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  1. Ahhhh... Juanita Wilder - the one I read to you on Saturdays nights....
  2. So my questions is - Why would they put the new exchange rate up 2 days before??? Wouldn't the rate 'Change" May 1st? Why post the new rate 2 days before. What exactly are you watching here???
  3. Actually, a wire transfer is not immediate. It takes anywhere from 1-4 hours to hit the intended account. That's a lot better than 24 hours. When you send money over the wire, the person on the other end can not withdraw that money immediately. Like I said, about 1-4 hours.
  4. If you miss this much class again mister, I am going to need a note from your mother in the future... So, don't stay away that long!!!
  5. You bring up some good points. First, welcome. Be careful - there are a lot of nuts who are "gurus". You are talking about a "LOP" - removing the zeros from the currency. Probably will not happen, but you will learn one thing for sure - anything is possible. This country is a different bird all together. If they LOP, then what you stated is correct. But they may LOP then revalue. Then, you may have something. No, it does not make any sense, but welcome in dealing with Iraq!!! I have had dinar since 2004, trust me, the ride is way overdue to end... They may straight up revalue - meaning they
  6. With the way you wrote it out, I believe you can understand what he said a lot better. Thank you for doing that. A +1 for you...
  7. So, what doesn't make sense? Governmental meetings do not allow press coverage. And in the U.N. there is no press coverage at all only the General Assembly, and even that is controlled. Like I stated before, they will only give out a PR statement that the meeting took place, who was there and a general overlook of the meeting. Almost all governmental meeting are this way.
  8. Those type of meetings are not allowed press coverage. After the meeting, a public relations memo goes out to the press. The video and audio was from someone personal. No press allowed in those meetings.
  9. I like what you said. At $1.18, I am cashing in a few million and see what it does after that. I will have enough not to care anyway. Let's all hope and pray for $1.18. And all of you had great responses! Nothing is written in stone... that's hilarious!!! Where did you find that???
  10. Hey aaanth - Obozo didn't do a damn thing about this. In his entire six month hyped up political career, he opposed this whole Iraq thing at every corner. Now, when this thing goes, it will be on his watch and of course he will take all the credit. And, as usual, he didn't do a damn thing for it. Typical left wing BS!!! And by the way - he is YOUR president, not mine. He will get about as much respect as you people gave my president.
  11. I have two friends that work for CSA - one in Iraq and one in Kuwait. These two guys are where I get a lot fo my intel from. They email aboout a lot of stuff and they also look around on this site. I told them to see if they can confirm this. Waiting on their reply. I just hope and pray so...
  12. That's it? Only six times??? You would hink that they would have been lined up to take a crack at him...
  13. Gee, thanks for bringing that useless trash over...
  14. DJWebby - we understand what you are saying, but there is no way you can ever compare Iraq with Vietnam. Vietnam has nothing to offer the world, where as Iraq does. And, Vietnam's dong is tradeable, whereas Iraq's dinar is not.
  15. First, shoot the traders that are artificially manipulating the price of oil. Then , you go after the governments who try to or who are doing something that make the price of oil go high so they make trillions. But what needs to happen first is oil needs to marked as a strategic material and NOT be traded. Then, none of this would ever happen. It will be taken out of the hands of the thieves and greedy governments. These poeple do not care that as the price of oil rises, so does the price of an onion and everything else. They just do not care.
  16. Why even bring this garbage over to this site. Such pathological liars.
  17. Dear Doc - You are not allowed to leave for that long again!!! We need your thoughts and common sense. So no more leaving!!! Get it !
  18. Wow - do you ever need to put down the pipe, step away from the bottle, and start a severe 12 step program. You are mixing WAY TOO MANY things... You need some serious mental help...
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