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  1. ASSOCIATED PRESS FRIDAY, JULY 1, 2016 2:00 PM GMT MINSK, Belarus (AP) — Belarus has redenominated its currency, cutting four zeroes off its face value, as the country struggles with recession. Friday’s redenomination is the third since the nation of 10 million became independent after the 1991 Soviet collapse. The Belarusian ruble, which had traded at 20,000 to the dollar before the move, now stands at 2 rubles a dollar. Most Belarusians met the news without enthusiasm. Igor Trofimchuk, a 46-year-old engineer, said it “definitely didn’t make us richer.” Retiree Tatiana Protasova, 73, said it wouldn’t hide a steady rise in consumer prices. Belarus’s economy, which depends on neighboring Russia for cheap energy and subsidies, shrank 4 percent last year. It’s forecast to contract 3 percent this year. President Alexander Lukashenko’s government has sought a $3 billion bailout from the International Monetary Fund. B/A
  2. I know some of you guys think I'm a liberal, but I'm not. I will never vote for that crooked B*#%ch! But let's not act like this administration is any different than those of the past. Let's not forget 911 was an inside job, and we know who was in office then. Don't bash me, watch this video by the world's best engineers. B/A
  3. Holy crap the sky is falling!!! This one actually made me laugh... But remember folks this is the rumor section and Luigi brings rumors. Why you neg him is hard to understand. If the rumors bring you down simply do not read them. If you have been here for more than a couple of days then you know this section could be retitled the BS section... Just read this crap for fun... Okay I'm done ranting... HAPPY FRIDAY!!! B/A P.S. Luigi, I gave you a greenie for this one. It really is funny.
  4. June 15th. There's that date again.... Is it a full moon or something????? B/A
  5. I ran into this and although I'm not one to "ride the couch", I found this interesting. There seems to be urgency unlike I've seen in the 7 years I've been watching Iraq. Usually the gurus are the ones throwing out dates, but right now everyone is bringing up the IMF and June 15th. And Suddenly (there's that word) everyone is taking their stand. I think something is going down in Dinarland!!! JMHO B/A June 9, 2016 Harvesttime: There is a date of June 15th! ( See article below) Will someone who understands this article and date please explain. Thank you very much! Aggiedad77: This June 15 date is at or near the 20 day extension the Iraqis were given on May 28 that Frank has talked about on the last couple of CC’s….. They have a specific time frame in which they are to approve the conditions that were given by the IMF……in fact we think they have already approved this conditions and they simply need to communicate that to the IMF…. Remember too that Frank has mentioned that the CBI is working together now with the Finance Committee in Parliament……they are getting their ducks lined up to insure these loans become a reality….. Keep focused on what is going on with Fallujah and Mosul as well though….they too are key events in all that is happening in Iraq right now. Aloha Randy Walkingstick: Tamimi: the government would agree to the terms of the IMF, including the imposition of a 15% tax on salaries June 9, 2016 Confirmed the parliamentary finance committee member Majda al-Tamimi said, “the International Monetary Fund put a date ends on June 15 of the current month to the approval of the Iraqi government on the conditions for granting a loan of $ 5 billion and $ 400 million.” She said in a televised statement followed the agency of our economy News, that “the government would agree to fund the conditions to cover the great failure of running the state since 2003, so far,” .msheerh that “Finance wants to impose a tax of up to 15% on salaries and stop the appointments until they repay the loan.” She said Tamimi, “The state revenues since 2003, has so far amounted to more than 855 billion and $ 279 million went one-third of the salaries of either other two-thirds have gone unheeded in the presence of the treasury empty for the time being,” noting that “Maatmtlleke state now billion dollars only.” She explained that “priority IMF loan goes to oil companies that want 4 billion and $ 600 million and the higher corporate profits increased corrupt incentives in the absence of any accountability to anyone causing the waste of money.” Revealed Tamimi for “The money smuggled volume reached more than 50% of the auction currency,” indicating that “state revenues