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  1. Well, how would this affect those who opened an IBC in the Seychilles with a Belize account? These are not trusts. How would we wire the funds to Belize. Or should we just take the documents to Belize and skip all this junk???
  2. The moron got his 15 minutes, now let him go back into his box. Ignore him and he will go away, just like the little annoying kid in class. Doc, your post is the first one many pepole look at becuase of how you put it together. It is just awesome. Thank you for your time, dedication, and professionalism. Time is the most precious commodity people have. You spend some of your precious time on us. I, for one, thank you for that!!! BlueHorseshoe
  3. Dear Ron - No bashing, very well put and thought out. You make an excellent point. Cold war - you as well make an excellent point. We are dealing with a different apple with Iraq. They just don't care about dates or anything else. It's the mañana attitude...
  4. LMAO - that is awesome Audi... I think that was one of my finals at Columbia!!!
  5. Both sides have good points. But not everyone's background is in finance. Mine is in medicine, I have no idea how to arrange a corporation and do asset protection. My accountant sent me to a tax attorney in San Antonio. Spent 2 hours with him and got nothing accomplished. He told me it would cost anywhere from 5-7 thousand dollars to set up what I wanted. Adam did it for me for 2 thousand. Big savings. Its good that you have connections with people. You do for them they do for you. Isn't that how it works? Personally, I do not think this site is a joke. The articles that are pur up are very in
  6. Warren Buffett once said, "Money magnifies who you are" - if you are a nice poor guy, you are going to be a great rich guy. If you are a jerk poor guy, you are going to be an ******* rich guy. Do the right thing with your money. This poor guy didn't understand that, but I bet he had ALOT more issues than the dinar not RVing. We all feel sorry for him, but we all need to put this into perspective. What is the most important thing to you? This is what I tell my patients. Not your wife or husband or kids, but to you. What do you want. Only then can you be happy. This 22 year old didn't know, had
  7. That's a great name, Stumpy!!! I love it. LOL
  8. Is this a translation? Or did this guy actually say it like this. My eyes are crossing just reading it. We need better transalations...IMO I get what he is saying, but wow...
  9. Dear C.H. - It seems that you are a prudent investor and an expert in the Middle East. If what you say is true and you would like to secure your profits, then I will buy all of your dinar that you have invested in this losing proposition. I will pay you a premium for you dinar as well. As you so boldly put it, you know when it is time to run, so sell me your dinar and be free of this bad investment.
  10. Great post - and I agree with most of it. But with that said - Maliki is no fool, a dumb ass yes, but no fool. He knows everyone wants an RV, but he wants the Chapter 7 lifted. I think that if he gets that, we get the RV. I really do think he does have that power. Just my 23.40 dinars.
  11. ok - so this may be a possibility. But I look at it this way... I believe other countries are involved in this decision. There have been articles on this site saying so. Would they allow this to happen if they are sitting on a mountain of dinars? I really dont think so. I truly think there is too much at stake here for them to lop. It just doesn't make good financial or business sense. If they did that, they would prove nothing and put them yet into another hole they need to crawl out of. I truly think the RV will happen small then get bigger over time. That does make the most sense. I can'
  12. I am near San Antonio, would like to get in on this. Let me know. Brother in law is private pilot with own aircraft.
  13. Andif you want to see that money being spent, come down to South Texas and watch them get money for everything. They have their hands out so much their hands look like cups!!!
  14. Construction is too late? They don't have the money? The ministers will live like the commoner? This is the best he can come up with??? Is he for real? Massive unemployment and they can't yet build things... The dinar is colored toilet paper, they never mention anything about an RV, and they have no money... The ministers have millions all ready - you think they are going to live in a shack??? Does this guy do any thinking at all??? He needs to put down the pipe, sober up, and take a good, hard look. An RV would literally change their world. The oil money is a shortfall - oh brother...
  15. There is a web site for the US Senate and US congress that will tell you what bills they are looking at and what bilsl are on the floor for voting. I used to look at it, but haven't in a long time. Trying to find the website. When I do I will post it.
  16. You know, the translation of these things is amazing - even the English version sometimes needs to be translated into English..
  17. Ok - so if it is not a typo, then each Iraqi gets 50,000 dinar per month - or each family gets 50,000 dinar per month? If it then RV's at only a little, that is a huge sum of money for each person per month. Why even RV then? If it were 50 dinar and RV at 1-2 dollars that would be better for each person, maybe per family being that their cost of living is not that high anyway. I just hope the translation is wrong, that's all.
  18. That was awesome. I think people need to read this everyday. You put it the way people will understand. Hopefully the BS artists and pumpers will read this and disappear. Again, just an awesome article and thank you for sharing it with us.
  19. Would someone please tell me what a "lop" is???
  20. OK - What is MTT and I don't get the "they just bridged up the Chinese firedrill forum chat/conference call" What does that mean?
  21. Hey - I am in Uvalde.. There are three of us here. Good to have another friend close by when the party begins...
  22. ok ok - I do think we need an RV and a drink. I agree. These BS rumors need to stop is all I am saying. I wrote that to confirm how incredibly silly these things sound. I look on this sight for good information and I read this junk. But you guys are right, need to be respectful.
  23. It was a joke genius!!! Do you believe any of the BS that is put on here?? You are not that dumb are you? Re-read the beginning of this "rumor" It is a joke! MPG350 - did you figure that out all by yourself or did you have to consult with the familt pet???
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