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  1. Republicans are taking a beating because they are backing a loser, corrupt criminal instead of backing their voters... It behooves me to think some of these guys are throwing away their legacies in support of a guy who has turned America into a laughing stock and a banana republic. Lindsey Graham refuses to read the transcripts? How is that serving the public? These so called public servants have become party slaves... And I'm talking about people on both sides... JMHO B/A
  2. You don't know Adam and Eve... That's where we all came from... Test your DNA... It will change your whole idea of your blood lines. B/A
  3. You know we are all related... When Adam and Eve started in Africa, they began the lines... So don't let it bother you brother... B/A
  4. Are you calling me names again? I've spent time in Mississippi, and it a bit behind the curve... B/A
  5. So the net change is about 1 million... The title of the article could be construed as a little misleading. B/A
  6. I don't know who is exiting any of those? Do you mean retirees? B/A
  7. Wasn't it the Republican's who made the whistleblower privacy law? I think I read that somewhere. B/A
  8. Yeah because we want America to mimic Mississippi... B/A
  9. This is rally info, sorry if you don't like the fact that Trump turns his back on the Jewish people and supports the good Nazis.... B/A
  10. Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci predicts Republican lawmakers will pressure President Trump to leave office by March 2020. “When you talk to elected Republicans privately they can’t stand the president. They know the president is a lawless person and basically a criminal,” Scaramucci told Yahoo Finance’s On the Move. The “Mooch” as he is called by friends, updated his earlier prediction that Republican leaders on Capitol Hill would ask the president to leave office by the end of the year. “Unfortunately I got that part of it wrong,” Scaramucci said. “I was counting on levels of valor and patriotism from my fellow Republicans and we didn’t get that yet.” But Scaramucci, a political insider who was part of Trump’s finance committee in 2016 and joined the administration for a brief 11-day run as communications director in 2017, says the president’s approval rating keeps falling as the impeachment inquiry uncovers more scandals within the White House. Scaramucci said Republicans can’t ignore the new polls from Fox News and NBC/Wall Street Journal which show a growing number of Americans, 49%, want Trump removed from office. “I predict that’s now going to have to go to 60 and when it’s 60, Republicans are going to have to cut and run.” Launching a PAC to beat Trump Scaramucci recently filed paperwork to create a political action committee (PAC) which will use its funds to defeat Trump if he fails to leave office before the 2020 presidential election. “I am in the process of raising the assets and I will make an announcement in early January the number of assets we’ve raised and where we are going to target the thing,” he said. Scaramucci’s PAC will focus on 11 swing states like Ohio, Michigan and Florida targeting suburban voters, “to explain what the president is doing actually to their children,” he said. “You can’t have somebody that is lawless at the top of the food chain, who is supposed to be the number one law enforcement official in the United States.” Republican loyalty to Trump Scaramucci suspects voters are turned off by the presidents “repetitive lying” and “bullying.” Among Republican voters, Trump’s approval rating has fallen eight points since September to 74%, according to a recent ABC News Washington Post poll. But 61% strongly approve of Trump’s performance as president which is essentially unchanged. It’s one reason Scaramucci says Republican leaders still defend Trump publicly but trash him privately. US President Donald Trump waves as he arrives to board Air Force One as he departs at John F. Kennedy international airport, after attending an MMA match the night before in New York City on November 3, 2019. (Photo by Andrew CABALLERO-REYNOLDS / AFP) (Photo by ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images) More “The president tries to shame people. He'll bully people,” said Scaramucci. “Remember, we have to be 100% loyal to him like he's David Koresh, or Jim Jones from the Jonestown Kool-Aid punch. If you're not 100% loyal to him he flips out.” Scaramucci said Republicans should have acted sooner despite what he calls their fear to act. “The stink of the president would have lasted a little while, but not that long. I mean, they're overestimating his power of intimidation,” he said. “And they're underestimating how good they could be post his departure.” B/A
