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  1. Ya had me cut and dry till you got to the Pastor part. Good rumor nonetheless.
  2. Which bank and where's the line start!!
  3. This is the kind of news I like to hear. Great post! Thanks Hammy!
  4. Good Lord! What are you trying to do Qman? Out do yourself? I fell off my dadgum barstool. Has anybody seen my as-? I'm gonna need for his next one! Funny stuff! Thanks.
  5. Good logic. I didn't catch that in my initial read. This could very well be the answer to a scenario full of fictitious geographical places and events. Even thought the effects of a "Stimulus" are the same.
  6. Wow! This one's getting pretty intense here. Waddaya say Mods? Is this really why we're here?
  7. Your're absolutely right! I'm sure he's a lot smarter these days. You know the old saying, "You get hit by a bus and survive, "you look both ways next time". Thanks. Opps! Sorry about the double.
  8. Your're absolutely right! I'm sure he's a lot smarter these days. You know the old saying, "You get hit by a bus and survive, "you look both ways next time". Thanks.
  9. Before I get started. Scooby Doo has thread posted called "RV still aways off" that I consider a must read. It helped me regroup my thoughts and reflect the reasons I invest in the first place. Now the story. It starts with "Once upon a time". Once upon time back in 2005, in a booming economy, I knew this guy with great job and a 401k to die for. The word "Recession" was being broadcast more and more over the news. About the middle of 2006 the word "Recession" was used more and more. This guy sold his house, collected his equity, and moved to another state for a better job and took his 401k with him. Everything was still looking great! In 2007 he decided to buy a new house at his new location. Why not, he had a great job, a rolled over 401k, and a great stock investment with his new company. Everything was now in place for the perfect retirement plan. In 2008 all hell broke loose. There was little forewarning even though all the signs were right in front of him. That "Recession" word was now reality and the market was falling apart in front of everyones eyes. Greed and corruption had taken its toll. By now this guys house is worth a third of it's original price, his sacred 401k took a 50% decrease in value and his company stock once valued at $98.00 per share now trades at $8.00. Now what, not looking so good here. This guy has since been layed off and running scared because many others are in the same boat. After many hours on the internet looking for solutions, he's lead to two areas of interest, the dying stock market that he put so much faith in and all this "Hoopla" about Dinar. It was time to do something before things got any worse. Against his brokers advice, he took what was left of his 401k and cashed it in with heavy penalties. Now working without a broker, (not much of a broker if you ask me) he bet it all on two race horses, a failed company called "AIG" and a high risk investment known as the Dinar. AIG was now a penny stock and $100,000,000 of these Dinars was pretty cheap as well. This guy accepts the fact he's in it for the long haul in hopes of some kind of recovery. Who would have thought that AIG is trading a little over $40.00 a share today and has hit highs in the $60.00 range. How long will it last? I don't know. Race horse #1 came in first place on this one. Race horse #2 is currently in the lead. Not so sure how long the race is going to be. "Money" and "Risk" should always be used in the same context. Have faith in your investment, you just never know. No one knows for sure the outcome of this thing. I do know the outcome if you're not invested and it does go down right. It's an individual choice. Have a great 1!
  10. Thanks for making it real Scooby Doo. I just bought another $100,000 today. My choice of course.
  11. I've heard this sort of thing in the past also but don't know how much clout it carries. Example: Family of four. Two active duty members insured a $400,000 each. Two children insured at $50,000 each. One member and two children perish together. Remaining spouse has $500,000 policy cash in. That member is not asked to leave active duty, as long as it doesn't go to there head. You are absolutely right in saying such a law is on the books but not necessarily enforced. "It's the "I'm rich, I don't have to comply" attitude that causes problems and usually results in a Bad Conduct Discharge to boot. I have also heard that a member can request a discharge but may or may not be granted due to manning requirements or specialty. Just backing you up with my understanding. Thanks poster! Follow your heart! You'll do just fine. Godspeed!
  12. I'd like to chime in on this one if I may. My understanding is that your'e trying to decide between a career and money in the event of this imminent RV. Personally, I don't see why you can't have both. Being retired from the military myself, I know that each person has there own unique situation. I'll tell from the heart. It's a cruel and unforgiving world out here. Meaningful employment is hard to come by and the high cost of healthcare is off the hook. If suddenly our millions were worthless a few years after RV, where would you be? Probably broke without a job. Depending on your years of service and how close you are to retirement would help me decide. Not just anyone can get in the military. It takes a special mindset to do your job. If", and I'm saying, If", our economy falls flat on it's face in the coming years and you happened to be retired, there may be some pieces you can pick up and start over with. That retired ID card will get you and your family on any Military base in the world. You can't buy your way through the gate. If you're happy with your job, I say stay with it. If you're not happy, I say try and find positives that make you happy and stay with it. Just my thoughts. If everything goes right, you'll be a retired Military millionaire. Same as me! Thanks for your service! Have a good 1.
  13. I just got a stack of new 25k notes in and they are marked intermittently as well. I looked at past orders and they are the same way. I read a "Dinar History" post on the forum here a while back explained that not all bills are perfect but must contain all security features. Hope this helps.
  14. The hotel owner paid debt with money that he never owned based on pure speculation that the traveler would stay. Once the funds made the full circle, nothing of value was gained so debt continues and the cycle starts over.
  15. Sir! Thank our very freedom for it! Get a full squadron together in attack mode and "loud" is the least thing on the mind. "God bless this Country, our fighting women and men, and the citizens we love". Amen! Thank you for your service! Glad you brought a few positive memories home with you. I got sick once too! About 1000 million times.
  16. Great job! Atmosphere pulls back hard. Once you go Mach and punch through ,vision goes orange for a nanosec., then dead quiet. X2 and 3 is even better. Need some help here pilots. Chime in any time. Well said, different in the desert than over the ocean, altitude as well. I wonder who's flying that garbage can?
  17. Woman or not my friend. The mind controls the craft, the craft does not control the mind. Hat's off to female pilots!
  18. By the way! I'd rather stick my head up Bin Ladin's camel's arse than to have an 18 stuck up mine! Go America!, Go RV!, It' all good!
  19. I must admit, it's a beauty! We used to call the 18s yard darts when they first came on board. We got em on the Saratoga back in the day. Overpowered and and hard as heck to fly, Had a few bugs at the start. Computer issues mostly. Since worked out and the most aggressive light attack bomber in the US arsenal (Don't tell the Air Force, they think there're all that!) How could this thing possibly compete with the 14. Brother, it does! For a dual mission light attack bomber, it does the job. I still keep in touch with a few "Jockies" I grew up with back then. But then who am I'm I to judge, I'm a A4-F4 kind of guy!
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