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  1. While this AI Deep Fake video ends on a humorous note, the implications are bone chilling. I've read about the open source applications that have been released over the last several months. I was able to access one easily and without restrictions, but then decided not to pursue the mischief I planned, due solely to the fear of getting caught. For me, it simply isn't worth risking what little I had, regardless of the statement that it would have made. There's little to stop any nefarious actor from taking a social media image of anyone to manipulate. For now, the tech has been used for humor, or, used to supplant celebrities for porn actors. Which only proves it's now in the hands of depraved people with far too much time on their hands. Personally, I don't think I would have spotted this video as a fake immediately without the side by side.
  2. I've mentioned multiple times in the past here on DV that I believed Nixon was not guilty of authorizing Watergate. The recent dump of FOIA files proved the CIA was behind the JFK assignation, and the Warren Commission offering the white washed lie. Here is a Tucker Carlson video where he explains the details far more eloquently than I. The Nixon set up starts at around the 7 minute mark. I've long been in the conspiracy theorist category, finally I can proclaim MY pronouns.. Told . You . So . DM
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