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  1. Actually it may be a crime... "No person shall knowingly solicit, accept or receive from a foreign national any contribution or donation," reads Title 11 in the Code of Federal Regulations, section 110.20 (g). A contribution can be "anything of value," including negative information about a political opponent. It is unlawful to "provide substantial assistance in the solicitation, making, acceptance or receipt of a contribution or donation," reads 11 CFR 110.20 (h). And that is exactly why I didn't vote for that criminal either... Soon many will regret voting for the new criminal or as I like to call him... "The One Term Wonder" B/A
  2. I hope this is fake news.... I wish! No need to panic, top experts say there is nothing to worry about. B/A
  3. Let's hope you are right and he does do what is best for the country. As for being grateful, it is certainly far too soon to judge. So far his administration has been far below the dignity of the office.. The Russian thing is tragic. They all denied any contact, now they have to admit it because of emails. Had they been truthful to begin with, that would have demonstrated a difference from usual politics, but by lying they are looking like the same old song and dance. That is a shame for all of us and especially those who voted for him because he promised to be not a politician but a real guy... Let's hope he has learned truth is a better way to go. That would be refreshing to say the least. B/A
  4. I didn't mean to hurt you or insinuate that you were anything but a good honest person... As for smearing, that was the last thing on my mind. I've read many of your posts and find you to be a kind person. Though we see our government from different perspectives, we all want the what's best for country as we see it. I really have a hard time understanding why people here are so angry. Why are people so angry? The parties are winning and the people are losing.... America has become less than it should be by the division of all of us. Divide and conquer is an old plan that still works, even in a world of highly intelligent people. B/A
  5. How many years will the right blame Obama for their troubles? I guess that's what political parties do, blame each other. I blame the public for voting the same way every election and expecting different results... B/A
  6. I couldn't find a map with just counties or cities... Anyway considering you have angel in your name, I would assume you would be disturbed by the mere existence of such an organization... B/A
  7. I believe it was you who deflected first with your Obama purged the military comment.... So did you watch the documentary? You should see the one by over 100 engineers who state there is no way jet fuel could melt steel. They state it was a military operation. Should I believe 100 engineers who have studied structural physics, or a couple politicians and their cronies? B/A
  8. The DOW hitting 25,000 or 15,000... B/A
  9. I've been looking but this one is hard to find... Here's one I found.
  10. I don't think you read the article... “Fox & Friends” has withdrawn a report about former FBI Director James Comey that was debunked hours earlier. Nearly 15 hours after reporting that Comey revealed “top secret” information in his personal memos about his meetings with President Donald Trump, the show admitted the notes “did not have top secret info.”
  11. U.S. wholesale inventories post largest gain in five months ReutersJuly 11, 2017 WASHINGTON, July 11 (Reuters) - U.S. wholesale inventories increased more than previously estimated in May as automobile stocks rose amid declining sales, but inventory investment still likely weighed on economic growth in the second quarter. The Commerce Department said on Tuesday wholesale inventories climbed 0.4 percent. That was the biggest gain since December 2016 and followed a 0.4 percent decline in April. The department reported last month that wholesale inventories increased 0.3 percent in May. Auto inventories jumped 0.7 percent after declining 1.4 percent in April. The auto sector has been hit by slowing demand, which has seen manufacturers reporting a decrease in sales for four straight months. The component of wholesale inventories that goes into the calculation of gross domestic product - wholesale stocks excluding autos - increased 0.3 percent in May. A report last week showed inventories at factories slipped 0.1 percent in May. Data on retail inventories will be published on Friday. Economists expect inventory investment slowed further in the second quarter and remained a drag on GDP growth during the period. The Atlanta Federal Reserve is forecasting GDP rising at a 2.7 percent annualized rate in the second quarter. Inventory investment subtracted 1.11 percentage points from GDP growth in the first quarter, helping to hold down the economy to