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  1. According to CoinMarketCap, there are nearly 2,500 cryptocurrencies in circulation, but few are as familiar or as dominant as Bitcoin. While most coins don't even come close to Bitcoin's overall wealth, there are some that have performed better as an asset than the crypto stalwart. Those holy five are: Chainlink, Binance Coin, Ren, Huobi Token and Tierion. Chainlink was the best performer of the last eight months, having gained close to 800 percent this year. It was the only token that had more than a 400 percent return. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is up close to 185 percent since the start of the year, having climbed from just $3,746 up to its current value of $10,674. The two tokens that rose the most this year (Chainlink and Binance Coin) have clear reasons behind their growth. Many projects have decided to implement Chainlink's set of decentralized oracles over the past year, many forming crucial partnerships with the team behind the coin. It's mainnet launched earlier this year and it has already been listed on Coinbase—setting its value rocketing from $1 to $4.40 in June. The end of the initial exchange offering is nigh Crypto exchange Binance has largely been behind the rise in the value of its native coin Binance Coin—using 20 percent of its monthly profits to burn a proportional amount of it. By reducing the supply, it helped to push the price up. It has also built an ecosystem around the coin, with its blockchain platform Binance Chain supporting a range of new projects. Binance Coin rose from $6.50 in January to its current price of $28. This pushed it up the rankings to become the sixth-largest coin by market cap. According to market research released by LongHash, just 18 digital assets provided investors with at least 100 percent returns in 2019. While this might sound impressive, 2017's bull run produced dozens of tokens that provided in excess of 100 percent returns. There were also several examples of tokens generating more than 10,000 percent returns, including Verge, Stellar and XRP. That was largely helped along by the ICO craze, which saw a small revival this year in the form of IEOs. But, apparently, the new exchange-backed offerings are already running out of steam. B/A
  2. When I mentioned unmemorable ramblings of nothingness, I wasn't talking about you. You don't ramble and you don't write diatribes of dribble. B/A
  3. I don't know, yesterday Trump stated he wants Russia back in the G-8... That's not a punishment... I don't know why, but unlike the leading Republicans of the past, Trumps seems to warm up to Kommies. B/A
  4. I'm not calling anyone names, that would be your twitter pals... I don't know what you mean by half truths. I have said he cut revenue, he has increased spending, he has increased our debt, he has in alienated our allies, he has chosen to believe Putin over Americans, he has been played by North Korea, he has said ISIS is defeated, he has withdrawn from the only trade deal that excluded China... Is there anything I've made up as a half truth? B/A
  5. Thanks... Clear, concise and to the point. Unlike unmemorable ramblings of nothingness that only aims to insult... B/A
  6. President Trump knows a lot of voters don’t like him. But detractors should vote for him anyway, Trump says, for one crucial reason: To protect their savings. “If for some reason I wouldn’t have won the [2016] election, these markets would have crashed. That’ll happen even more so in 2020,” Trump told the crowd recently at a rally in New Hampshire. “You have no choice but to vote for me because your 401(k), everything is going to be down the tubes. So whether you love me or hate me, you’ve got to vote for me.” The allegation is clear: Democrats are bad for the stock market, so if a Democrat beats Trump in 2020, stocks will tank and every American with a portfolio will lose money. Like many Trumpisms, however, the claim does not survive a comparison with the facts. Democrats, in reality, are good for the stock market. The S&P 500 has risen by about 28% since Trump’s inauguration in 2017. That’s okay. But it rose 34% during the same period of time in Barack Obama’s first term, and 41% during the same period of time in Obama’s second term. Here are the numbers going back to Richard Nixon’s first term: Source: Yahoo Finance Trump’s comparison with Obama improves if you measure stock-market gains since each president’s election, rather than Inauguration Day. The S&P 500 is up 35% since Trump’s election in 2016, compared with 13% for Obama’s first term and 47% for Obama’s second term. But Trump’s 35% gain since Election Day still trails the average for Dems since 1968, which is 37%. The average gain since Election Day under Republican presidents is just 18%. It’s well known among stock-market geeks that stocks do better under Democratic presidents than under Republicans. That’s probably just random, however. Many factors influence stocks—most importantly, the overall state of the economy and the business cycle. These days, the Federal Reserve has more power over the direction of stocks than any president does. Presidents, in fact, rarely change policies in ways that send stocks moving one direction or the other. Many investors thought Trump might be different. Stocks rose sharply after his surprise election in 2016, and performed strongly in 2017. But since the beginning of 2018, the S&P 500 has been relatively flat. Trump’s tax cuts and deregulatory policy may have helped stock values, but his protectionist trade policy has countermanded that. And many other factors, including a slowing global economy, have kept a lid on stock prices for the last 18 months. If a reformist Democrat such as Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders got elected