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  1. This is for all of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council). The GCC includes Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, the Sultanate of Oman, and the Republic of Yemen.
  2. I have the same question, that would be really good if that was the case. What if it is the other way tho and they are selling dinar for usd. Is that an option and if so will it hurt our investment.
  3. I am a little confused on why they spent money printing notes that were in multiples of 1000's. Does that strike anyone as odd? If they wanted a high value of their dinar then why add all the zeros to it in the first place. They had a perfect opportunity to replace the saddam notes with the lower denomination notes in the first place. Can someone help me understand why they took the not needed step of the currency that we hold.
  4. yeah but that is $273 USD worth of Iraqi dinar, which is 350,000 dinars. When this supposedly RV for a dollar, It will all the sudden make that 1 trillion into 3 trillion USD. Quite the stimulus package. It doesn't make sense.
  5. I was looking at news articles and one said that the parliament on sunday will "Agreement to support the ration card trillion dinars and the budget vote Sunday". How can they through out a trillion dinars to the people. If they do this they the RV rate will be extremely low and close to what it is now. If their reserves are 80 something US dollars then the RV would be way less then a dollar just basing it off of the amount of dinars inside the country. Originally I heard there was only 26 billion dinars in Iraq and most were outside Iraq and that was the reason they could RV high. This
  6. I have a quick question that I figure someone that has knowledge about the CBI currency auction can answer. I have been told that the currency auction is selling US dollars? Is that true? Meaning, do they sell their US currency for Iraqi dinars? Originally I believed they were selling dinars as a way to get US currency to do daily operations, at some point did this switch? Thanks, I would appreciate anyone who can answer.
  7. If this was actually a legit article then why do people take the credibility away? No one seems to be able to explain what the 14 means, shouldn't that be easy to explain if it wan't the rate? Scott, even if that is right with a budget of 69 billion and spending estimated at 83 that is only a difference of 14 billion the percentage would be 16.8%. The other theory of 14% between 73 and rising it to 75 isn't right either. If they indeed were taking about percentage changes then wouldnt percentage be there? Does anyone have a legit explaination? Other wise i chose to believe that it would
  8. Thanks alot good info, i appreciate it
  9. I had a question about the amount of dinars in circulation. Since I have been invested I had always thought there was only 27 trillion dinars in circulation and judging from an article I read I believe Shabibi stated he got rid of 70% of the dinar which would lower it to around 7 trillion, mostly outside the country. Recently I have been pessimistic because I have been looking at thier recent curreny actions and they are selling on some days over 200 million US dollars worth, thats something like 244 billion dinars a day! I hope this number hasn't been this high for that long, they have had
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