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  1. Hold on Davis . . . sometimes it's darkest right before victory! Father God, I ask you to make a mighty move on Davis' behalf . . . that you will supernaturally intervene and turn things for his good. I ask that you reveal yourself to him and come to him with a Father's Heart so that he will know that it will be good soon. He has repented, Father, and in agreement with your Word, believe that he is wiped clean. I ask you to break in and break through, Lord, like ONLY you can do and that you will rise up on his behalf. I praise you Lord for your mighty works and your tender mercies. We await hearing a good report. Thank you precious Lord. P.S. "Good" not talking about money (but that could happen too).
  2. Thank you Fancy - just got a "wild hair" & wanted to do something funny & especially thank Adam for his unrelenting pursuit on our behalf. At any rate, I appreciate your posts & have a blessed day!
  3. Thanks Tankdude for the correction. I write sonnets (both Shakespearian & Italian) & poetry. I always want to learn more so this is good. I love your addition at the end. Lol Thank you Boosterbglee & Yendor. Love your add on! Tee Hee!
  4. There once was a man named Adam Who tries to show us the way He's outspoken and honest And sure knows how to, "make hay." He researches and has meetings Til he's ready to pull his hair But he keeps on truckin' 'Cause he wants to make us aware. He's met with lawyers and bankers And the best of the rest He's got it already all set up So we don't have to guess. He's full of warnings and caution And says, "use your silly head" Don't rush into selling 'Cause you've been properly fed. I've given you the best advice About the IQD And explained the common snares And you should clearly see. There are gurus and liars All around the net I would not trust them Not even on a bet. He calls himself a cheesehead And gives us all a laugh He's really our best buddy And keeps us from a gaff. He pulls no punches and tells us to wait Don't be a fool and fly out the gate Hold on until it's real and I will let you know When the RV is ready, I'll tell you where to go. So I thank you Mr. Adam And hope to see you soon I'm praying and paying attention And not listening to the doom. So I bless you, bless you For helping us all out And soon we'll be sailing "Cause of the things you do!
  5. Thank you, Nadita! Yes, I agree with you and Lord give Netanyahu wisdom for such a time as this! Bless you also, Nadita and appreciate all that you do. Nadita . . . I hit a +1 and now it has -1. Can someone fix it? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for another wonderful post, Adam. It is apparent that you put a lot of thought into it. I really appreciate your opinions and we want to know you as a person and not just as a business man. I have suspected that you were an awesome person all along but now you are letting your light shine! I love it! Keep it coming . . .
  7. I read several more articles today by high ranking officials - so I am going with those. I do hope that you have a wonderful evening!
  8. lol. No I am not saying that at all! When Bush left office things were much better there. So, the parties at be agreed on a future deadline. But things changed & it should have been extended.
  9. Good grief! Things change especially in times of war! This is what a leader does - adapts, makes decisions to protect the people of his country. At any rate, no point in arguing with you - if you can not see what's happening to our country, there's no point.
  10. Bottom line the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of State & the CIA told the President that he had to leave troops there. Many have said that he didn't push it because he didn't want it! He wanted the troops out. The things that Bush warned us about are now happening.
  11. Ocdude - at least 5 generals have said that he didn't pursue it even though they had advised him that he had to have a Status of Forces Agreement. A couple of them even went so far as to say that all he had to say is okay if we pull the troops we are taking all our guns, our equipment & our ammunition & that would have been the end of it.
  12. Way to GO Adam! I am in agreement and really appreciate your forthrightness. Thank you.
  13. Yes . . . Bless the Lord for He not only repays the one that did wrong but repays the one that was wronged. Let your justice come, Lord Jesus!!! Thank you Ron for your post!
  14. Heavenly father, please make a mighty move on Rob's dad's behalf and supernaturally intervene. We ask that you show yourself strong, Lord and that his recovery be so incredible that even the doctor's will stand amazed! We thank you, Lord for your tender mercies and you mighty works. We ask these things in Jesus Name. Amen.
  15. Heavenly Father, what great and awesome plans that you must have for this precious one . . . that the enemy would come against him even in the womb. We ask, Lord, that you stretch out your mighty hand to heal & that this child will fulfill the destiny that you have for him. He surely must be going to be a strong warrior in your Kingdom . . . he's been fighting from the beginning. We ask that you be with the parents, also, Lord and that you will bring them into a closer relationship with you. Please come to them with a daddy's heart and comfort them through your Holy Spirit. We thank you, Father God, for your mighty works and your tender mercies & we acknowledge that you do all things well and we ask these things in the Name of Jesus.
  16. Okay I'll do it . . . thank you so much for your help! Have a blessed evening.
  17. Thank you Markinsa . . . still have not found it! It may have been a post that had a link to go somewhere else. I am going to check these again & thanks for your help!
  18. Patty . . . I am so sorry to hear this devastating news but as you know, we serve an awesome God! Father God, we come boldly to the Throne of Grace & run to the Blood that cries mercy. We ask you to make a mighty move on his behalf, Lord . . . that you will make a way where there is no way, in the Name of Jesus. We know that cancer cells are cells that are rebelling against the rest of the body & we command them to line up to the Word of God! We ask that you stretch your mighty hand to heal & that even the doctors will stand amazed! Father, we know that you are working behind the scenes . . . this very hour! We ask that you send ministering angels to comfort him & that you will reveal yourself to him. He is your son, Lord & you love him & we are standing on your Word, believing in, adhering to & relying on you. We thank you God for your mighty works and your tender mercies. Amen.
  19. Thank you 429 but no it was neither of those. It is referring to Revelation 13:13-14. I am still searching but I appreciate your response!
  20. Trying to find the post . . . talking about the End Times & how the antichrist will bring miracles in the sky & many will be deceived. I want to show it to a friend . . . been searching for 3 days! It would be on Off Topic Posts or World Economy a couple of weeks ago. Thank you so much!
  21. Thanks Waterman13! I agree with all of the articles that I have read of yours, also. I usually give you +1 but do not have time to answer. Saturdays are about the only day that I have to spend on the site . . . just scan the rest of the time. God Bless You!
  22. I definitely believe we will see a big increase in our investment. From a Christian point of view, the Scriptures say that in the latter days, He will bring great wealth into the Kingdom (to free us up, I believe to gather The Harvest, which will cost a great some & certainly more than money but a great sacrifices. He can bring it in any way that He wants to, of course, but believe this is one of them. Part of the reason that I believe this, is because it is almost impossible that I would have even known about this. He made it possible . . . incredible. I also, have confidence in Kim Clement, who said about the dinar . . . "nothing, nothing, nothing & suddenly something." I believe that we are in the last of the Last Days . . . we almost just got into the Psalm 83 (Isaiah 17) War which we know leads to the Ezekial 38-39 War, which is truly the End of Days. Not pushing this on anyone else but Flounder asked our opinions & this is mine (& some other Believers too, I am sure).
  23. Remember, divorce is NOT the unpardonable sin! If, you got a lawful divorce (mate committed adultery) you are automatically free to remarry. If you got an unlawful divorce (other than adultery) and you later realize what the deal is, repent and ask God to forgive you, then no one should tell you that you can not remarry. When God forgives, it is like it never happened . . . as far as the east is from the west . . . you are white as snow. I read a book called Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage according to Scripture, which was very insightful on this subject . . . many years ago. (My pastor says that you can judge someone by their fruits but when the Scripture is saying judge not . . . that this means that you do not pass sentence on them! He is a Greek and Hebrew Scholar and very wise. Westboro Church passes sentence on people . . . ) The New Testament is all about love . . . submitting to one another, in love.
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