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  1. Newsweek November 18, 2016 ZIMBABWE LAWYERS TAKE PRESIDENT ROBERT MUGABE TO COURT OVER QUASI-CURRENCY Zimbabwean lawyers are taking President Robert Mugabe to court for issuing a presidential decree permitting the introduction of a quasi-currency, which they say is an attempt to reintroduce the failed Zimbabwean dollar through “the back door.” Mugabe invoked the Presidential Powers Act on October 31 to amend the law governing Zimbabwe’s central bank and allow for the introduction of bond notes, which the bank has described as a U.S. dollar equ
  2. Viral Fake Election News Outperformed Real News On Facebook In Final Months Of The US Election A BuzzFeed News analysis found that top fake election news stories generated more total engagement on Facebook than top election stories from 19 major news outlets combined. posted on Nov. 16, 2016, at 5:15 p.m. Craig Silverman BuzzFeed Founding Editor, Canada View this image ›
  3. Straight NewsMax... No lefties there. Judge Tells Trump University Litigants They Would be Wise to Settle Donald Trump stands beside a video sign for Trump University. (AP) The U.S. judge overseeing a lawsuit against President-elect Donald Trump and his Trump University told both sides they would be wise to settle the case "given all else that's involved." Lawyers for the president-elect are squaring off against students who claim they were they were lured by false promises to pay up to $35,000 to learn Trump's real estate investing
  4. It's just a news article, don't get your panties in a wad. B/A
  5. McCain Warns Trump on Putin as Transition Shows Signs of Disarray By JASON HOROWITZ, HELENE COOPER, JENNIFER STEINHAUER and ADAM GOLDMANUPDATED 4:31 PM The jockeying for power in the incoming administration of President-elect Donald J. Trump and on Capitol Hill is exposing frayed nerves and lingering anger — but also the seeds of new leadership in both parties. McCain to Trump: Don’t get cozy with Putin. Senator John McCain issued a blunt warning on Tuesday to President-elect Trump and his emerging foreign policy team: Don’t try another “reset” wit
  6. Sorry Sarge, but your hate is going to come back to haunt you... Have you seen the children on the news in school chanting White Power? How does that make you feel? I personally find it sad and a step backwards for humanity. JMHO B/A
  7. The idea of the Electoral College was developed to prevent voters from choosing only local candidates that they were familiar with in their own areas. The reason was simple, getting information to all people in the 1700's was a bit more difficult than in today's world. So it's purpose made sense at the time. Does it today? Has it outgrown it's usefulness? Do Americans want their actual vote not to count? Here is the history for those interested. Did you know it was created with inspiration from ancient Rome? In order to appreciate the reasons for the Electoral College,
  8. Kaperoni November 15, 2016 For those who don’t know, deleting or dropping the zeros in the case of Iraq won’t happen overnight. It’s going to take time. The zeros will go away one by one as the dinar rises in value. What causes the value to rise is what is known as “supply and demand” Or what some call “market forces”. Meaning as investors and investment comes into Iraq, it will drive the value of the dinar up… Which will cause the zeros to go away naturally over time. There is no RV or single event. This is well documented in the IMF…Stand by Agre
  9. Mnt Goat November 14, 2016 Hi Everyone, There is now so much news pouring out of Iraq on the “project to delete the zeros”. I am presenting many of these new articles to you below. Folks these are not old articles. They are all just recently published this last week. Remember I am not calling a date for the RV. What I am doing is bringing you the news as the government and the CBI announce it. I add my commentary in RED to help you understand. Why all this news now? As I told you they will have to explain the project all over again to the citizens since it has bee
  10. Dr. Clarke November 14, 2016 [Since the CBI says they are starting the process to delete the 000’s it may very well be a rate change in 2016.] Looking more & more, like the highest probability, is right at the very end of November, 2016…we’d say it’s now at 99%.
  11. Currency Reset In India Causes Panic and Chaos With Massive Hit On Black Market In a stunning move that shocked many people In India, the government decided without warning to make all 500 and 1000 rupee valueless. This while not preparing for this move and printing money for to exchange at the banks has created a panic in this country. Article Link
  12. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/donald-trump-60-minutes-interview-weighs-twitter-use-as-president/
  13. Good thing they were on Trump's side or Markinsa would want to "Eliminate" you.
  14. No No No... Here is the latest... https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=popular+vote+2016&eob=enn/p//0/1/////////// Markinsa, just "Eliminate Los Angeles County in California and you've got a different story? " Well we could just eliminate all the people in Nebraska or Idaho or Arizona.. Who cares what they think? Is the point of your statement, let's just get rid of the votes we don't like? B/A
  15. Well tonight is the biggest brightest moon since 1948... I hope your crystal ball clears up tonight! B/A
  16. Actually all it took was The Electoral College system. The truth is, more Americans voted against Trump than for him. Pretty simple. It's not new math just basic addition and subtraction. Good luck Mr. Trump, like in all things those who supported you will be the same ones who turn on you if you disappoint.
  17. RV, I think we agree on many more things than you might imagine. Common Core makes me want to throw-up. It is a sick and perverse government program, as are so many. When I speak of education and progressives, I'm not talking about recent history. I gather from your examples that you believe I'm talking about the progress (or lack there of) of education in our lifetimes. I'm not. I'm talking about when education was made available to the masses. Looking back to early America, the churches were the ones who starting the building blocks of public education. It was available on a very limite
  18. It doesn't matter where we live... It matters that we vote. I don't know so I'm asking, do other industrialized nations have such a system? B/A
  19. I'm not upset or annoyed, I simply brought over a news story from Politico and commented that I see the same 'ol same 'ol which unfortunately is not a surprise. I am surprised that President Elect Trump's supporters are not moved by seeing the list of regulars. There should be outrage by every American by the mere mention of Goldman Sachs for example. They are part of the problem,(you do remember the economic collapse just after the banksters cashed in) not to mention they love Clinton and paid her dearly. Ah but of course we do live in The United States of Amnesia. As I have stated,
  20. Sage I totally agree she would have been just as bad if not worse. As you have read in my previous posts, I didn't vote for either one of these two criminals. With that said, any of us would reward those who supported us. But I personally, wouldn't go for anyone from Goldman Sachs (do you even remember the bank crisis?), I wouldn't pick a local county sheriff to run Homeland Security. And I doubt I would pick from a list of insiders for many of these positions. I would bring in non-politicians who know how to work and get a job done, and not a bunch of suck ups like the Washington political pr
  21. Hmmm. Oil Barons, Wall Street Banksters, Politicians (including Sid Miller from Texas, the one who tweets things like Cu*t) Yup, looks like his potential picks will fit right in with the working class. As always, JMHO B/A Meet Trump's Cabinet-in-waiting He’s expected to reward the band of surrogates who stood by him. By Nancy Cook and Andrew Restuccia 11/09/16 02:56 AM EST President-elect Donald Trump does not have the traditional cadre of Washington insiders and donors to build out his Cabinet, but his transition team has spent the past several
  22. Thanks Jax, I always appreciate your views. First, I didn't say there was voter fraud, it was those on the right shouting that from the mountaintops. Second, I completely agree. The Constitution stands on it's own as a guiding light for all humanity. Third. Progression is in all things especially science and technology. If not, you would be rowing your boat this weekend and would never know the term waterski. Progression as a political term is no more than a catch phase. Like Make America Great Again, or The Patriot Act or The Affordable Care Act. All great phrases, but without
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