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  1. An upcoming one day seminar with some very talented and inspired Christians whom I have a great respect for. While I couldn't possible know the content of what they are planning to say, I have no doubt they will be informative and inspiring...DM Link Here
  2. That's just seriously wrong. Whatever happened to just taking someone to the edge of alcohol poisoning then making them qualify Archbishop or Pope level in Cardinal Puff Puff drinking game?
  3. It was with Cowboy Logic It doesn't matter which one though, the more she talks, the worse I drool.. Intellect, Common Sense, and Fiery Patriotism in a woman are attributes I can't seem to resist... I didn't realize utube took it down. Wish Rumble allowed embedding.
  4. I've discovered that many of the most dedicated Patriots are either 1st or 2nd generation Americans, or only a green card holder. As a 1st generation natural my grandparents lived with us until they died when a pre-teen. People came over for the Russian or Polish language Bible study that had escaped from Eastern Europe, some had number tattoos on their back hands or forearms, some knew my grandpa from Russia before he escaped. They would always give me a huge hug, too many for my young pride, and tell me to never forget. I wish I had understood more back then, or had thought to take some pictures, but I'll never forget the tears and emotion that would suddenly happen when someone had a memory triggered. I was really proud of being a natural born American, it was a deciding factor when I enlisted. I wish America had something like Israel or Sweden, where every person was required to serve a couple years in the military, and in that time they were shipped to any other country for a year. We wouldn't have half of the problems we have today. Once you remove the paid media's deceptions and the corrupt politicians lies, and see first hand how horrible and unequal communism really is, kids these days wouldn't be casually promoting it as a way to get attention. I would so love to have a discussion with her, but it's just as well, I'm already madly in love with her, anything else would be considered cruel torture.... * _) *
  5. HAHAHA.. can't get no respect... Tornado Boy.. That's gonna stick with him his entire life...ROFLMAO... All because he didn't have the situational awareness or understanding to be aware of your surroundings. I'm glad he came through it with nothing more than soiled shorts, but anyone that's lived in a tornado prone area knows just the differential air pressure will pop your ears, even break windows. I'm guessing he was distracted with his cell texting or chatting with someone about the interview. Who knows, he might even get commercial gig with GM.
  6. That's because Islam is a political domination ideology disguised as a religion. Muhammad invented Islam around 620AD. He went around preaching it, and got tossed out of most of the villages he went. It wasn't until he by chance met up with a couple Saudi princes who were traveling and then sold them on the concept, that it started to gain traction, as the two princes went home and sold it to their uncles. It should be noted, the most rigid form, Wahhabism, considered the "orthodox" form, is still today the "official" religion of the Saudi Royalty. The attacks against all other worship will NEVER stop, because the ones we call radical fanatics have in Islam only "evolved" to the end game perspective. Which is also why it's so difficult for Muslims to detect which ones are going to cross the very thin line from devout follower to the next step of terrorist murdering "infidels". Islam starts out being very tolerant of all others, but then as his power increases, Muhammad becomes increasingly intolerant. He even addresses the conflicts over time by declaring that when a conflict is discovered in the text the reader is to consider the latest verse as the proper reaction or action. In the later chapters the Quran demands followers to overtake the entire world, instructing to murder those who refuse to convert, but graciously allowing for some to be allowed to be kept for slaves. Aside from being allowed to do as they wish with slaves, they are allowed to have a temporary 30 minute marriage in order to have relations with strangers. That is only one example of the seriously twisted logic. It is widely believed that he was a pedophile, and wrote verse to justify forcing a neighbor to sell him his 9 year old daughter, whom he then married and added to his harem.
  7. I feel the need to stress I DO NOT support Russia's invasion, or the murdering of the civilians. They are the unfortunate pawns in a power struggle between two dictators. If you don't think the Ukraine president is a dictator, then you need to tune out the MSM. Ukraine has been feeding billions to corrupt US politicians for decades, known as THE country to help all politicians launder money. Besides throwing his main opponent in jail last year and stealing all his money and homes, shutting down TV stations he didn't like, he has now thrown out all other 11 political parties, making Ukraine a single party. He has also taken over ALL media, declaring a "unified" message to the People.( state approved propaganda only) The health minister declared the Russian POW solders are not human, they are "cockroaches", and every single one will be castrated. That is NOT democracy. I feel so sad for the Ukraine's. And I feel equal shame for the US Government. Remember, this was started on Obama's watch, with his blessing. The depth of Obama's deceptions are only now coming to light, and the destruction to liberty by those eight years gleefully covered up by the Democrat Party should cause America to honestly question the agenda of that entire party. Please pray for the Ukraine Peoples, and for their country, that it may survive the current dictator who is intent on it's total destruction...DM
  8. One of my bad habits is not fully unpacking my posts. Due to both trying to keep the size of the post as small as possible, and making acumen assumptions. A result is the occasional opaque statement. Yes, you are correct, the intent was to demonstrate the stark reality of how the public reacts to mass media. Those who refused to blindly accept the lies and performed their own independent research using resources not funded by the very same people who stood to make immense profits or had other agenda's for wanting to poison the world, discovered the truth that is only now being admitted, that the lockdowns, masks, and non-vaccine, was all a hoax, cruelly perpetrated on a trusting, and therefore gullible population. It is the ones who refused to drink the Kool-Aid about the pandemic that realize the Ukraine issue was created by America's Secret Wars campaign, advanced by the Deep State Government, in direct conflict with the will of The People. The ones who accepted the MSM as a trusted source, obediently took the jab, and are now dying off in record numbers around the world are also the ones who haven't bothered themselves to do their own research, and are now OK with potentially starting a war in which could result the end of civilization through Mutually Assured Self-Destruction and leaving our planet entombed in a Nuclear Winter. Thanks for clarifying, heh, I'm laughing wondering how many rubies, stink-eyes, and pounded keyboards I about to receive. I realize there's some who were forced into the jab, who took it to support their families, knowing the potential, but accepting that caring for one's family is an honor and responsibility second to none. To those I can give a bow of recognition for their courage. Thankfully it appears the triple jabbed are the most immune compromised, I hope so, because my own son is amongst your single jab group. He did what he had to to stay employed to support his wife and my grandson due to employer mandates. The correlation is not for the hundreds of thousands of Service members, from all First Responders to our Active Military who were mandated, and were forced under penalty of Tyranny and Oppression to take the jab. Several of my very best friends are active duty, were forced to take the jab and didn't want to. Of those, every single one I've spoken to understands how full of BS this whole Ukraine issue is. There, hopefully I haven't offended anyone who doesn't deserve it, and have enraged everyone who does. Pull your head out of the MSM, they are only out to control you and kill you when they are tire of playing with you...DM
  9. I'm not BTC so much as ETH, but I'm holding other coins expecting at least one to eventually make all the speculation pay off. When I mined my ether it was worth $26, back in 2014. It's now worth $2,900, down from over 4k, but still about 110 times the value less than 10 years ago. My dinar are holding the same after 12 years, which I would have to take a loss to sell for the dealers cut. If I'd only gone full BTC back then I'd be fully retired.
