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  1. I'm interested in buying. Please email me at
  2. Hi, what kind of price are you looking to sell at ? Please email me at
  3. Hi, I'm also interested. Please email me at
  4. Please email me at I'm interested in 1 million uncirculated dinar.
  5. Do you have any dinar left to sell ?
  6. I would be willing to buy 1 million IQD. What price are you looking for ?
  7. willing to buy if you have any left. Contact me at
  8. Hi fellow dinar investors, I'm new to posting in the forum, although I've enjoyed reading and learning from so many people here. I've checked on Presidential Order 13303, and found that it has to do with the Oil Fund that Iraq has 32 Billion USD in. This law protects any Country, Business or individual from enforcing any Lien, Garnishment or Lawsuit against Iraq and taking the damages awarded from Iraqs Oil Fund. It does expire this month. President Obama has stated through his offices staff that he is not in favor of renewing it. His reason is that Iraq has been given 6 years to settle these issues and has not made any good faith effort to do so. He said that Iraq is hiding behind the protection of his office. Now the order/law that does grant Foreign Investment is Coalition Provisional Authority Order 39. It grants us those rights and is not expiring.I hope this helps, and I also hope we get to the end of this sooner than later .Here's a link from a friend's site:
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