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  1. Wisk, remember the President doesn't have the power, congress does. But regardless of who is the president, it is the way we do business. A couple of quick examples. Backing the mujahedeen in Afghanistan in the 70's. Giving birth to the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden. Iran-Contra in the 80's.Selling weapons to release hostages. Why were we in Syria and Iran to begin with? Attacking Iraq in the 90's and selling weapons to freedom fighters, who of course used them to kill American GIs. And of course the longest military action in American history, going back to Iraq and creating a new foe. We ramp them up with weapons so the industrial complex can make more money. Then we send in our people to die fighting against the weapons we've supplied in the past. It's good for business, not so good if you are an American service man or women. But hey, at least the corporations made a profit. And the best part. They don't even have to pay taxes. Ain't American policy just grand? B/A
  2. Nothing new here... That's the way we do "business". Sorry but it's not an Obama thang... B/A
  3. The Republican party is a total and complete train wreck. The majority of their voters are falling in behind Trump and the party is trying to tear him down. Are they really so blind that they don't realize the voters will turn on them for going against their choice? Republican voters will vote for Trump and then start voting out those who stood in the way. And now this, the establishment who is working to tear down their leading candidate is backing Ted, who may actually be an illegal alien. You can't make this stuff up. This is the most interesting election I can ever remember. On the other side Clinton is leading with the black vote, yet Sanders is the one with the record of standing up for their rights. Clinton comes from ultimate wealth and continues, driven by greed to court Wall street and take their six hundred thousand dollar speaking fees for her 45 minute speeches. Do Clinton supporters really believe the banksters aren't expecting a big pay back? Think about the fact she was the wife of the Arkansas governor and then the president, but somehow managed to become a senator in New York state. Ah, can you say Wall Street? Do poor black, white or Hispanic voters actually think this opportunist is looking out for them? Her record in government is horrendous and yet she leads. This is the most interesting election I can ever remember. So let's sum this up. Trump is a whack job, but not a politician. The voters love him, but the party doesn't. Ted who thinks he was delivered to us by a higher power, is probably not even eligible to run for president. Rubio is simply a man-boy and isn't ready for the job. Clinton is a fraud, liar and elitist, whose record of service is tainted at every turn. Sanders is a man of the people but is simply too progressive for most Americans, and the man from Ohio, who may actually be the best or at least the most honest candidate can't even make enough noise to catch the attention of the ice cream truck driving through his neighborhood. This is the most interesting election I can ever remember. B/A
  4. So Sgt Fuzzy hates democrats and Jews???? Nice... What's it like living next to Fred Flintstone? B/A
  5. JCFRAG you are correct sir... Uh I'm so glad "W" knew what he was doing! Look at Donald and Paul just smiling away... Truly great Americans! NOT! B/A
  6. If you can't them, join them... GO RVVVVVVVVVVVVVVvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv! B/A
  7. OMG... Blaming this on Obama???? That hilarious! He's a Bush man... Welcome to The United States of Amnesia! B/A
  8. OMG that is awesome... A lot of work went into this
  9. I got negged for asking a question??? I shall forgive my brethren and turn the other cheek.
  10. Divemaster you crack me up... You told Dewitte "Even their church is progressive/liberal". That is funny my friend. Do you think Jesus was a conservative? B/A
  11. Ha Ha Ha you guys need to stop watching FOXNEWS Infotainment
  12. K98Nights... You are exactly right. I'm stunned that all these "Good People" are calling for the slaughter of the innocent because a very few sick individuals are waging war. As I stated, there people here saying if someone's brother, cousin or even sister goes out on a rampage then their entire family should be held accountable. I wonder how they would see it if suddenly they became fair game because their wacked-out family member went off the deep end. It is truly amazing that anyone would suggest we become as evil as the evil-doers themselves.
  13. So Sgt. Fury, I guess if your father, or brother or even your cousin goes on a rampage, you become fair game. Is that what people here are saying. You are guilty of your families sins. Crush. Kill. Destroy. Yup that's mighty Christian of you.... What a sad story it has become. B/A
  14. I think it was Hitler who said it's the ultimate solution including the families... How did that work for him? Funny how history repeats itself. Until they were whipped into a frenzy most Germans would not have endorsed mass murder. And here we are, God fearing Americans calling for mass slaughter. And somehow they justify it... WWJD? Sad days indeed. B/A
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