president, it could depress stocks, since each favors a variety of policies that would essentially transfer wealth from corporate interests to lower- and middle-income Americans. But such a scenario is somewhat self-preventing, since Americans are unlikely to elect a candidate who might harm financial markets and by extension the broader economy, even if those candidates are popular in a liberal subset of the Democratic party. A centrist such as Joe Biden could be a win for the stock market. Biden backs no major corporate reforms, and he’d probably unwind the Trump tariffs on imports that have spooked markets. If the stock market continues to go sideways under Trump—or worse, declines—Biden could even plausibly tell voters to vote for him if they want their 401(k)s to recover. Biden was right there as Obama’s vice president for eight years, after all, and the stock market rose 181% from Obama’s first day through his last. Trump may never come close to that. Ouch B/A
  7. Actually, it is the job of every American to hold their elected official accountable... Otherwise you would be a zombie. B/A
  8. People are willing to put their money down for 30 years with zero return... What does that tell you? B/A
  9. Greg may be calling a crash a bit early, but even a stopped clock is correct twice a day. There will be a huge move down. The markets are like the ocean, high tides and low tides, you just have to learn how to ride the waves. B/A
  10. I didn't know Greg has been out there so long, but it is obvious that a correction is coming as they always do and who gets caught? The mom and pop investor. The 401K and pension holders who are always late to the profit taking party. B/A
  11. LOL.... That should be the mantra for America today... Although I would change it slightly to multiple twits on twitter... B/A
  12. It's not anti-Trump, it's pro-America... If you don't like the news of increased spending, decreased revenues, record breaking debt. bail-outs, economic policies that are deemed ill concieved by most economists, foreign policies that are isolating us... I can't help it. I know I don't bring in the fantasy that some do, but it is never too late to learn from real facts from real sources instead of believing conspiracy, lies and fantasy provided by mysterious tweeters and super secret agents. B/A
  13. Well he has been given his chance... We can all see how it's going... Red flags are flying everywhere and the roosters are coming home. The Deep State stuff is conspiracy trash. The people heading the agencies are his people. The agencies are filled with hard working honest Americans doing their jobs. Sure there may be some who don't like the president, just as there were some during the last president's time in office, but those people are not "out to get him". That is pure fantasy. Saying he believes Putin, or he can make a deal with Kim or he can out negotiate the rest of the world is naïve at best. As I said, he has been given his chance to be different. To not do the same swamp dweller stuff. But, by increasing spending, increasing debt and slashing revenues. We have the continuing saga of D.C. abuse and mismanagement. He has proven to be a lousy negotiator. He has turned on trusted allies. He has served his masters well, just like any other politician.. He came to power with the House and Senate. He accomplished great stuff, if you happen to be incorporated. He has now lost the House. The Senate is in question. And he himself might lose the White House. He has put his party in jeopardy, just like democrats did when they lost everything. Regardless of which party has the power it is "we the people" who take the beating. If you think he has made your life better. I'm happy for you. If you believe the future is bright, even better. If you think tax cuts for the multi-nationals and the wealthy are going raise the stand of living for the middle class, then you found your man. For me, I didn't vote for him nor did I vote for Clinton, so I can sit back and watch as the parties and their sheep point fingers at each other, knowing at least I voted for someone outside the beltway. I can take solace in knowing I'm not part of the two pony race and therefore not part of the problem. The day will come when people decide they have had enough and will vote out party members.... Hmmm party members, that term sounds like a different country, not like America. B/A
  14. Dude honestly, most, not all, but most of those tweets are filled with rage and hate toward our fellow countrymen. Whatever the differences are, that crap posted by both sides solves nothing... I totally blame the parties, not so much the people. People are sheep and they follow. When I was growing up moderation was a good thing. In today's world you cannot be a moderate, you cannot find common ground. You have to be an extremist. That's what America has become. A country filled with extremist. Other place are being destroyed by the extremist of religion. Our country is being destroyed by the extremist of politics. Until people learn to compromise, this will only get worse. B/A
  15. I plainly stated... The tweets I read posted HERE! If you don't see the hate, I wish the best in the future. B/A
  16. Nope supporting a guy who believes Putin over his own agencies is not patriotic. Supporting a guy whose policies are creating socialism programs is not patriotic. Supporting a guy who has proven he has no idea about running our government's policies is not patriotic. Supporting a guy who's message is to divide America is not patriotic. Supporting a guy who supports dictators like Saudi, Putin, and others is definitely not patriotic. Again I'm always amazed at who supports this guy. The very people he is hurting the most seem to back him... Weird stuff. B/A
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