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  1. I have been looking for a bank to open an account that sells and exchanges dinar as I just found out recently that some bank are able to do this. When I heard the rumor of BB&T yesterday morning I decided to call a couple of local branches just to see what I could find out. I had 2 VERY interesting conversations. One with a currency exchange officer and one with a teller. Here is a short description of my phone call with the teller.

    TELLER: Gm, BB&T

    Me: Gm, does your bank sell Iraqi dinar?

    TELLER: Ummm…..currency? yes we exchange currency…

    ME: Iraqi Dinar?

    TELLER: Umm…let me check….(several seconds)…I need to get with a supervisor and call you back.

    (call back)

    TELLER: I wanted to call and let you know that we received a corporate email stating, “effective immediately the bank will no longer sell Iraqi Dinar (she pronounced it “Dighner”).

    ME: Really?? Do you know why?

    TELLER: No they just said effectively immediately we can’t sell Iraqi Dinar Dinar (Dighner). But….(now heres the interesting part) …it does say you can exchange them back, BUT you are not gonna get an instant credit on your account. We have to send it off to corporate for approval.

    ME: Approval?? What for?

    TELLER: Well idk, they just have to make sure everything checks out. But you can exchange them you just won’t get credit on your account right away. It may take a while.

    I found this conversation to be very interesting. Obviously the teller was clueless pronouncing it “Dighner” and was just relaying information. The very interesting part, is apparently the corporate email was very direct in regards to stopping the selling of IQD immediately. Why so sudden makes no sense at all to me. Why not send a corporate email to stop the selling in a week to give your customers a “heads up”???? Then the MOST INTERESTING PART IS: apparently this corporate email gave at least partial CASH IN instructions to relay to their employees, not sure if they were technically supposed to share that to the public. Nonetheless they did. BOTTOM LINE: THE CORPORATE EMAIL STATED TO STOP SELLING IQD IMMEDIATELY AND INSTRUCTED EMPLOYEES HOW A CASH IN WOULD BE PROCESSED.

    This is my true life experience. To me it sounds like someone knows something. BB&T is the 10th largest holding company in the USA FYI. Thoughts?????????

    I appreciate ya! Thanks! Hang tight! I's coming. I can feel it.

    Thaks for the Post , and I just confirmed it wow wink.gif

    Nice coming from you.

  2. Thanks tampa1000. This was also posted over the weekend

    I believe and also checked it out myself. The marketplace page is off.

    The main home page has the correct CBI rate.

    All my best!



    It looks like testing going on worldwide. Is it anything to get exited about? "Probably". Let it run it's course. We'll see when the smoke clears.

  3. In the light of last year's State of the Union Address where we listened intently for certain words, I wish to pass another code for tonight. We need to watch for 5 phrases:

    Don't worry about the economy

    Independent businesses are growing

    No need to worry about anything

    All is going well

    Recession is over

    When we hear this we will know that DINAR is off and running. It's code and nor onlyhas the eagle landed but the eggs have hatched and the eaglets are ready to be pushed out of the nest. Also is the weather report says: the wind is blowing from the East......followed by: but the snow will fall from the West.......then that is also confirmation that all is finished!!!

    I agree with you friend, add "My goal is to create jobs", and I think the list is pretty well complete. Thanks.

  4. This is just a thought and my math skills are rough at best, but here it goes:

    The United Staes currently has a national debt of apx. 14 trilllion dollars. If they were to invest apx. 3.7 billion dollars on Iraqi dinar at current prices and it were to RV to $3, we would have enough to pay off our national debt...

    That would be a very big political deal and it's fair to say that Obama might then get a second term. Does that rascal Joe Biden have something up his sleeve?

    Yes Sir!! Could very well be!

  5. Send me a pm, if you can. Where it states under my avatar, "send me a message", try that and send over the information. I will look at it and if it can be posted, will do ~ crediting you for the find. Ok. If that doesn't work, try putting the info on my profile page. Okay.

    No, you weren't harsh. I'm sure it would of have helped tremendously, if I wasn't such a smart-alec! :P

    You are right, Carrello did hit on something and so did you! That idea could make Adam a billionaire!! Can you imagine, how many hits that site would get, not to mention, how many paid subscribers! It's a reality show world, these days!

    I got that pesky link to work,! Thanks for you help. Just standing by now for a good butt woopin! Give it another hour or so! Have a good 1!

  6. These guys are not pumpers. I know them well. Just bussiness guys that got me into this in September. One is my brother. He got his whole family into it as well. They have many people invested and they are very nervous. Listen to the whole call before you judge.

    I hope your're right my friend. Thank your brother me. Just putting the word out. All is good! PS: I never judge. Thanks for your concerns. Have a good 1. Trying to help a little here. That's all.

  7. Think you're right. I vaguely, remember that as well.

    I need your help. Can you help me? I had a Conference call that was sent to me that I feel has some meat to it. Pumper call or not, some good stuff here. Little bit of history. I could not get the link to work. My inexperience. Will you give a try? I got trashed for trying to get the word out. Very informative for what it's worth. Probably best to send it to you through email. Please advise.

  8. * DDT Site Member Info: “Bill of Attainder” (No Dinar-Specific Tax Law Allowed)

    January 24th, 2011 11:12 pm · Posted in CASH-IN (Dinar Revaluation), CHATS & POSTS (Iraqi Dinar Info), MEMBERS (Dinar & Iraq Insight), WEALTH (Currency Revaluation)


    Because of my job in the investment industry, I’m not allowed to talk about investing etc. over chat rooms etc., due to compliance reasons. I read, but must remain silent/invisible.