  10. Biden Comforts Ukrainians By Sending Them Large ‘No More Mean Tweets!’ Sign KYIV, UKR– Since we’re told Joe Biden is a kind, grandfatherly type man, the fictional president is offering his classic warmth and comfort to the people in Ukraine. A transgender soldier has been sent to Kyiv to hold a large banner reading: ‘No More Mean Tweets!’ “I have given Ukraine a reminder that because of me, the corporate media, and a series of well-placed suitcases, we have removed those mean Tweets that reckless ol’ Donald Trump used to send,” Biden said looking into the wrong camera. “Ukraine, who oddly just wrapped up four years of peace and stability, no longer can look on the internet and see divisive words from a president. Oh, I just hate divisive leaders! And every single person who disagrees with me on that is a white supremacist Nazi who we should kill.” Shortly after Biden’s speech, Facebook fact-checkers rated his words as ‘100% True,’ with the highlighted section being: “The president said the Ukrainians can ‘no longer look at the internet’ and that is 100% true because the nation has been leveled and the internet no longer exists.” Update: The US Military is considering repercussions for Vladimir Putin after the transgender soldier holding the sign was blown into a million pieces–a hate crime punishable by spending up to four minutes in jail in California.
  11. Biden’s Approval So Low Hunter No Longer Wants To Be Seen With Him During Drug Deals BALTIMORE, MD–Democrats everywhere are refusing to appear alongside President Joe Biden and you can now add Hunter to that list. Reportedly, Hunter is now leaving his father in the car as he conducts his criminal activity in the Baltimore area. “Hey Pops, tell you what, you stay here and keep the seat warm,” Hunter explained while rapidly rubbing his teeth in the sun visor mirror. “Use some of that classic Biden gas you’re famous for.” Joe, who still doesn’t understand that everyone hates him, was overheard pleading with Hunter. “Awe, c’mon man. Let me come. I still got it. Remember when I gave that prosecutor six hours to bury your….uhh… those dead hookers in the… White House lawn.” Joe said trailing off. Finally, Hunter relented and allowed his father to attend an important drug deal. “Seriously? You brought Sniffs?” Anthony Weiner scoffed at Hunter. “I’m trying to run a clean operation selling opioids and sex trafficking and you bring the guy who totally botched the Afghanistan pull out? I just don’t feel comfortable being seen with someone like that. We have reputations, ya know?” Once the two Biden men were in a dimly lit apartment with dozens of criminals, Joe inadvertently asked everyone, “Did you guys…ya know, the thing?” This enraged the hostile men and they screamed at Hunter, “You told him about the thing?! We said no one ever mentions the thing!” Update: The two barely escaped as hundreds of bullets began flying, making it one of the more successful days of the Biden presidency.
  12. Before anyone gets upset, THIS IS SATIRE!!! DM NETWORK, NJ– Desperate to stay off the Fed’s radar, the mob has scrapped the letters ‘AstroTurf Supply & Installation’ off their hideout and renamed it ‘Hunter’s Laptop.’ The storefront is located in Newark’s Westgate Shopping Center and the FBI refuses to come within fifty miles of the new shop. To show how safe the new business name keeps them; Mickey ‘The Hard Drive’ Stacks provided a demonstration for a CNN reporter by calling the FBI himself. “Yeah, I’s heard there somma them January 6th Trump supports here,” Mickey said into his cell phone. “There are? WHERE? You must tell us, now!” the federal agent screamed. “Sure. Theys by the Westgate Shopping Center. Ya know by the new Hunter’s Laptop location?” he said smiling. “Oh. There? Well. It really wasn’t an insurrection when you think about it,” said the nervous agent. “I think it’s time to heal and the FBI shouldn’t go anywhere near there,” [click]. Cloaking the hideout under the new store name has been a boon to organized crime, and all the credit goes to President Biden. “We demand an apology from Republicans who said Joe would return our nation to 1970’s crime levels,” Jen Psaki said. “We are far exceeding the ‘70’s and we’ve only just begun.” Update: The CNN reporter later asked the mafia leader why, if you’re worried about being seen, did you agree to this televised interview. To which Mickey replied, “Why do you think we only talk to CNN?
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