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  1. This is old news! Why are you bringing this up??? With all of the gteat news out there this last week and coming up this next week, I am surprised and a bit dissappointed that an administrator would resort to past drama. Next.
  2. This video is from 12-15-2010 !
  3. Thanks GinaG.... I did post in Rumers after all! =) I'm gonna listen to Phoenix tonight and see what his take on it is... he seeems to have a level head. Also, I originally tried to link the UN site and the link came out weird and not correct. Maybe that's why I am getting minuses? Too funny this RV game! Take care.
  4. Okay people, I just got a -1 for asking what this was all about? Really? It's posted on the UN site and it talks all about Chap. 7. See for yourself... But it did say it could be lifted within the 12 month period.... So maybe that's tomorrow? Bwaaahahahahaha!
  5. Just read this on newshounds site. This is not good. I know many feel that he belongs in the rumer section, but where does he get this and is this one true ??? http://another
  6. If they met in Washington, wouldn't it be posted on the White House web site? There is nothing there about this. Bummer.
  7. Okay, the first time when I searched: Iraqi Dinar on ebay, nothing came up. But when I searched: Iraq Dinar all forms of their currency comes up.... sorry to burst the bubble! Now when I try again with: Iraq Dinar it comes up... strange, but true!
  8. Well there goes my plans down the drain... LOL it's happening!!! Go RV!!!
  9. C:\Users\Acer\Pictures\139.JPG Okay, NOW badge me baby!! LOL was in the wrong place this AM... here's my photo. Hope this works, cause when you save a photo to your dwesktop you don't have a url. ??? Thanks for all you do, Adam!
  10. well...... doesn't Bond Lady usually drop her mic at the end of every chat? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm but wouldn't it be hard to impersonate on this site? I'm naive, so don't HOLLER at me please.
  11. What are we supposed to be looking at on the site linked... sorry but I don't read Forex...
  12. Oh how funny POKER PLAYER! And all you wanted to do was pass on some good intel. LOL!!! The second one was a good link tho. 50/50 is the name of the game I guess!
  13. Quite interesting, indeed!!! Link: or My link
  14. Thanks Dogmatic1 fro starting thread for ADAM! Q: For Adam: Aloha to you! I purchased 2 M Dinar at two seperate times. The first time was thru Dinar Trade and the next time was thru SCGS. Today I am color copying them for my files and I'm noticing that it looks as tho a few that I received from both places are cut slightly crooked at the top and some numbers are the same. I was under the impression that all money would have it's own number. All bills are in accordance with what to look for: water mark horse, security thread strip and color changing symbol looks pink but when held up to the sun it turns gray. The only thing I haven't checked is the ultra violet feature. What do you make of it? Is this something I need to worry about? Thanks so much!
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