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  1. Must be a slow news day - commenting on posts from a year ago?!?!
  2. Wow, Francie, I used to think you were a bit goofy, but I'm moved by your post. Passion without anger - what a concept! Way ta go, girl!!
  3. Been thinking of doing EXACTLY this - Panama, Ecuador or Belize.
  4. God, you're funny!!! Best part of coming on this site. From now on I'm just high tailin' it to the Sarge posts!!
  5. I don't post much, but can someone explain what was so exciting about this chat? Other than Adam "thinking" that it won't lop?
  6. Hi Sgt - sent you a post on your profile. Would love to discuss your experiences of moving there! (And thanks for the link - I'll check it out.
  7. THANK YOU!!! Maybe you can help TQueezy with all those negs that got thrown at him for calling Randalln out!
  8. Didn't use promise someone some pics of the lower denoms on the last mile-long thread? Would love to see them! me, too, and you too jf! blugrass60, this question has been directly asked of randalln many times before with nothing but cryptic answers. So I wouldn't hold your breath this time. Keep negging if y'all like, but you know it's the truth.
  9. That's kind of my point, umbertino
  10. I'm pretty sure this isn't the first "mistake or miscalculation of trust". There's been a few other times that he's inspired a frenzy and then disappeared. And he's been one of us under two different names that we know of.
  11. Randalln and Bravo are both now in my mental "unreliable info" file. I'm not saying they outright lied to us, because there's no way yet that I can know this. But obviously their "contacts" are not to be trusted to steer them well.
  12. Wow In Iraq and DinarChiTown, looks like you two are being booted from the popular crowd. Gave you both a plus to help a bit (not that it did much). I don't think either of you deserved negs for stating an opinion. I had a post just "thrown in the trash" recently because some mod thought I was bashing Randlln even though I wasn't. Interesting, isn't it?
  13. Where did the post go by congomongo that was posted around 11:30? Says it was moved, but couldn't be taken there due to an error. I posted a question regarding RANDALLN yesterday but it was put in the trash before I could receive many replies. Is it the "subject matter" that caused this one to disappear, too?
  14. Still would have been nice to keep the topic open for a bit - oh well
  15. Actually that was a big of sarcasm on my part for all of the non-answers. There is a long list of questions in the "Question" part of the forum that seem to have already been answered, yet they are still there. Might mine stay for just a little while in the hopes that it might be viewed later by those who spend their days at work and wouldn't see it until this evening? Are carla blum and bamagirl the same person?
  16. Not sure why the "thumbs up" on this. Actually my question had not been answered (just assumed so on my part) so it would have been nice if it could have stayed up at least for the day.
  17. And what happens when a topic is removed entirely? I posted in the Questions area this morning a new topic titled "Would love an answer to this", had a few replies and then it disappeared. Why was that? Thanks
  18. Actually bamagirl this is a new topic entirely. And, thanks to those who responded, but I was asking specifically for those on the board that applied Randalln's investment methods that he spoke of back in March. Why did you respond? Anyway, I'm pretty sure my question has already been answered.
  19. If I remember correctly, it was something about an investment using dinar for a guaranteed return over a specified period of time. Sorry if this is a little vague, but I didn't want to go back and read all of his posts about it. It was convoluted then, and it would be convoluted now. Just wondering if anyone figured out what he was talking about, did it, and was successful.
  20. Before the Randalln thread in opinions was locked, I asked if anyone on the board had understood, and used his advice back in March. I couldn't make heads or tails of it. Lots of cryptic answers to direct questions. Randalln states that he has already made his money on the dinar based on "something" that he did. Anyway, just curious if any of you have already made your money based on whatever it is that he did? Thanks!
  21. Just curious if anyone on the board listened to Randalln in March and has already "made their money"? I was reading the posts back then and couldn't make heads or tail of what he was talking about. So many cryptic answers to direct questions. Maybe I'm just dumb? Not trying to be snarky - just really interested if any of you were able to decipher that advice, took it, and did well. Thanks!
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