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  1. A Middle East conflict fomented by Iran, rather than the coronavirus outbreak cascading across the global economy, is the biggest risk to worldwide stability that may “doom” President Donald Trump’s reelection bid, Nouriel Roubini told Yahoo Finance. Famously known for his gloomy financial prognostications, the Iranian-born economist also known as “Dr. Doom” predicted that Iran’s “number one objective” is to remain in power, especially in the wake of a rising COVID-19 infections within the country that may threaten the regime’s hold on power. “Four more years of Donald Trump, and between sanctions and military pressure they’re going to collapse,” Roubini told “On the Move” in a wide-ranging interview on Friday. “So what can they do?” he asked. “They can escalate tensions ...regionally and with the United States” as a way to reignite oil prices, trigger a worldwide recession — all of which would undermine Trump’s reelection chances, amid a market that’s in the throes of a historic sell-off. Tensions between Tehran and Washington have been elevated since Trump took office, but entered a more dangerous phase in January, after a U.S. drone strike killed Qasem Soleimani, a top-ranking Iranian commander. Meanwhile, Iran is widely perceived to have been the driving force behind the September drone strike that briefly incapacitated Saudi Arabia’s oil production and sent crude on a tear. As historical precedent, Roubini cited how Iran figured prominently in prior U.S. elections decades ago. The 1973 oil embargo and the Iranian revolution of 1979 were geopolitical shocks that spurred oil prices, triggered an economic downturn — and saw incumbent presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter fall to upstart challengers. Roubini speculated that Iran would use “asymmetric warfare” to destabilize the region. And with that, the world’s largest superpower will find itself “sucked into the conflict, and it becomes a regional and global conflict, then Trump is doomed,” Roubini noted. The COVID effect Nouriel Roubini, Chairman of Roubini Macro Associates LLC and Professor of Economics, Stern School of Business, New York University, speaks during the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills, California, U.S., May 3, 2017. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson Iran is already implicated in cyber attacks against U.S. interests, Annie Fixler, deputy director of the Center on Cyber and Technology Innovation at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies,” noted in a recent analysis. “State-sponsored Iranian cyber operations are likely to continue, either in direct response to Soleimani’s death, in reaction to U.S. economic pressure, or in pursuit of other regime interests,” Fixler wrote. “Cyber operations are a key pillar of Iran’s strategy, which relies on asymmetric capabilities to battle its more powerful adversaries,” she added. Roubini argued that a U.S. air campaign against Iran wouldn’t work, “unless you send one million boots on the ground,” the economist said — something the U.S. has no apparent appetite to do given its desire to exit armed conflicts in the Middle East. Barring that, “the regime is going to survive,” Roubini noted. “It is in the interest of Iran to provoke the United States, Israel and the allies, to create chaos, spike oil prices... crush the market, create a recession and then you get rid of Donald Trump,” he added. The impact of the coronavirus on Iran, where deaths from the pathogen have surged since the first reported case a week ago, is a wildcard that makes the hard-line government even more unpredictable. Calling the economic and domestic risks “significant,” Eurasia Group analyst Henry Rome said last week that the country faces the prospect of a deep economic crisis. “If the outbreak is contained quickly, trade should bounce back relatively quickly. If the interruptions are prolonged and Iran re-enters a deep recession, the odds of opening up negotiations with the U.S. this year in the hope of sanctions relief will likely increase from the current low level of 15%,” Rome wrote. With a restive population already challenging the Iranian government’s legitimacy, Roubini believes Tehran will fan more flames of instability in the turbulent region. “In the case of China they have damaged the economy [and] they have to find a scapegoat,” Roubini told Yahoo Finance. “In the case of Iran, [they] have a damaged economy, a damaged regime and they have to lash out. That actually makes an attack even more likely.” B/A
  2. He just figured this out???? Another genius in D.C.... Who votes for these people??? B/A
  3. Are you comparing Trump to Reagan?.... Trump can't even ride a horse. B/A
  4. Well it's as though Trump has fallen on the sword... His lame response is coming back to haunt him... We have a government that is reactionary as opposed to being proactive. I don't know about you, but the best companies and management I've been associated with were proactive, not reactionary. B/A
  5. I'm from Massachusetts and the people I know there will never vote for her... She is not well liked, and if the nominee is smart, he will send her packing... B/A
  6. Corona is wiping out Trump's older base... It's the Democrats damnit... While the right wing supporters are using God, the evil Democrats are using science... I'm just joking... B/A
  7. Sorry 8th, but what's laughable is educated adults can be so easily conned like children... There is no boogie man, no Santa Claus, no leprechauns, or unicorns... You need to come off the media / youtube crack... All these frenzies are created for one reason... To control the sheeple... Don't be a sheeple. Use your head and think about reality. The two parties work together to control the public... They go to each others parties, weddings and other shingdigs spending our money, while they keep the people at bay... It's all fun and games to them and they think the average person is an idiot. Stop being sucked in to their charade. B/A
  8. Very interesting... Thanks for posting. B/A