  11. NEW YORK, Nov 4 (Reuters) - President Donald Trump's longtime accounting firm must hand over eight years of his taxreturns to New York prosecutors, a U.S. appeals court ruledMonday in the latest setback for Trump in his tenacious effortsto keep his finances secret. The ruling by a unanimous three-judge panel of the New York-based 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals backed the abilityof prosecutors to enforce a subpoena for the returns againstaccounting firm Mazars LLP. Jay Sekulow, a lawyer for Trump,said the Republican president will appeal the ruling to the U.S.Supreme Court, whose 5-4 conservative majority includes twojustices appointed by Trump. The office of Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, a Democrat, is seeking the returns as part of a criminalinvestigation into Trump and his family real estate business.The scope of that probe is not publicly known. The 2nd Circuit did not decide whether Trump is immune from being charged with a state crime while in office, as thepresident has argued. However, it found that even if he is, theimmunity could not stop Vance from getting the returns from athird party, or from prosecuting him once he leaves office. It would "exact a heavy toll on our criminal justice system to prohibit a state from even investigating potential crimescommitted by him for potential later prosecution," 2nd CircuitChief Judge Robert Katzmann wrote in the ruling. Vance's office has agreed not to enforce the subpoena while Trump petitions the Supreme Court. Under the agreement, Trumphas 10 calendar days to file the petition. Trump, who built a real estate empire with his New York-based business before becoming president, separately facesan impeachment inquiry in the Democratic-led U.S. House ofRepresentatives. BREAKING TRADITION Trump has refused to make his tax returns public, breaking with a decades-old tradition of U.S. presidential candidatesreleasing their returns during campaigns and presidentsdisclosing them while in office. More broadly, Trump has foughtefforts by Democrats in Congress and others to obtaininformation about his finances and a range of other matters. In a similar dispute, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in May refused to release Trump's tax returns to a House committee,saying the request was not based on "a legitimate legislativepurpose." The House then sued the Treasury Department and theInternal Revenue Service in July to try to get access to the taxrecords. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of ColumbiaCircuit on Oct. 11 ruled in favor of the House bid to obtainTrump's financial records from Mazars. In August, Vance subpoenaed Trump's personal and corporate tax returns from 2011 to 2018, and other records from MazarsUSA, the president's longtime accounting firm. Trump suedVance's office in Manhattan federal court to try to block thesubpoena, arguing that as a sitting president, he cannot besubject to criminal investigation. On Oct. 7, U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero threw out Trump's lawsuit, calling his claim of immunity "repugnant to thenation's governmental structure and constitutional values." Theruling prompted Trump's appeal to the 2nd Circuit. Arguing before the appeals court on Oct. 23, a lawyer for Trump made the claim of immunity more explicit, saying stateauthorities would be powerless to act against the president evenif he shot someone on the street unless he were removed fromoffice first. Katzmann wrote in Monday's order that the extent of the president's immunity was irrelevant to the case. "The subpoena at issue is directed not to the President, but to his accountants; compliance does not require the President todo anything at all," Katzmann wrote. Katzmann was appointed to the court by former President Bill Clinton, a Democrat. The other two judges on the panel,Christopher Droney and Denny Chin, both appointed by formerPresident Barack Obama, Trump's predecessor and also a Democrat. A spokesman for Vance declined to comment on the ruling. Trump filed his own lawsuit in July seeking to block the House Ways and Means Committee from invoking a New York law thatallows it to request his state tax returns. That case remainspending. The House impeachment inquiry focuses on the president's request in a July phone call for Ukrainian President VolodymyrZelenskiy to investigate a domestic political rival, Joe Biden,the former vice president and a top contender for the 2020Democratic presidential nomination to face Trump. Seems I read somewhere, something about the courts taking down some evil people. B/A
  12. Hey LGD I apologize my comments on this thread are irrelevant. I thought this was a different thread... I need more coffee... B/A
  13. But you didn't comment on the story. Do you think the military preparing for the changing climate is a hoax, or do you think all the politicians calling climate change a hoax are correct? B/A
  14. I agree the guys come off as a couple of doofuses, but the point is, while some of our politicians laugh it off as a hoax, our military is taking it very seriously... That means something, unless you believe our military is part of The Deep State being secretly controlled by George Soros, which sadly some people probably believe that conspiracy too! B/A
  15. It's the Deep State... No wait it is George Soros breaking the sound barrier.... B/A
  16. Let's see... I remember when Clinton won, he would take our guns. When Obama won he would take our guns. Now here we go again with the same scare tactics... If a democrat wins they will take our guns. When will people learn this is the definition of insanity. They do the same things over and over and yet it never changes. No one is going to take your right to bear arms no matter how many times they say it. Clinton was voted into office in the 80s, some of you people probably weren't even born then... People say marketing doesn't work, I disagree, marketing works very well and the fear of them taking your guns yet again is promoted and working rather well. B/A
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