayin.....go RV!
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