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  1. At least you can spell peace!!!!!!!!!
  2. safe, and are both good sites
  3. That was too funny on all the reply's we need to relax it's going to happen
  4. Thanks, big city Bob, People need to do there research and stop this LOP TALK!! THERE WILL BE NO LOP !
  5. Gordy

    Adam chat 1:00 pm

    Adam, thanks for keeping us updated,best wishes to all!! happyday,
  6. It's really stupid that we have to Keep explaining this LOP THING AS i SAY AGAIN a MADE UP word!!!!! Geez can we move beyond this!
  7. Go to the another site and listen to Rudy (this person was banned and is an off limits topic. explain the 60/40 letter of intent rule from the IRS. Say you had 1ml to cash in 60% would be taxed at 15% and the remaining 40% would be taxed at 28%. So a 21.5% tax rate not bad. Doesn't matter 5ml or 10ml what ever you got. Happyday
  8. please get off the word LOP it is a made up word!!! listen to the right forums it is a made up WORD!
  9. most people don' t read or are not up on the lastest info ( to post 25k turning into 25 dollars come on get real) everything is fine get ready and help those in need when this happens.
  10. Just the word AUDII SHOULD explain all american made and If I have to explain you woundn't understand
  11. That is a positive step, and looking forward to helping the people of Iraq.Self sufficiency!!
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