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  1. LOS ANGELES (AP) — Bernie Sanders won Super Tuesday's biggest prize, taking California on a night he sought to blunt the momentum of a suddenly surging Joe Biden in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. California was only one of 14 states that voted Tuesday, but its more than 400 delegates made it the most coveted primary in the narrowing Democratic field. But it is not clear how many delegates Sanders will claim from California, given the state's complicated process for awarding them. The final tally won't be sorted out for days as state officials still must count late ar
  2. California just reported its first coronavirus death: an elderly patient in the Sacramento area. The person had recently returned from a cruise, but it was not the Diamond Princess ship that was quarantined in Japan. Health officials said other passengers on the ship, the Grand Princess, may have been exposed. The patient also had contact with at least 10 healthcare workers and five emergency responders, who are being quarantined. For the latest case total, death toll, and travel information, see Business Insider's live updates here.
  3. Waiting to reload.... Thanks B/A
  4. Analyst: Fed's emergency cut was 'psychologically important', may herald negative rates The Federal Reserve's decision to cut interest rates by 50 basis points on Tuesday was "psychologically very important for the markets," according to one analyst, who also thinks rates could sink below zero as the stakes get higher in the worldwide battle to prevent a coronavirus pandemic. Amid growing concerns surrounding the COVID-19 viral outbreak, voting members of the Federal Open Market Committee unanimously agreed to an inter-meeting rate cut by half a percentage point — the first int
  5. Here's my baby... Her name is Destiny.
  6. Now that is a pretty sled... B/A
  7. The Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged to session lows Tuesday, as it swung from a 376-point gain to a 900-point loss following the Fed's surprise rate cut. The Dow Jones industrials dived 3.2%, the Nasdaq crashed 3.7%, and the S&P 500 shed 3.4%. Small caps tracked by the Russell 2000 tumbled 2.2%. Volume was higher on both major exchanges vs. the same time Monday. Soon after the open, the Federal Reserve unexpectedly cut rates by a half point to help counter the economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak. It marked the first surprise cut since the 2008 financial crisis. Fed C
  8. S&P 500 3,003.37 -86.86(-2.81%) Dow 30 25,917.41 -785.91(-2.94%) Nasdaq 8,684.09 -268.08(-2.99%) Russell 2000 1,486.08 -32.41(-2.13%)
  9. I'm not worried, Trump said warm weather will kill it... And everyone is of course, safe at his rallies... I think he is trying to make sure people still show up... Maybe they held up funding because according to the experts, the real medical experts, the funding proposed by the administration is woefully inadequate. Of course the administration is smarter than the doctors... Our reactionary approach has been embarrassing.... In South Korea that are testing 10,000 people a day. Heck they have set up drive thru testing. I saw a college student at an American airport who
  10. Love Santana... Great post... B/A
  11. I believe you are correct... When he is out of office, many things will come back to haunt him... JMHO B/A
  12. Pre-Market is all over the place... Was yesterday just a Dead Cat Bounce? B/A
  13. Let's see what happens today.... There is no doubt some backroom deals were made to get these people to drop out before Super Tuesday. Perhaps promised positions in the next administration. But no one is planning for the possibility that Mike brings a lot of voters to his campaign... They seem to have already counted him out... I'm not so sure. Many people I talk to who are in the middle are interested. I even know several Republicans who have decided they will not vote for Trump and they see Mike as a less extreme choice... On another note Saturday I saw many Trump supporters in S
  14. Considering only about 60 or 70 people have it and 6 are dead... We are off to a roaring start... Your post is very interesting and serves as a good reminder for all of us... Thanks Pitcher B/A
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