a 1.4 percent growth pace. Inventories had contributed to GDP growth for two straight quarters. They have remained lean this year, with businesses cautious amid sluggish domestic demand. Wholesale stocks of electrical goods fell 0.3 percent in May while professional equipment inventories surged 0.7 percent. Machinery inventories increased 0.7 percent, the largest gain since November 2014. Petroleum stocks advanced 2.6 percent, the biggest rise since last December. Sales at wholesalers fell 0.5 percent after decreasing 0.3 percent in April. Sales of motor vehicles slipped 0.5 percent after rising 1.3 percent in April. At May's sales pace it would take wholesalers 1.29 months to clear shelves, up from 1.28 months in April. The ratio has declined from 1.36 months in January last year, which was the highest since January 2009. (Reporting by Lucia Mutikani; Editing by Andrea Ricci)
  12. Pretty simple common sense..... Although you will find chapters in many states, consider which states are Republican strong holds? Where does the KKK primarily exist? Who is anti-***, anti-progressive, anti-equal rights for everyone? Don't feel bad, the left has taken on many of the right's fundamentals, like greed, lying, deception. It all comes out in the wash. B/A
  13. He is a distraction.... Good or bad, that's what he is. B/A
  14. Fair and Balanced.... Have you seen Jr.'s bio.... He's been an epic thorn in daddy's side. He wasn't even raised by daddy, he was raised by his mom. He's a failed businessman, wild partier, ski bum, and more... Now he is bringing more work for senior to clean-up... How can President Trump get anything done with this kind of baggage? B/A
  15. Isn't funny how things change.... Now the KKK is mostly made up of conservatives... How weird. B/A
  16. Did Obama try to destroy America? I thought "W" and Chaney had that under control... Look at what they did to your country and get back to me. B/A PS Davo, you really need to watch this.
  17. No point really, just a news article about his desire to be different. As for Obama, with a very little research you can see his poll numbers were never as low as Trump's are right now. Trump needs to demonstrate his ability to unite instead of divide or he will be a one term wonder. B/A
  18. Hey guys maybe you'll like this poll better.... As President Trump returned home on Saturday from his overseas trip new polling suggests a slight uptick in support from the American people, however the president's numbers remain historically low. Thirty-nine percent of Americans now say they approve of the job Trump is doing as president, a two-point jump from last week's 37 percent low, according to a Gallup poll released over the weekend. The president's disapproval rating also dropped one percentage point, however both these changes are well within the margin of error. Click through images from Trump and Putin's meeting here: 20 PHOTOS Putin and Trump meet For comparison, former President Barack Obama's enjoyed a 58 percent approval rating at this same point in his first term -- nearly 20 points higher than where Trump currently sits, according to Gallup. Trump received both praise and criticism following his highly anticipated meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. "We were back to normal life for the first time," said CNN's David Gergen who said Trump "seemed presidential" during his meeting with the former KGB officer. "We may agree or disagree with the particulars, but we want our president to show leadership and be at a presidential level, and I thought we saw more of that today. I think we should be encouraged by that." However, former CIA Director John Brennan said Trump "ceded" ground to Putin in the meeting. "He said it's an honor to meet the individual who carried out the assault on our election? To me, it's a dishonorable thing to say," Brennan said. While the president's job approval rating remains below 40 percent, first lady Melania Trump's support continues to grow, surpassing her husband in popularity, as more than 50 percent of U.S. voters view her favorably -- up 16 points from August of last year. Of course this is a Gallup Poll, so I would take it with a grain of salt. You know how they are always wrong. B/A
  19. Cheers to that LGD... Politics is one thing, humanity is another. On that we can agree. B/A
  20. Well I just mentioned I know you are not in line with those idiots. I know you are a better man than that. But claiming the KKK is a democratic conspiracy is kind of funny... They hate, black, jews, catholics, *** men and women and the list goes on and on... No lefty would even know how to pretend to hate as much as those clowns. As for Nazi, yes here in Tennessee, they do align themselves with some of the basic Nazi believes... They do believe in a superior race. White Power and all that crap. B/A
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