for the months of January and February amounted to 3 billion and 269 million dollars were sold more than two billion and 500 million dollars of central bank reserves.” LINK ************ Aggiedad77: One by one the villages are being cleared of DAASH/ISIS elements… by one the neighborhoods are being wiped clean of DAASH/ISIS presence……they have edited…..they cleanse…..they mop up……these steps will make it safe for the citizens to return to their homes once again……to new freedoms… a new Iraq……it is happening right before our eyes….the evil dissolves and the good will hold strong and win….as God demands. Aloha Randy ************ Frank26: Reposted from Wednesday PM 6-8-16Video #1: *** Removed Link *** Don961: LONG OVERDUE….the street folks know who’s been robbing them blind …. and who is still trying to block reforms ….. trying to hide behind their positions in government …. the clock is ticking ….. IMO Dnari131: , these are just p’d off Iraqi’s overall. Iraqi’s on the ground from what I’ve been reading and seeing their comments have reached their limit. Fallajuh/Mosul is important to them and at the same time they feel ISIS is in the government green zone too. At what point is enough enough. We can wait patiently following and researching but they are living the madness everyday as we know. Fed court ruling delayed Again…20+ years and counting waiting patiently. If anything Sadr/Sistani have been SLOWING the citizens down from “going off” 100% up to now burning it all to the ground going back to last summer. However, the citizens imo are about to start doing their own thing. The heat wave in Iraq is coming too and they want these delayed reforms done that were due last summer as we know. As far as I’m concerned any delays probably gonna come with consequences versus years past with or without the clerics Sistani and Sadr involved in the matter. Iraqi’s are laughing and cursing Maliiki reading their comments. At the same time months ago Sadr said the corrupt will be removed one way or another. The protests haven’t stopped they just haven’t been reported in the mainstream news over the past month or so til now being leaked. IMO all this speeds up and/or keeps the narrative and needed reforms moving forward including the purchasing power increase rate change…imo… D Walkingstick: Pictures .. Sadrists closing the headquarters of al-Maliki and al-Jaafari and al-Hakim in the southern provinces The southern governorates of Iraq-Press -9 in June: performs activists to follow the Sadrist campaign to close the headquarters of political parties in the southern provinces, as a “disruptive for reform”. Said activist and media Saif Al-Khayat, he said that “young Iraqi popular revolution closed the headquarters of the Islamic call of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s party, the Virtue Party of the reference Mohammed al-Yacoubi, and the headquarters of the Islamic Supreme Council of Ammar al-Hakim, and the headquarters of the Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, the reform movement in the province of Maysan “. Khayat said that “young people in the province of Dhi Qar they prevented staff from reaching the House of Representatives Office of the province,” noting that “the title that moves whereby demonstrators quite clear, which is targeting disruptive reform the political forces and the fight against corruption, which is the most important variable in the protest movement.” . In a related context, he said a member of the citizen mass led by Ammar al-Hakim Mohammed Jamil al-Mayahi, said that “these moves portend Saddam-Shiite”, describing the “institutions that have targeted the headquarters of parties and thugs.” He Mayahi that “all parties have their audience and this is limited to only the followers of cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, though everyone has a weapon and the ability to reply, but the circumstances and the continued momentum of the battle of Fallujah requires us to silence.” Political considered a close associate of Amar al-Hakim that any spark will burn everyone, noting that “reform can not be achieved by chaos and the disruption of state institutions.” At the same time, specialized Iraqi militant group has been able to pirate websites to penetrate the Iraqi Council of Representatives and the President of state law, Nuri al-Maliki site and posted pictures of the victims of the demonstrations taking place in Iraq who were shot dead by security forces after raiding the Green Zone. Muqtada al-Sadr had called for Wednesday, to participate in the demonstrations calling for reform and an end to the quota system in the month of Ramadan, describing Altzhard as “a kind of worship” .anthy (1)
