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  1. Right you are because men of God care for the poor and impoverished. They aren't tempted by greed. They work for humanity... Oh wait what was I thinking... There are plenty of greedy and unconcerned clergy... That's why the Catholics own billions in properties and artwork and pay lawyers to defend them. And Evangelicals build churches bigger than football stadiums and their preachers wear $5,000 suits and drive Cadillacs. Or every other religion cashing in off their followers to enjoy the riches. So I guess you are wrong Mark, religion is very much right wing in their l
  2. NEW YORK (Reuters) - World stock markets should fall further on Monday after a record contraction in China's manufacturing and service sectors because of the coronavirus outbreak, illustrating the massive potential economic impacts of the epidemic for the rest of the globe. The outbreak has already caused massive disruptions in industry, led U.S. equities to suffer their worst weekly selloff since the financial crisis and knocked trillions off the market value of global stocks. The first proper glimpse of how much economic damage the outbreak has inflicted so far came from China, the
  3. Did you forget Trump is an Elitist? He is one of them and has admitted to manipulating the markets in the past. He has admitted to putting out false info on potentially buying a company to drive up the price, only to sell and therefore cash in... I am always shocked that people forget things like this. He is a money man and could care less about the average person... I know I'm going to get negged for telling people the truth about his market manipulation, even though he has admitted it... Ahh The United States of Amnesia... B/A
  4. Thanks Pitcher... I do agree it is early and there will be a Dead Cat Bounce before it drops again. My point was that people need not panic but to wait for buying opportunities... You and I have talked about having money on the sidelines for a while and there will be the point where we will see the buying opportunity of a lifetime. Many people are going to freak out when they get their quarterly statements for their 401ks and that could cause another selling frenzy.... I hope people have moved some of their profits from the incredible 10 year bull market so they will be able to buy on the chea
  5. I see it like this.... If I walk in a store and everything is priced 20 or 25% off.... That's when you buy... Same with the markets, right now everything is on sale..... B/A
  6. S&P Futures 2,932.00 -25.00(-0.85%) Dow Futures 25,330.00 -222.00(-0.87%) Nasdaq Futures 8,320.25 -62.50(-0.75%
  7. I've been in a McDonald's that looked like that... I did call the health department, but never went back to a McDonald's. B/A
  8. You're not looking at the percentage, just total numbers.... Based on total numbers, the Flu kills .1% of those affected. As of now, CoronaVirus is killing people at 2%... That's 20 times more deadly... These are early numbers based on the last month or so, so in reality we all need to wait for a bit to see how the numbers skew. JMHO B/A
  9. I concur.... I think it is best to see what the experts say and not the politicians, or the CDB sellers... B/A
  10. Starr whose blaming Trump? He's the saying it has to do with politics... That's just asinine.... This is about economics... Nearly everything in your house has something from China... Your TV, phone, computer, alarm clock, prescription drugs... Those factories have been closed for weeks... Supply and demand. The demand is still there but supply is dwindling... B/A
  11. Sorry, Starr but this isn't funny and not political... I could care less about the politics... Now is the time to be proactive, not reactionary. B/A
  12. True, but I'm betting my life on doctors and scientists... Not a business man.... B/A
  13. Good luck on your trades.... I hope you are right about the RV... B/A
  14. Reuters Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar on Wednesday declined to promise that a coronavirus vaccine would be affordable for all Americans, sparking outrage from Democrats. "We would want to ensure that we work to make it affordable, but we can't control that price because we need the private sector to invest," Azar told members of Congress. On Monday, the president asked Congress for $2.5 billion in funding to fight the coronavirus — more than $1 billion of that funding will be designated for vaccine development. Democratic
  15. Check BCLI... I bought at $4... They have had some really good news lately. B/A
  16. No asset class appears to be safe amid the current global market rout. And while it goes without saying that people are losing money, the phenomenon may underscore something far more ominous. “For the last few weeks, while we've had this volatility, you've had stocks zig while bonds zag. So every time stocks went up, bonds tailed off and vice-versa,” Academy Securities’ Peter Tchir said on Yahoo Finance’s The Final Round. “All of a sudden, that behavior changed a little bit into the close yesterday. And making it even more dangerous to me, you saw oil fall off into the close. Commodities
  17. Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, who told his listeners that alarmism about the coronavirus was a plot to bring down President Trump, has attacked the CDC official who warned Americans that the virus will inevitably spread in the U.S. “Dr. Nancy Messonnier of the Centers for Disease Control — which today warned it could be bad, it might be bad, don’t go to school and don’t go to work, stay at home and teleconference — is the sister of the former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein,” Limbaugh said on Tuesday’s program. Rosenstein, who resigned from the Justice Department last
  18. Yup, Goldman Sachs, just put their forecast for the year and it isn't pretty... I don't short, but I know you do... You must have made some great trades this week. B/A
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