    What I did want to say is, if anyone is still “worrying” about Congress enacting tax legislation targeted at Dinar investors, no, they can’t do that, and yes, a 2nd year law student could shoot it down. As you may know (but most of your guest/listeners may not), the formal reason is that it would be considered a “Bill of Attainder.” Obviously, that is a piece of legislation designed to target and punish (ie. through unfair tax legislation) a specific group or individual and it is completely illegal, as is listed in Article 1 Section 9 of the U.S. Constitution. Anyway… “Bill of Attainder” is the formal name of it, so, if anyone asks, you can give it to them.

    Thanks for everything you do. Go Dinar!

    Just passing this on, I have heard a few people wondering about this. This isn't really an official atricle but I believe it to be true. Countless blessings and endless peace to ALL....GO RV!

    Worthy post! Thanks.


    There is aprox 18 million people UNemployed in the USA

    Each year there is 1.8 million NEW people looking for jobs

    That requires aprox 200,000 NEW jobs every Month, to keep the unemployment rate from going UP

    It has Not been happening and is Not expected to happen

    The market can only expand if there is a need for products & services AND if people can afford to buy them

    It is doubtful that the 18 million unemployed will find work in 5 years if ever Because the job market will have to

    absorb aprox 9 million new comers by then and we are close to market saturation now

    There will be at least a million more home foreclosures this year

    For every penny the price at the pump increases, it costs consumers overall an additional $4 million each day according to Cameron Hanover analyst Peter Beutel. If the price goes up a dime a gallon, consumers pay $40 million more each day for that increase

    Heating oil costs the same as gasoline

    If gas goes to 4 dollars a gal., every thing you buy Will cost a LOT more

    At 4 dollars a gal the economy will start collapsing because people have no reserve to absorb it

    SO if you listen to OBAMA Remember the above And what he will Not tell you

    SEE, Daily Job Cuts.Com AND Blacklisted News .com for what is Really happining

    I support you 100%. For me, some things are better left unsaid. Best for me to leave it alone. This is not the right site for me to vent. Nufsaid. Godbless.

  10. I handle the foreign currency exchange for a small group of banks, we dont actually keep foreign currency on hand. We go through a company that exchanges it for us. anyways I get my fair share of calls about dinar... and thats how I got invested in dinar.... well Ive been keeping in touch with a guy that lives around my area normally, but is in the armed forces right now over in Iraq. He called me today and said that they have already RVd over there and are supposed to RV in the US tommorow... He asked if i had heard anything about exchanging yet(I havent).... Im pretty skeptical about it happening tommorow but I thought id throw this random info out there since you guys are talking about the possiability of it happening tommorow....

    Thanks for a little encouragement. Welcome to Dv!

  11. Just got off the phone with a UPS buddy. Confirms something stinks here. Seems they do business similar. Driver has no time to chat. Delivers and gone! They will deliver a bomb to you as long as it's prepaid or arrangement's are made for COD. Sender info means nothing. They track # and not names. After that you own it! Other issues needs to be addressed between sender and delivery company. Tensions way to high. Maybe time to back off a bit! 1 numeral off in tracking # causes issues. Source states that if you refuse delivery, you will get a posted note, be in on your door, or your forehead. All is recorded. This poster has probably been done an injustice by a certain individual, motive unknown. As hard as jobs are to come by today, I would hope they would do the right thing. Personally, I learned a lesson today. Welcome to DV poster! Again, folks are a bit edgy. Shame on me! Thanks for the reality check Adam. We're just so, so close, I tend to think one sided.

  12. I'm not going to give any supporting evidence for this thread.

    I'm not going to give you any facts.

    I'm just saying... I have a really good feeling about it right now.

    I've never claimed we'll be rich.

    I've never given an exact date.

    I'm not going to speculate on a rate today.

    But deep down in my heart, I truly believe we will make some good money on this investment.

    That's all. Bash away. :lol:

    P.S. GO PACK!!!!!!!!!!

    Good things come to good people. Lord knows there's some good in this world. Personally, I'd like to see everyone rewarded. There's a lot of folks that could use some good news in there lives. I'ts just a shame it's all come to the Dollar bill to find happiness. There is truly more to life. If we win or lose is irrelevant, at least we fought the fight! No-one holds anyone to a commitment. The choices we make in life are ours alone. In your new found wealth, don't forget to share.

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  13. Im very new here but I have a question. I have been buying Dinar from Dinar Trade since August of 2010 the fedex driver showed up this morning, as I was filling out my money order and the driver said Oh wait I cant deliver this! I said why he said that it was a scam and he couldnt give me my package. Does any one know whast going on with that? Makes me wonder if I have made a bad decission or is it that they found out that the packages have currency in them? Please any info would be great.

    Welcome to DV! This is what a bad day looks like.

  14. Please Band all Newbies from post privileges that's the dumbest thing I heard since someone told me it was a good idea to invest in the Iraqi Dinar!

    Let's calm a bit and think about it, wasn't all that long ago we were all newbies. It's all good. Breath a little and take a break. I gotta admit, this poster knows how to demand some attention.

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  15. Im very new here but I have a question. I have been buying Dinar from Dinar Trade since August of 2010 the fedex driver showed up this morning, as I was filling out my money order and the driver said Oh wait I cant deliver this! I said why he said that it was a scam and he couldnt give me my package. Does any one know whast going on with that? Makes me wonder if I have made a bad decission or is it that they found out that the packages have currency in them? Please any info would be great.

    Dogmatic1 where are you? Help!! This would be good one to remove. Pissing to many folks off. We don't need this this far along in the game. Thanks.

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