  6. Tide is rising. It appears time is running out and they are going to have to make the tough decisions. Lines are being drawn in the sand (pardon the pun) It is now down to either you're in or you're out. It is beginning to sound like the WB and IMF are at the end of their patience. Things are starting to move very quickly now and old alliances are about to fall. I am beginning to feel like this whole dream/concept/hope/wish RV might actually becoming a reality right before our eyes. B/A
  7. You nailed it Shabs!!! B/A
  8. This sounds like Maliki malarkey to me... B/A
  9. Disputes & Arguments about Revaluation! When will Iraqi Dinar Revalue? By Sahil Saini - Apr 16, 2016 3876 Disputes & Arguments about Revaluation! When will Iraqi Dinar Revalue? :- Iraqi dinar revaluation is the hot discussion among the people these days. Everyone is looking towards Iraq Government to make final decision about revaluation. Revaluation is the process that will enhance the value of Iraqi dinar to its previous stage. There was a time when Iraqi dinar was more powerful currency that the US Dollar. $3.5 US Dollars were traded against one Iraqi Dinar in 1990. Iraq Iran and later on Kuwait war were some of the most important reasons for Iraqi currency to decrease its value in the international market. The expectations are associated with the revolution of dinar is the basic cause for the growing number of dinar investors in the world. Disputes & Arguments about Revaluation Different people in the world have different arguments about Iraqi dinar and its revaluation. Some of them believe that Iraqi dinar will not be able to regain its lost value as fast as some believe. It is a huge lose in the value that not years to recover back. They believe that Iraq can only regain its lost value with the stable economic conditions and the peace is the priority for it. Iraq is passing through a massive recession period with the worst security situation in the country. It is very difficult for a country to get strong economic conditions in the situation like that. Moreover, they think the half of the country is under the occupation of ISISI that is the major trouble for the country. The people who believe in revaluation of Iraqi dinar have different opinion about Iraq and its economic situation. They claim a better security and economic condition of the country than the people have opposing opinions. They believe that only media is responsible for the dark side of Iraq and it does not highlight the things better in the country. They say that ISISI is not a power terrorist organization as some believe. The situation is under control by the Iraq Army and the US Forces. Oil is the backbone of Iraq economy. 99% oil fields are under the direct control of Iraq. None of the terror organization can claim the control on oil reserves. All of the oil fields are in the southern side of the country and the ISISI is active in the northern areas of the country. The country is free from international sanctions imposed by UNO in 1991 after the attack on Kuwait. They are now free to sign any contract with the any country of the world that suits their economy. They believe the situation is completely different in the country. The government of Iraq is interested to sign new contracts with the other countries and the legal barriers in signing a contract with the other countries are removed. The special authorities are provided to the governors to sign any contract with the any country of the world that is in the favor of the country. All of these things are favourable for the country and the economy of Iraq and we expect Iraqi dinar revaluation in next few months of years. What will be the expected time for revaluation? This question is difficult to answer. If you are a dinar investor, you will have to wait for better economic conditions in the country that are not too far to achieve for the government of Iraq. The dispute between Iraq and Kurdistan was also a major barrier in the revaluation of Iraqi dinar. The Kurd Ministers were not talking part in the activities of national assembly. The bill for revaluation is available in the national assembly for discussion. Now, with the serious interests by the recent government, the oil dispute between Iraq and Kurdistan is resolved. It is time to go ahead now. It can be happened any time as per experts. It may take weeks of months but it will not be long enough as some believe.