  9. FEMA preparing for possible coronavirus emergency declaration WASHINGTON — The Federal Emergency Management Agency is planning for the possibility that President Donald Trump could make an emergency declaration to bring in extra funds and personnel to assist the administration's coronavirus response, according to internal documents obtained by NBC News. FEMA officials are preparing for an "infectious disease emergency declaration" by the president that would allow the agency to provide disaster relief funding to state and local governments, as well as federal assistance to support the coronavirus response, according to agency planning documents reviewed by NBC News. The Trump administration would have to use the 1988 Stafford Act to enable FEMA to provide such disaster assistance. Emergency declarations are most often used in the event of natural disasters but can be used to help manage disease outbreaks. Full coverage of the coronavirus outbreak "To me this is another indication that the president and the White House are finally aware of the gravity of the situation," said Michael Coen, who was FEMA chief of staff during the Obama administration. "They need to consider all tools available to them and have contingencies for action." "I actually find this reassuring," said Tim Manning, who was a FEMA deputy administrator under President Barack Obama. “I hope this discussion has been happening continuously over the last couple of months." Health An emergency declaration would allow FEMA to provide disaster medical assistance teams, mobile hospitals and military transport, among other kinds of federal support, Manning said. FEMA's disaster relief fund has a current balance of $34 billion, according to the latest agency update. "It's money that’s sitting there and ready," said another former FEMA official, who declined to be identified. FEMA spokesperson Lizzie Litzow said the agency is currently focused on supporting the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), which separately declared a "public health emergency" on Jan. 31, allowing HHS to access funds and other resources to aid the government's virus response. "At this time, there isn't anything additional to the HHS public health emergency," Litzow said. The White House did not respond to a request for comment. Download the NBC News app for full coverage of the coronavirus outbreak It would not be the first time the federal government has used FEMA's resources to assist in a medical event. In 2000, President Bill Clinton used a Stafford Act emergency declaration for outbreaks of the West Nile virus in New York and New Jersey, ordering up to $5 million in federal aid to supplement state efforts to combat the mosquito-borne virus. Emergency declarations are distinct from "major disaster" declarations, which are more far-reaching and are typically used for hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters. B/A
  10. I said it a long time ago. I didn't understand why you guys were wasting time bashing her... She never had a chance. B/A
  11. I agree, Gabbard will not be heard from very much if at all... Pete is 39... He will be back I'm sure. I'm not saying he is the guy, but you right that the elderly need to go home and spend time with their great grand kids... America needs to let go of the old regimes.... B/A
  12. 1) Yup Democrats certainly want to control healthcare. 2) This one falls under the Republicans. They have crushed the middle class. 3) Another Republican favorite... Debt and plenty of it. 4) Back to Democrats... They are against guns. 5) Another Democrat favorite, help the poor, but do nothing when their well intention program gets abused. 6) Oh you Republicans... Education is not a priority and letting business handle it for profit is not good. Thousand Points of Light anyone? 7) Religion... It's a split. If you are Muslium, or anything else the Republicans are against. If are any religion Dems are for. If you are American you realize our founding Fathers never wanted religion in government... 8 This one is surely Republican. Big business overrules the rest of us by billions. JMHO B.A
  13. Wow I just checked and I see Bloomberg has moved up quite a bit here on DV.. This week will be very telling. B/A
  14. It will be interesting to see if Bloomberg has a good Super Tuesday... B/A
  15. Anyone who believes our government has anything to do with the private bank of Iraq should give me a call. I have a great deal on a bridge in Brooklyn.... B/A
  16. I do... The party is in a shambles with no real leadership. But this crazy concept that if Bernie wins in November, we will suddenly become a new system is just pure conspiracy... No president has the power to change everything, not even with Executive Orders. If that was true, Trump would be doing it daily to serve his whims. People believe things to easily. Just like the left media makes their pitch about climate change, or healthcare, the right media is constantly pitching that we will all lose our guns or the stock market will instantly crash... And people believe it to be true. The ability to strike fear in the American public seems to be achieved all to easy. The reality is, not much really ever changes and when it does it takes a long time. I'm just tired of hearing people say that any one person is going to destroy America... JMHO B/A
  17. Do you seriously believe Sanders or anyone else is going to turn America into a Communist country? One person as president really doesn't have a lot of power... Even with the Senate look how little Trump has been able to do... So a Democrat president without the Senate will do even less... This hysteria from the right is laughable... B/A
  18. Well at least you didn't accuse her of being a man in drag... LOL You know there will be some of that coming from the mindless. B/A
  19. I think that is all true and obviously a letter to calm his clients... My guy sent out one that has the same message more or less... What else can they do? My guy is great and honest and told me by Wednesday he phone was ringing off the hook... B/A
  20. No doubt... Right now I wouldn't get on a bus , never mind planes, trains and cruise ships... They are all about to get slammed. So will hotels, restaurants and retail... B/A
  21. SHOWS: GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES (FEBRUARY 22, 2020)(NCHSAA - MUST COURTESY 'NCHSAA') 1. HEAVEN FITCH WINNING MATCH TO CLINCH NORTH CAROLINA STATE HIGH SCHOOL WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIP IN 106 POUND (48 KILOGRAM) CLASS 2. FITCH BEING DECLARED WINNER AND CELEBRATING 3. STILL PHOTO OF FITCH ON TOP STEP OF 106-POUND CLASS PODIUM WITH THREE BOYS 4. STILL PHOTO OF FITCH ALONE ON PODIUM STORY: 16-year-old Heaven Fitch became the first female to win a North Carolina state high school wrestling championship earlier this week in Greensboro after defeating a field of mostly boys. Without enough female wrestlers to form a division of their own in North Carolina, the few girls who wrestle do so in the boys divisions. Fitch won her championship February 22 in the 106-pound (48 kilogram) weight class after finishing the season with a 54-4 record and winning the award for Most Outstanding Wrestler. Let the Pizza Gate type conspiracies begin... LOL B/A
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