  10. DoJ, SEC Charge Utah Ponzi Schemer, Who Blames Obama. Thanks, Obama By Mark Melin on April 1, 2016 2:18 pm in Business Subscribe An alleged Utah Ponzi schemer, charged by the U.S. Department of Justice and Securities and Exchange Commission with fraud associated with investments in “top secret” Iraqi currency and oil contracts, has agreed to pay $1.7 million in criminal restitution and serve 36 months in prison. When confronted by investors regarding their James Bond-like investment scheme, the fraudsters blamed President Obama for investment losses. Utah Ponzi Schemer guarantees 3000% returns per year, and church investors open checkbook Cache County resident John Scott Clark, who pled guilty in 2009 to bank fraud, money laundering and illegal gambling and in 2011 was charged in a $47 million Ponzi scheme, is at it again. This time the SEC charged Clark and a business partner with soliciting nearly $1.7 million over approximately seven years, including from investors in Clark’s earlier Ponzi scheme and from members of his church congregation. Perhaps the “tell” to investors should have been the lack of risk with the preponderance of reward: Clark promised investors 3,000% per year. Clark told his congregation that the investment risk was low, and, of course, the returns were “too good to be true.” and “[all] you have to do for that [return] is not talk about it.” Buy low sell high, and guess what? The returns were guaranteed. Clark not only told investors returns would be absurdly high, he provided written guarantees that within 90 days, a $1,000 investment would yield $125,000 and a $20,000 investment would guarantee a $3 million payout. When investment didn’t pan out, its Obama’s fault. Thanks, Obama Classic fraud scheme. No risk, big reward and don’t discuss details with others. The victims were convinced Clark and his business partner claimed to have access to a top secret U.S. military and government program that enabled them to invest in “top secret” Iraqi dinar and oil contracts with foreign governments and large oil companies. The Ponzi master played himself off as a man with special corporate, military, and government connections through the likes of the President of Kuwait, the President of the International Monetary Fund, U.S. President Barack Obama and three former U.S. presidents. In reality, Clark and his business partner used investor’s money to pay for their “personal expenses.” When Clark and his partner failed to pay investors on the guaranteed investment returns, who was to blame? President Obama. Among several of the “sham excuses,” Clark and his partner claimed President Obama had signed an executive order halting the investment payout.
  11. You know Frankie is going to have field day with this! B/A
  12. Welcome to the 21st century. Surely this must be a good thing. B/A
  13. Wisk, remember the President doesn't have the power, congress does. But regardless of who is the president, it is the way we do business. A couple of quick examples. Backing the mujahedeen in Afghanistan in the 70's. Giving birth to the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden. Iran-Contra in the 80's.Selling weapons to release hostages. Why were we in Syria and Iran to begin with? Attacking Iraq in the 90's and selling weapons to freedom fighters, who of course used them to kill American GIs. And of course the longest military action in American history, going back to Iraq and creating a new foe. We ramp them up with weapons so the industrial complex can make more money. Then we send in our people to die fighting against the weapons we've supplied in the past. It's good for business, not so good if you are an American service man or women. But hey, at least the corporations made a profit. And the best part. They don't even have to pay taxes. Ain't American policy just grand? B/A
  14. Nothing new here... That's the way we do "business". Sorry but it's not an Obama thang... B/A
  15. The Republican party is a total and complete train wreck. The majority of their voters are falling in behind Trump and the party is trying to tear him down. Are they really so blind that they don't realize the voters will turn on them for going against their choice? Republican voters will vote for Trump and then start voting out those who stood in the way. And now this, the establishment who is working to tear down their leading candidate is backing Ted, who may actually be an illegal alien. You can't make this stuff up. This is the most interesting election I can ever remember. On the other side Clinton is leading with the black vote, yet Sanders is the one with the record of standing up for their rights. Clinton comes from ultimate wealth and continues, driven by greed to court Wall street and take their six hundred thousand dollar speaking fees for her 45 minute speeches. Do Clinton supporters really believe the banksters aren't expecting a big pay back? Think about the fact she was the wife of the Arkansas governor and then the president, but somehow managed to become a senator in New York state. Ah, can you say Wall Street? Do poor black, white or Hispanic voters actually think this opportunist is looking out for them? Her record in government is horrendous and yet she leads. This is the most interesting election I can ever remember. So let's sum this up. Trump is a whack job, but not a politician. The voters love him, but the party doesn't. Ted who thinks he was delivered to us by a higher power, is probably not even eligible to run for president. Rubio is simply a man-boy and isn't ready for the job. Clinton is a fraud, liar and elitist, whose record of service is tainted at every turn. Sanders is a man of the people but is simply too progressive for most Americans, and the man from Ohio, who may actually be the best or at least the most honest candidate can't even make enough noise to catch the attention of the ice cream truck driving through his neighborhood. This is the most interesting election I can ever remember. B/A
  16. So Sgt Fuzzy hates democrats and Jews???? Nice... What's it like living next to Fred Flintstone? B/A
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